Million Dollar Listing Miami's Chad Carroll: "I am the King of Closing"

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From the very start of the first episode of Million Dollar Listing Miami, you can already tell it's going to be one saucy season. What else would you expect from a show that puts a zoom lens on our city's luxury real estate market and the players who run it? 

The show premieres this Wednesday, June 25, but you needn't wait until then to get a taste of who you'll be spending your Wednesday nights with. Miami's newest crew of reality TV stars gave us a little taste of what we should be expecting this season and, story lines aside, their personalities are entertaining enough to get us through at least the first few episodes. We're rolling them out all this week in the lead-up to Wednesday night's debut. Now let's just hope the show has more staying power than the allegedly cancelled Real Housewives of Miami

Here's what Chad Carroll, the executive vice president of Douglas Elliman, the nation's fourth largest real estate company in the country, had to say about his own lifestyle of the rich and soon-to-be famous.

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New Times: So what should we be expecting from the first season of Million Dollar Listing Miami?
Chad Carroll: This season is not only about selling properties, it's about selling the lifestyle. My phone is available 24/7 like a full-service concierge service. Whatever [my clients] need -- planes, boats, cars, properties, restaurants, nightclubs -- I'm their go-to guy. You're going to see fantastic properties: beautiful mansions, luxury high-rises. You're going to get a good variety of everything Miami has to offer. 

Do you actually live the lifestyle you're selling?
I'm living the lifestyle that I'm selling. I live in a luxury high-rise in Miami. I am living exactly what I am selling. 

What are some of the places included in your Miami lifestyle package?
I'm a big foodie and I feel like all the clients that come down here love to partake in the restaurant scene. Prime One Twelve, Pepe Neros, Casa Tua -- all those exclusive restaurants are my daily routine. There's probably four or five days in the week where I'm out with clients entertaining. I represent one of the major nightclub owners here from Opium Group and we're always out and about. We also enjoy what Miami's known for and that's the beaches and the water. The yachting lifestyle that people dream about? We're going to show you. 

It feel like barely any show set in Miami has any staying power. How do you think Million Dollar Listing Miami is going to be different from these?
It's completely different than the rest. You have different personalities and selling styles. You have the first girl in the Million Dollar Listing franchise history. We're not only showcasing amazing properties, we're showing the best Miami has to offer. I think that's going to keep viewers entertained. 

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2 of the 3 Miami agts are low ranked producers against Miami's TOP Agts. That's why  they have TIME for the show.

MOST of Miami's TOP agts do over $ 50 Million PER MONTH, every month.

Still fun to watch


He's NOT even in the TOP 30 of Miami's agts... LOL


chad carroll has the personality of a used, old douche bag. just looking at him is annoying when he opens his mouth.

Cisco Fran
Cisco Fran

Did anyone proof-read this? Too many errors

Matty Wheelz
Matty Wheelz

Hey, just as long as they're shooting something in Miami!


oh, bravo! very funny!! you've done it again, given us the worst thing on television.... you never disappoint!!

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