Porn Stars, Penises, and Lots of Lube at the X Run (Video)

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Alex Markow
Tits and ass. Cocks and balls. Knobs and bollocks.

Whatever your sexual lexicon of choice, it had a home at this weekend's X Run. The sex-themed obstacle 5K was three miles of blue balls, honey holes, prosthetic (and real) breasts, double-ended dildos, floating penises, and pretty much every other forbidden pleasure you can think of -- all packed into Virginia Key Park.

New Times mingled with open-minded Miamians of all kinds, chatting them up on a sweaty Saturday morning about sex on camera, vacations for swingers, gigolo skills, and all kinds of other X-rated awesomeness. Warning: This video is definitely NSFW.

See also: Photos from the X Run at Virginia Key Beach Park

Video by Adam Hendel.

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Virginia Key Beach Park

4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Key Biscayne, FL

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Reneé Kresho Kolesa
Reneé Kresho Kolesa

Lol thanks Crystal Bahr now everyone in the world thinks I'm a Giant Perv.

James Anthony
James Anthony

Daniella Damiani, this is the run that I was talking about.

Crystal Bahr
Crystal Bahr

Reneé Kresho Kolesa this is right up your alley! Lol

Katie Presley
Katie Presley

Shaman Akhtar, Jeannie Joysmith & Jason Ritchie this screams UTI! LOLOL

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