Wynwood Gateway Park: Architects Compete to Design Wynwood's Next Green Space

The site of the future Wynwood Gateway Park.Up until now, the farthest you've ventured north in Wynwood is probably the corner of NW 29th Street and Second Avenue -- right up to the new Ducati showroom. The few blocks on the other side of the street? It's the kind of area your mom always warned you not to roll through once upon a time. But that may change, thanks to a new project: the Wynwood Gateway Park Competition

Metro 1, a real estate company that focuses on urban development, and DawnTown, a non-profit that promotes architecture in Miami, have partnered to invite competitors of all backgrounds to plot out 14,000 square feet of public green space at 169-179 NW 28 St. that could include elements of urban farming, art, landscape, and music. 

The guidelines aren't tightly bound, and Metro 1 has a laissez-faire attitude about what the space will be, preferring the designer to dictate. "We're enlisting the ideas from all creative types," says Stacy Glassman, vice president of marketing and business development at Metro 1. "It's pretty democratic in spirit, and we're open to see what that kind of person can imagine for this space." 

They aren't, however, without a vision. "We want to inspire other developers to dedicate green spaces in their communities," says Glassman. "We want it to be a gathering place for the people in Wynwood and that the city of Miami can enjoy." They envision it as the kind of place where you can catch up on a good book, strike a few downward dogs, and have a family picnic.

The portfolios submitted for the project will be reviewed by five panelists, including Tony Cho, president and CEO of Metro 1; Andrew Frey, founder of DawnTown; and Enrique Norten, principal at TEN Arquitectos. The winning team will have its design realized and win $10,000. No budget has been set for the project, which gives the competitors an infinite canvas to produce the park of their dreams.  

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frankd4 topcommenter

......................five years from now or a decade from now will ANY of this even matter ? how about fifty years from now ?

the problem with MIAMI is that the pay-off has to be immediate - which is why it is the largest POOR metropolitan area in America

not that some places aren't nice in MIAMI but without the year-round nice weather and warm excellent weather as compared to where very rich people live up north in the very cold winters MIAMI would simply be a drug trans-shipment point

it's not that MIAMI will ever have a SPYINX or Brunelleschi DOME or TOWER OF PISA

the most obvious landmark today is a gigantic lighted billboard with advertising - and that should tell all the art lovers all they need to know about MIAMI

Sussy Toyos
Sussy Toyos

Adriana Perez look! Thought you would like this! :)


Seems Cultist added the correct address. And changed the images. At least it's correct now.


Cultist needs to get their shit together - the space for the park is 169-179 NW 28 ST Miami, FL. Both the article and the images are referring to the wrong location. The space is on NW 28th between NW 2nd and NW 1st Aves, directly next to Brick House.

Bravo to Metro1 for bringing a green, public space to the neighborhood.

Ciara1 moderator editor

@0dabe148  Thank you for pointing that out, and we apologize for the error.

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