Is Steve-O Really Sober and Celibate? Jackass Star Brings Stand-Up to Improv Miami

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When Steve-O, the most infamous member of MTV's Jackass, announced he was going to do stand-up, we worried it might be like the time Daffy Duck blew himself up to prove he had the best act ever.

Thankfully, Steve-O has shown a remarkable amount of self-control and hasn't tried many of the violent and self-deprecating antics that garnered him his fame. Instead, Steve-O's trademark daredevil attitude permeates his act with a vicious self-efficacy in the best possible way. Of course, there's the occasional clown college moment, but he's a surprisingly great stand-up comedian.

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The man who once stapled his own nuts to his leg is coming to South Florida for three successive shows at the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach Improvs, now regular stops on his comedy tours.

We reached out to the University of Miami dropout to ask about his time here, his life in sobriety, and that night we sat across a stage from him at the now-defunct downtown Miami strip club Goldrush.

Cultist: When you come back home to Miami, are there any particular "Miami" places you try to stop by?
Steve-O: I like to spend time with my friend, the legendary "Sharkman," Manny Puig, and go to a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Sublime.

On a somewhat personal note, I wanted to tell you how amazingly brave it was to show the home videos of yourself on MTV when you were hitting rock bottom several years ago. Your transformation to sobriety is inspirational.
Thanks for that. I consider handing that big box full of videotapes over to the producers to be one of the more reckless stunts I ever did, but I'm glad I did it.

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Home Field Sports Bar & Grill

8575 SW 124th Ave., Miami, FL

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whateveryousay topcommenter

It doesn't count if you don't make eye contact....

Sean Huertas
Sean Huertas

this is fucking awesome i got my ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mibalz Ezhari
Mibalz Ezhari

I still put him on my celebrity death list every year.

Christian Ferreyra
Christian Ferreyra

Good. A star who one of his incredible achievements is smelling a fat ass FART and vomiting his own face inside a glass bowl. Wow.


Actually, one of his great "achievements" was coming to a comedy club in the city where I live. My fiancé' & I are also in recovery, so we struck up a conversation about it with him after the show! He surprisingly wanted to attend a 12 step meeting with us while he was here. He hung out with my fiancé for the entire day afterwards, stopping at homeless centers & rehabilitation centers to play basketball with those that are less fortunate than him. I've never met a kinder soul in my life. He only wanted to give back what was so freely given to him!

Not to mention his comedy routine was the funniest I have EVER seen!

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