Uruguayan Sculptor Daniel Escardó at Gary Nader Fine Art: "Everything Has To Connect"

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Want to go to a free world class museum in Wynwood?

The Gary Nader Fine Art offers 55,000 square feet of blue chip Latin American masters like Wilfredo Lam, Fernando Botero, Cundo Bermudez, and many, many more assorted other greats.

Recently we found Uruguayan sculptor Daniel Escardó, from Montevideo, upstairs in the gallery, installing a piece. He took some time to talk about geomteric connections, his laser cut scultpures, and the art scene in Punta del Este.

Escardó said, "The pieces I'm here installing first came to Miami in 2008 for Arte Americas, so it's great to see them come back to life like this. They're from a series called 'Arboles De Barbarismo,' as in 'trees of brutality.'"

"The theme of the pieces has to do with the idea that when all the trees are gone, these will be the trees."

"These pieces are made with acrylic. Not the paint, but the material that many products are made from. All the pieces are laser cut. I started using lasers to cut in 2006. It's fantastic. My work has a lot to do with computers, designing sculptures in computers, seeing, and making changes, cutting, and connecting. Everything has to connect. It's all about the geometric connection, like a puzzle."

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Gary Nader Fine Arts

62 NE 27th St., Miami, FL

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