Florida Artist Hides Nude Women in Abandoned Miami Locales

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All photos courtesy of Brian Cattelle
The naked body is often seen as our purest, most natural form -- after all, Adam and Eve frolicked around in nature before God gave them a leaf and made them hide. Artists love revisiting this common theme -- man and nature =- and for many of them, there is little more beautiful than flesh.

Delray Beach photographer Brian Cattelle believes that there is beauty in combining bare bodies with man-made decay, which is why he has set out on a photography project that places nude models in derelict surroundings.

With Bare USA, Cattelle hopes to take his vision outside of Florida and photograph a model in an abandoned locale all across the 50 states.

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Courtesy of Brian Cattelle
Cattelle sees Bare USA as an artistic parallel of his own life. Less than five years ago, he was a struggling alcoholic and drug addict, describing his life as chaotic and his personal state as seemingly hopeless. Once he realized where his life was heading and accepted help from those around him, Cattelle got sober and sought refuge in photography.

Using his roommate's Canon Rebel Ti, he "started shooting anything and everything [he] found interesting." He goes on to describe the moment as transformative, saying, "Armed with a camera, I had a reason to challenge my fears, to go to places and talk with people I normally wouldn't have - photography was my new drug, my new love, and I got hooked."

"Artistically, I love creating any photography that contains a strong contrast - I find it far more interesting to look at," he says, which explains the foundation for his Bare USA project.

The contrast between the black and white images, as well as the lovely models surrounded by ruin, is a reflection of Cattelle's own life, he explains. "In the photos, you find an oasis of beauty among the chaos and destruction. That was all my life was: chaos and destruction. But if you look closely, there is a glimmer of hope, peace, and serenity."

Cattelle has been shooting in Florida for a few months now, but for him, this was always just the "testing ground" where he could prove himself and prove that the project was worth pursuing. "The full realization of the project is to shoot in one abandoned location in each of the 50 states, and eventually publish a photo book with each of the images."

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I acknowledge the suggestion that I include the male form in this project.  After much time and consideration I have decided not to go in this direction.  Again I refer to the contrast created in my photos.  The male form is more masculine, the lines are more harsh and rugged, much like the environments I am shooting in.  The male form would not contrast, rather blend in fart too well. The natural curves and shapes of the female form are softer, smoother and more inviting creating the contrast I am looking for in this project. I believe this holds true for women of all shapes and sizes and I do not shy away from this in my work.  As symbol of empowerment rather than objectification, I hope to show that you don't have to be a super model adhering to the unrealistic expectations of high fashion magazines in order to be apart of a beautiful composition.

Cat Del Buono
Cat Del Buono

Is he using both male and female nudes, I hope?

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