Jim Breuer Is Hitting His Stride, Not the Bong

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In the insular world of stand-up comedy, Jim Breuer is well known. Anywhere else (say, in sit-down comedy), you'd know him from Saturday Night Live or the movie Half Baked. But Breuer's one busy dude. Besides regular touring, he has also managed to podcast, write a book, and make a documentary.

You'd might think he's the stoner maniac you've seen him play, but he'll tell you otherwise - that he's a suburban softie. But before you believe him, consider his newest project: a comedy heavy metal album.

New Times: Thanks for speaking with us Jim. You're playing the Magic City Casino June 20th.
Jim Breuer: Yeah man, coming down there, doing stand-up. Never played that place before. That's the gist.

They put some good comedy shows on there. They just had a contest.
It's in a casino?

Yeah, so should you want to gamble with old Cuban ladies....
Sounds good, but I think I'll be leaving with money that night.

Have you spent much time in Miami?
It's one of my old stomping grounds. Not hanging-out wise, but when I first started I was a Florida kid.

What does that mean, Florida kid?
I started really doing stand-up in '89 in Clearwater. So most of my original stand-up was all over Florida. A lot of Coconuts [Comedy Club] gigs, a lot of one-nighters, a lot of horrible gigs.

So you did the Florida hustle, all that driving?
Big time hustle, loooooot of driving.

Well we welcome you back for the fly in. Speaking of flying, pot culture is more popular than ever, and with it a resurgence of Half Baked fans. What's it like being this icon again?
To be honest, it's news to me. I'm in the world of, I've got three kids, elderly parents, live in the suburbs, drive a Ford Escort. I don't relate to pop culture at all. I will say it's exciting. Being part of Half Baked and SNL [was] super exciting. I always said I wanted to be in movies and make my stance. I think I made my stance in that one flick. It's one of the greatest cult icon movies that will ever exist and I'm really glad I'm part of it. But I don't get caught up in anything.

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Magic City Casino

450 NW 37th Ave., Miami, FL

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