Menswear Designer Michael Bastian Debuts Spring Trunk Show at Cottage Miami Beach

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All photos by Nycole Sariol
Last week, menswear boutique Cottage packed in a party of people so tight any fire marshal would be skeptical. It was a lively Spring/Summer trunk show hosted by trendsetting New York designer Michael Bastian.

Legions of fervent admirers appraised and gushed over pieces like the Ben Sweater - a boiled cashmere pullover with a classic fit. Name-dropping became an evening sport and the spot was full of local legends like Greg Lotus, photographer for Vanity Fair and GQ, as well as Jared Cook of the St. Louis Rams.

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But the name dropped most stayed Michael Bastian's. The party popping was definitely something to humble-brag about, but Cultist's Q&A with the dapper American Designer, took the cake. We sunk snugly into Cottage's white, canvas couch to chat with the designer about his epic CFDA win, why fit is everything, and of course, his love for our Magic City.

Cultist: Michael, you're from New York, but let's chat about Miami. How do you feel when you come down here?
Michael Bastion: Miami's an American dream. I grew up way up north in Upstate, New York, and it's freezing there, right on Lake Ontario. Miami's great because it's a little more laid back, a little easier. It's the intersection of Latin America and North America, and you get to see the distillation of the best of both, which is really beautiful.

You're right. It's kind of a meeting point for a plethora of cultures.
Yeah, I thought they spoke a lot of Spanish in New York, but literally everyone speaks Spanish here.

Where do you think Miami stands on the fashion totem pole?
Miami's style is similar to Brazilian style; you're spending so much time outdoors and on the beach, and your body is just as important as what you put on it. It's the opposite of New York's style and not even similar to LA's -- really, its own thing. There's a certain glamour in Miami. People take a little extra time to get ready to go to the beach. I don't see sloppy down here. This is serious.

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