Wynwood Life Brought Fashion, Music, Art, and Everything Between

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This weekend's Wynwood Life may have been the Promised Land for killer paint jobs and ground-shaking bass, but the most beloved component of the three-day festival had to be the steeze.

Fashionites from every tribe of the 305 came out to gladly bake and broil underneath the merciless sun, snoop around some rad pop-up shops, and catch sight of runway shows galore. Though the blog-turned-party raged hard all three days, Saturday's festivities peaked on the Richter scale of epic.

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But before tasting that triumph, one had to first endure an indefinite bout of bastardizing torment.

"It's fucking hot," was the catch phrase for the day. Though a glut of short mini-skirts and muscle tees were displayed, the dense 88-degree rays struck even the prettiest of "tens" with sweat-staches and plastered-down nape hair. Despite the discomfort of being perpetually wet in new places, onward the fashion seeking went in search of a sartorial safe haven - The "Perpetual Summer" Runway show.

Photo by: Nycole Sariol
The Fashion Poet, Annie Vazquez, takes the stage.
The pilgrimage to the aforementioned show was long, so naturally, some pit stops were made.

"You look like you need a beer," a girl working the Blue Moon Brewing booth cried out to a slew of young girls, all sporting cat-eye sunnies sliding down the bridge of their noses. But the fashion race has no need for fermented alcoholic beverages made up of cellulite-inducing yeast. Moo. Instead, they turned their heads to such nonsense - noses up, eyes closed - and quelled their thirst at the Happy Coconut booth, where coconuts were being chopped open with machete-like knives before a pink, little straw was plopped into a pool of coco-water, topped off with a hint of "Rumpelstiltskin."

While coconuts suffered a guillotine fate, the ground shuddered by the Cuban-funk likes of Otto von Schirach. The word "Salpica" echoed through the expanse, permeating its airwaves, making every hipster girl wearing a backwards neon-orange snapback "Dance Like a Hoe" on the grassy plains.

The "ever lasting bass" was definitely palpable, but there was a force stronger that led the fashion-crazed to Pop-up Shop Row - retail therapy. Booths baring different genres of styles, from kaftans to vintage to streetwear, satisfied even the most finicky of tastes. All was right in the land of art, music, and fashion - but there was still one thing missing on the to-do agenda, and it involved summer trends and a 24-foot catwalk.

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