The Signal, and Ten More Recent Sci-Fi Flicks You Might Have Missed

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Olivia Cooke in The Signal.
Some genres of film don't get as much talk and praise as they deserve. Take sci-fi, for example; it's so heavily loaded with big-budget flicks that the smaller works get lost over the years. And that means a lot of great works that never get seen by large audiences. Sure, science fiction die-hards are always on the look-out for something more, whether it's a glossy art flick or a ridiculously enjoyable b-movie, but some still slip through their fingers.

With The Signal -- one of our most anticipated summer indie flicks -- releasing this Friday, without as much advertising as a cool-looking film like it deserves, it's time to look back at some other fairly recent sci-fi flicks that the world might have missed.

10. Moon
You'll hear the name Moon thrown around every so often as one of the best sci-fi films of the last decade, and it rightfully deserves that title. Preceding the pretty entertaining Source Code, director Duncan Jones' debut is basically a one-man show. More specifically: it's the Sam Rockwell show. You might know him as the guy who was fantastic in practically everything he's ever done, including but not limited to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Matchstick Men, Galaxy Quest, and even Iron Man 2. If watching a mind-bending flick with him trapped alone on a spaceship isn't enough to pull you in, maybe knowing that Kevin Spacey voices the ship's creepily optimistic robot GERTY will do the trick.

9. The Congress
So maybe this is cheating a little bit, because the film still isn't out officially in the US, and makes its wide release in July on demand. However, The Congress has been making a lot of festival runs, two screenings of which were at the Miami International Film Festival earlier this year. Part animated fantasy, part family drama, part ambitious sci-fi, The Congress is a hell of a movie. Not only is the way it flows between live-action and animation top-notch, but the way it takes Robin Wright's real life and blends it into a narrative that critiques an industry uninterested in the filmmakers it supposedly cares about is just plain fascinating.

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