The Seven Best Things About the Miami Renaissance Festival

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The Renaissance Festival is back at Miami's Historic Cauley Square for its third year, and even if you've been before, there's plenty of old favorites and new excitement to catch your attention.

Besides all the fabulous costumes and smoked-meaty goodness, there's tons of action, adventure, animals, and just plain silliness.

Where else can you walk through the woods and be heckled by a guy who looks like he hasn't showered in a century? (Well, there aren't forests downtown)

The village provides the perfect backdrop for attendees to be transported to the 16th century, and we set out over the weekend to see just how picture-perfect this year's Festival can be. In case you needed more reason to attend than the chance to finally wear that cape in your closet without looking like a creep, here are seven more.

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Elisa Meléndez
What a sterling archer.
7. The Weaponry
One row of the festival was filled with ways to display prowess with various weapons of the age. Get your aggression out with axes, knives, and throwing stars. Our favorite was the archery booth, where a few bucks got you a full quiver of arrows to shoot and tap into your inner Katniss/Merida/Ygritte/Robin Hood. With recent pop culture revisits of the bow and arrow, it's no wonder this was one of the more popular attractions this year -- and the shade certainly didn't hurt.

6. The Jousting
The horses are huge and the armor is real for good reason. This is full-contact jousting. Three riders compete for a shot at the king and queen's favor and a fancy copper rod for a trophy. They start by a few feats of skill, like knocking something off or threading a ring with your sword. Then, the jousting. One knight pointed out the dents in his armor with a bit of a sore groan.

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Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

Sorry guys, but this festival is a poor adjunct to its parent at Quiet Waters, YOU know it, WE know it, have a nice day :)

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