The Ten Best Styles Spotted at the Miami Fashion Week Kick-Off Party

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And so it's begun. The intensity of who can out-dress whom on the Miami Beach Convention Center runway during Miami Fashion Week has officially jumped off. To slingshot this event into full effect, the Collins Ave. hotel, Eden Roc, hosted a massive kick-off party on Wednesday, inviting only the trendiest of designer jetsetters and local fashion partisans participating in the international event on the beach.

A tsunami of red-bottoms and tapered sports jackets bum rushed the ballroom of the Miami Beach resort, where cold-cuts and cheese buffets inlayed the outskirts of the dining and dancing hall, and a tarantism of head-phoned fist-pumpers bombarded the designated dance floor of the "Silent Dance Party" hosted by Sound Off, catering to every musical palate.

Everyone was dressed to the nines. But there were those who took the art of trendsetting to a whole different level -- those who were deemed worthy of a Best Dressed title of the night. Here are the night's most fashionable luminaries of the most fashionable launch party to a very fashionable five-day event. Fashionable. Last time, we swear.

10. Vintage Does Not Mean Old
"My outfit was under $25," a cheeky Veronica Canales told Cultist right outside of the night's party. The young personal style blogger based out of Miami prides herself on being thrifty, which is the premise of her edgy blog, Your outfit may have cost close to nothing, but you look like a million bucks, girl.

9. Of the Pin-up Variety
This Rita-Hayworth-meets-Dita-Von-Teese beauty stopped us dead in our tracks. Maybe it's those dainty, strapped heels; maybe it's that high-waisted pencil by Asos. What ever it is, girl, you be killin' them.

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Ilya Tatarov!!!! A day doesn't pass when my name is not misspelled. Love you guys for this. Ty so much. What a great party.

Mel Mac
Mel Mac

Juliana Ramirez Pin up gal... You looked marvelous as always.

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

I'm the only fashionable person in Florida. Should called it Patrick Fashion Week.

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