Body of Royalty and RuPaul's Drag Race Star Alyssa Edwards Promotes Self Love

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"I've never done any print work like this," the self-proclaimed "bad bitch" says about her semi-nakie cameo, alongside four milk-chocolate beauties. "It's edgy, it's racy, but it's right."

The brand, best known for their cruelty and gluten-free products with a smooth, vitamin E-enriched application and vibrantly pigmented hues, will feature a round table of five royally awesome shades: Silence, a brilliant sunset orange; Soul Work, a bold, bright pink; Love Hard, a bubble-gum pink; Revive, a soft red ("Just enough flashy and just enough classy," Edwards says); and Always and Forever, a fierce pink gloss - shades that would make any Miami girl gawk.

"Miami has a luxurious feel to it," Pitts says. "You have the cars, the water, the celebrities, Star Island, and all the fun and glamour. We have produced products like Majesty, Enchante, Silence, Jet Setter and Gurl Code. These colors work really well on the beaches and the night life that Miami is known for."

But when we asked Edwards' -- who, on her downtime, frequents the drag queen mecca of Miami, The Palace -- what her favorite shade was, she couldn't possibly decide.

"The red is probably my favorite," she says. "But, I don't know. The orange is so pretty. But that pink is no joke." #girlproblems

You can shop the brand exclusively online at and support the #PhuckYourShade movement (launching every spring/summer).

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