The Five Freakiest Fringe Groups in Florida

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Courtesy of Lynn Waddell
We all know Florida is weird. Those of us who are full-time inhabitants of this paradisiacal swampland know that better than anyone.

But just how weird are we? Weirder than you ever could have imagined, even if you're a devout follower of New Times' stories tagged "WTF Florida." Turns out, we barely scratch the surface.

Author Lynn Waddell delved into the depths of Florida's outside-the-norm cultures and cataloged her finds in her book Fringe Florida. So who were the most bizarre people she encountered in her research? Here, lovingly recounted by Waddell herself, are the freakiest fringe groups in Florida.

Disclaimer: No judgment here, y'all. Whatever floats your boat and all that.

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Courtesy of Lynn Waddell
5. Pony Play
No, this has nothing to do with My Little Pony (though yeah, Bronies have their own sub-culture in South Florida, too). "It's kind of an extension of the BDSM world," says Waddell. "One person is the pony and they wear the bridle and the horse tail, and then the other person acts as their master. They parade around and they compete like horses -- they have barrel racing, they have steeplechase, they do all these things," she explains.

Florida is even home to the three-time international Pony Play champions, Foxy and Sherifox. Waddell also got to know another couple, Ponygroom Tim and Ponygirl Lyndsey. "Ponygirl Lyndsey is transgender, she actually still physically is a man. That was really fascinating to me too. She feels more comfortable both as the opposite sex and as a pony rather than as a human.

"They were a wonderful couple and they were so gracious to let me into their world," she adds.

4. Furries
If you've seen the CSI: Miami furries and plushies episode (God, we miss that show), then you've already got a basic knowledge of this whole people-dressing-in-mascot-costumes-and-maybe-getting-it-on deal. If not -- Netflix, y'all.

"Technically the term 'furries' applies to all people who are into the anthropomorphism thing," says Waddell. "The people who dress up call themselves fursuiters."

And not everyone is into it for sexual kicks, she adds -- though many are. According to Waddell, furries get together in groups and at conventions, then the sexually charged ones might break off to "get yffy.... They have their own kind of lexicon"

You guys, let's please make #yffy happen.

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Christopher Morot-Gaudry
Christopher Morot-Gaudry

Ouh! Seems like a good read and there's a talk by the author at books and books Carlos Salazar Hailee Quinn

John Nowacki
John Nowacki

SuperDave Bohringer is this why you left Florida? To many people stealing from your unicorn farm

Fer De La Mancha
Fer De La Mancha

I just added the pony competitions to my bucket list. I need to see this before I die. You guys should add dates and locations for these events.

Sherry Oehler
Sherry Oehler

Nobody says y'all down here. You need to head further North for that.

Gary McFly
Gary McFly

Any furry parties going down soon? :)

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