Playboy TV Host and Sexologist Jessica O'Reilly Comes to X Run: "Sex is Just Like Working Out"

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After a hard day of work, it can be difficult to motivate oneself to get to the gym. This weekend, your plans to lounge on the beach or binge-watch Game of Thrones may take priority over a muddy obstacle course - but what if that obstacle course were made of dildos?

"Sex is just like working out," said Playboy TV host and sexologist Dr. Jessica O'Reilly. "Sometimes you're not in the mood, but you never, ever regret pushing through and trying it."

Don't be a total prude. Join O'Reilly and her friends for the inaugural X Run and be a part of the first-ever dirty 5K and adult-themed obstacle course. Sneak in a workout and some naughty fun, because this event boasts burlesque shows, a male review, pole dancing, live music, sex celebrity meet-and-greets, food trucks, beer, and more.

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O'Reilly has been in the sex business for more than a decade, so she knows a thing or two about the importance of a good work-out routine in the bedroom.

"Every time you work out, you're giving a fresh supply of blood not only to your vital organs, so it's good for your overall health, but also to your pelvic region," she said. "Exercise is great for your sex life, and there's all these associated health benefits from increasing your sex drive; to making you have orgasms more easily; to improving strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, and body image."

O'Reilly's passion is sexual education, and she could not be more excited for the X Run. Sure, it's going to be hella entertaining, but there's no better way to get people talking than with a trip through the Dominatrix Dungeon and a Blue Ball Dash.

"I think a sense of humor takes you farther than anything else in the bedroom," she said. "Even if people who come to the event are a little bit uncomfortable or shy, even put off by some of the elements, that's okay. What it helps them to do is identify their own boundaries, and identify things they may even want to work on and start a conversation with their partner about what they feel, what they think, what they want."

Between writing best-selling sex books, traveling the country hosting fun sex-themed events, and working toward increased sexual education in schools and private homes, O'Reilly hosts the reality series Swing on Playboy TV. The show takes adventurous couples, puts them in a luxurious mansion, then helps them work through sexual issues to open themselves to new swinging experiences.

O'Reilly loves her work on the show, because everyone involved really wants to be there. She's incredibly passionate about helping people to open up about their sexual desires in a way that's healthy, respectful, and empowering.

"We see that there's more sexual imagery in the media and advertising and though there may be more imagery there's not as much dialogue," she said. "Even though sex is all around us in every shape and form, the one that is lacking most severely is just the conversation."

It will be impossible not to get a dialogue going after the X Run, what with all the sexual energy and playful activity in your muddy face. It's important to remember, even when the dirty fun is all over and you head home for that sensual shower, that sexual health and positive relationships are a full-time job.

"I think what we can all do a bit more of is talk to our partner," O'Reilly said. "Instead of getting together with our girlfriends and taking about our sex lives, we should be talking to our partners. Instead of complaining that we're not getting enough on forums, we should be talking to our parterns. I think this is a conversation that needs to happens earlier in a relationship, because sexual compatibility is a real challenge, and it is an element that can result in the dissolution of relationships. I think we need to talk about it from the get go."

How about on your mark, get set, go? Catch O'Reilly and all the fun Saturday, March 31, at 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami. Don't forget to get a copy of O'Reilly's best-selling book Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, and Licks, because you can get it signed, too. The event kicks off at 9 am, and all proceeds go to support, a non-profit organization with campaigns against female genital mutilation. Visit

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