Floatopia 2014 Sailing Into South Pointe Park This Saturday; Keep It Clean, Win a Float

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It's that time of year again -- the bi-annual awesomeness of Floatopia is upon us. The springtime installment of everyone's favorite party on innertubes is hitting South Pointe Park this Saturday, and we know our readers expect Cultist to keep them informed about all things buoyant.

So, to answer your burning questions, we chatted up one of the organizers. She told us what to expect, regaled us with stories of epic flotation devices, and reassured us that Miami's version of this floating fete is always trouble-free (unlike some others we might mention).

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Cultist: This is Miami's fourth Floatopia. What's the best float you've seen so far?
It's hard to pick a favorite! Our Floatopians really take pride in their floats, and each float is cool in its own way. We've seen everything from a magic dragon, to girls matching their bikinis with their floats, to a tea cup, to a giant swan, to a huge ducky, to a floating cabana, to a band of pirates, to a group of ninja turtles ... all pretty impressive stuff! We love how Floatopians take this stuff so seriously and go all out!

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Any pro tips for newbies?
Like all good things, it's simple: get something that floats, call up some friends, and hit the beach. Floatopia Miami is a free event where we invite everyone to come out to our beautiful beaches and have great time with good people. That's it!

Courtesy of Floatopia Miami
If they want to bring one of the big floating islands, that's even better. They can split it with some friends and have their own floating island. Anyone bringing anything bigger than an individual float should bring rope and some form of anchor. Both of these are necessary so they don't float away from the group. With the rope, they can tie themselves to the other floats. This is a must, don't be shy. They can also bring a bag and fill it with sand, or buy those big 2.5 gallons of water to use as an anchor.

The most important thing we need people to do is bring a trash bag to clean up after themselves. The future of Floatopia Miami depends on us taking care of this beautiful beach. As we've said before, we can't destroy the very thing we came to enjoy. Floatopians do a pretty good job of cleaning after themselves and others, but it's always worth the reminder. Also, newbies need to know that no Styrofoam or glass is allowed on the beach.

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Taylor Vaughn Nimmer
Taylor Vaughn Nimmer

Albert Ralph if I was free on weekends I would totally do this. So you guys should totally do this...

Morgan Zola
Morgan Zola

Who's going??? Alejandro Del Rivero Maria Salamanca Nelson Suarez Jay Smouse Alex Soares Ferraz Bruna Rodrigues Moreno

Susy Ramos
Susy Ramos

One giant toilet full of pee....eww

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