The Hottest Guys of Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

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All photos by George Martinez
Everyone's always talkin' about the hot mamis of Miami, but hello! Have you seen our boys? They're delicious. You just want to scoop them up and lick them all over like ice-cream, especially during Miami Beach Gay Pride. These divas have worked for these bods, and the Gay Pride Parade is the time to show off the goods.

It was all we could do not to touch all the taut abs in sight, but we weren't really feeling a trip to the holding cell, so we refrained. But oh lord, did we look, and now, it's your turn.

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Bathing Bros
Hello, muscles! We'd work out with these three any day. If only a girl could get a break with a well-toned homo.

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Beaded Beauties
All that skin and no hair. It's like these two are begging to be oiled.

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David James
David James

Darian Alvarez Rafael Prado you guys made it on the list. And the cover.

Nicole Murcia
Nicole Murcia

Regina Cecilia Castañeda remember that moment on Sunday when you got hit with two balls? Lol, I do.

Heather Rogerson
Heather Rogerson

Gay or straight a man in a Speedo or pleather makes me nauseous

WhyNotNow topcommenter

Fail. Give me some meat and fur...androgyny is oh so 80's.

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