Million Dollar Listing Miami's Chris Leavitt: "My Guilty Pleasure Is Leaving Miami"

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Reality TV cast members tend to have -- how to put this nicely? -- outgoing personalities. But it takes a special kind of exhibitionist to bare your ass on national television. Bonus points for doing so in the first five minutes of your new TV series' first episode.

Chris Leavitt is that guy.

Leavitt is one of three Miami real estate agents starring in Million Dollar Listing Miami, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo. He's also the guy who holds the record for the most expensive apartment sold in Florida's history at $34 million -- and its building hasn't even reached completion yet. Leavitt has resided in Miami for just five years and already, in addition to his resume of impressive, expensive deals, is an all-knowing being when it comes to spas, able to tell you where to get the best deep tissue massage from the Gables to Palm Beach. He talked to us about Miami versus the northeast, Manhattan transplants to Miami, and how he prepped his butt for its on-screen debut.

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New Times: What should we be expecting this season?
Chris Leavitt: Lots of deals, lots of fun. Lots of positive drama and a new cast member that I don't think has been seen yet. 

You've been in the real estate business for over 20 years. How have you seen the Miami market change?
When I first came down to Miami it was coming out of the dip, in 2009. It's just gone in a straight arrow up. The prices just keep getting higher and higher and higher. We're reaching New York City price levels on many buildings. I've watched Miami become a world-class city, from a vacation destination to a world-class city. 

Do you feel like you had a part in this?
I definitely feel I had a part in it. I think that that deal I did for $34 million, basically $3,800 per square foot, set a new record for the Miami market and set the bar a lot higher and created a new market for high-end luxury.

So where is the next wave of Miami immigrants coming from?
If you look at the transactions that have occurred over the past year, the major major sales have all been to New Yorkers... Major major wealth coming down from Manhattan.

You mention in the first episode that you'll "never lose your Northeast class." Is Miami not classy enough for you?
Oh lord. I'm prep school. I come from a town in Massachussetts, north of Boston. A very preppy, conservative, snooty town. What I mean is that I have a certain way about me, I guess, that is a little bit Northeast. 

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Yes Chris sold the $34 million dollar Condo. He and another Realtor represented the Seller and William Pearce represented the Buyer.


calm down guys! there's nothing real about this show.

they don't even live where they say they do on the show. it's all fake!


But wait.....William Pierce  sold that 34 million condo. 


This show should get cancelled ASAP.  Every condominium viewed is going to hacked to pieces by viewers.  The lawyers will have a field day on this program. 

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