Marlon Wayans Talks Stand-Up, Dirty Work, and A Haunted House 2

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There is something about a terrified Marlon Wayans that America loves. He made the first two Scary Movies, the memorable ones, and a decade later the people demand more of Marlon losing his shit.

He returns in fine form for A Haunted House 2, a follow-up to 2013's found-footage spoof, hitting theaters April 18th. But know this -- there is far more to Marlon Wayans than a shrill shriek. He's a comedic entrepreneur with as much ambition as slapstick prowess and the track record to back it up. We sat down with him to prove it.

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Cultist: Thanks for your time. How are you liking Miami?
Marlon Wayans: What is there not to like about Miami? Miami is dope. Great weather, great food, beautiful women... no taxes! There are no state taxes, right? I need to move here.

We've got plenty of room for you! I'm a fan from The Wayans Bros and Don't Be a Menace... Paired with your brother, the dynamic was you as the funnier skinny one and he was the straight-man muscle guy. Did you eat him? You've absorbed all that.
Naa, it's just for this movie. You've kinda gotta play romantic lead sometimes, so I'm trying to find the line between romantic lead body and silly, crazy putty body. Actually, for my next movie, I think I'm going to drop like 10 pounds.

So the more comedic the role, the leaner you go. You're like DeNiro.
It's like a fight weight. I always give myself a fight weight for a movie and go "I'm gonna hit this mark." I think that's where the character is gonna be and that's where I need to be for the comedy.

Exactly, besides comedy your range is all over the place. You've drama'd, you've action'd--
I've done it all. I'm a whore.

Is it because of the whoreness, or you love to explore?
I love to explore. I'm a whore that loves to explore. A whore that loves it.

The best kind.
My favorite is comedy, by far. It's just very hard to do comedy. It's easy to make people laugh, but it's hard to make people cry laughing.

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