Great American Bacon Race Sizzles at Oleta River State Park Saturday

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You don't have to wear a pig nose to compete, but it sure doesn't hurt.
If loving bacon is wrong, we don't want to be right. So we're thanking the baby Jesus for the Great American Bacon Race, a mind-blowingly delicious 5k fun run with a buttload of the U.S. of A's best damn breakfast food. Actually, who are we kidding, it's really the best food ever. Period.

Bringing the noms to Oleta River State Park (3400 NE 163rd St, North Miami, FL) on Saturday, April 5, the Great American Bacon Race is the brainchild of the folks at Fearless Events.

Spearheaded by CEO, race director and bacon meister Garfield Griffiths, the glorious event came to fruition after a simple bacon station at one of the group's mud runs became an instant sensation.

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"We have another fun-based mud and obstacle run called Mud Mingle in Miami," he said. "We wanted to add some extra silliness to it, so we included water stops, a margarita stop, and a bacon stop at the race. The event was a massive hit, especially the bacon portion."

Of course, due to the overwhelmingly positive response from the bacon fiends of the MIA, Fearless Events had no other option than to create a race dedicated to all things bacon.

"We decided to start a non-mud run and needed a theme for a 5k," he said. "Since bacon was such a hit at the Mud Mingle, we thought, 'what the heck.' That's how the Great American Bacon Race was born."

Participants in this year's race can count on plenty of bacon-y treats, including smoked bacon, candied bacon, chocolate bacon, bacon brownies, bacon ice cream, even a slew of food trucks with bacon-themed menus. The event also boasts a one-mile Bacon Dash for the youngins, a cold brew at the finish line for grown folk, and an epic Bacon Bash After Party, complete with plenty of bacon-related swag. We're pretty sure the only kind of bacon you won't be seeing is Kevin Bacon, despite Griffiths proclamation that Mr. Footloose himself does look delicious.

Prepare for the bacon food coma to commence promptly at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, April 5. Registration is $40 for all individual entries, $35 for teams of at least four people, and $20 for kids entered in the one-mile Bacon Dash. Visit

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Oleta River State Park

3400 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL

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Alice Mikey Eve
Alice Mikey Eve

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Oh how funny, ha ha ha.  Tell you what:  all you bacon loving lard-butts who revel in fried pork, do this:  watch a pig, whose intelligence & capability for expressing emotion exceeds a pet dog's... get SLAUGHTERED.  Watch its blood ooze out of its body.  Separate the flesh from blood and bone.  Remember the sound of the animal's terror as its life is exterminated, and THEN tell me how cool you are because you love bacon.  Most bacon eaters are hypocritical disgusting gluttons who divorce their morals from reality so they can eat guilt-free.  They are less worthy of life than the pigs slaughtered for their appetites.


@CThom  Your words are offensive, a little off topic and really out of place on this blog.  The world is full of anger - we should try to escape it while we can.   

Besides, the bacon is already been bought and brought; do you really want those pigs to have died for nothing?  Just to be thrown in the trash?

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