Seven Epic Takeaways From E3 2014

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Elisa Meléndez
Everything's so greeeeen.
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) just wrapped up in Los Angeles, showing off the newest video game swag to hit the market in coming months. We played and saw a bunch of the latest and greatest games like it was our job. Because it was. And this year's batch of announcements, enhancements, and test runs was more colorful, more flashy, and more diverse than ever before.

Check out some of the coolest parts of this year's E3 after the jump.

Elisa Meléndez
Used to track your hype levels.
7. The Press Conferences
Lights, sounds, foggers, the sounds of shouting and missile blasts---could be a typical night at the club, but it also describes the spectacle of the major industry press conferences which took place at E3. Both Microsoft and Ubisoft involved the audience in the action, handing out wristbands that lit up in different colors to coordinate with whatever game they were showcasing. Ubisoft brought comedienne and self-professed gamer Aisha Tyler back to host their presser, and it was her best outing yet.

Elisa Meléndez
I got that ambition, baby.
6. The Swag
Just for showing up to the Xbox press conference, you could snag a t-shirt featuring some of the announced titles. A fan of The Sims? If you watched the presentation in their theater, you walked out with all of this stuff: a bag, a tee, and some sunglasses!

For playing Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive, you got their branded Overcharge energy drink, which is apparently responsible for the outbreak you're fighting in the first place. It's always a good idea to leave some extra room in your suitcase when you go to these things--you never know what you're going to get!

Elisa Meléndez
Because video games!
5. The Booth Gimmicks
Some booths are not content with just handing you a t-shirt as a reward for playing. They want to immerse you in the game experience as much as possible. Case in point, this Payday 2 space where you got to go on your very own bank heist to earn prizes!

There was the Disney Infinity booth, where you could take a selfie with a Marvel superhero. I'm a little partial to this little Rabbid from the Ubisoft booth. We go way back.

Elisa Meléndez

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