Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival: Director Andrew Putschoegl Talks BFFs

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Tara Karsian who plays Katherine in the film, and Andrea Grano, who plays Samantha, co-wrote and produced the film.
Films like BFFs disprove the myth that a majority of film festival offerings are nothing more than pretentious, self-indulgent arts projects. BFFs is a funny, cute film with well-developed characters who endear themselves to the audience.

"The film is firmly in the 'dramedy' realm," says the film's director Andrew Putschoegl. "There are a lot of laugh-out-loud situations, as well as a grounded reality to the story and characters."

BFFs was written and produced by Tara Karsian, who plays Katherine in the film, and Andrea Grano, who plays Samantha. Putschoegl worked with Karsian on the short film Hello Caller, which did well on the festival circuit.

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"We had a great time working together on that film, so when it came time for Tara and Andrea to find a director for BFFs, I was in the mix," Putschoegl says. "I loved the script from the first time I read it, and it was clear early on in the process that Tara, Andrea, and I had a shared vision for the film. I also knew it would be a lot of fun, and it certainly was. They wrote the script, produced the movie, and play the two leads - I don't know how they did it."

He also worked on the web series Jessica and Hunter, which is a viral barrel of laughs.

Putschoegl chatted with us about the film, his last visit to Miami, and the shenanigans he and his two leading ladies are sure to get into on South Beach.

Cultist: Tell us what the film is about:
Andrew Putschoegl: BFFs is about best friends Katherine and Samantha, who, after a rather awkward birthday dinner, decide to pretend to be in a relationship in order to attend a couples retreat using a gift certificate from Kat's mother. They expect to lay out by the pool and get massages all weekend, but instead, they get drawn into the group therapy sessions and dig themselves deeper into the lie, with disastrous results.

What was your favorite moment during filming?
There's a scene in the film that takes place on a ropes course, 30 feet off the ground. When Tara and Andrea called me to tell me I got the job, I was actually on a ropes course - the same one we ended up using in the film. So being able to come full-circle and shoot the scene in that location was pretty special.

How do you feel about BFFS being part of MGLFF's line up this year?
We're thrilled to be a part of MGLFF. The festival has been incredibly hospitable toward us and we're honored to be included among so many outstanding films.

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