Sewer System Coming To Miami Shores With Promises of New Restaurants

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Rich Robinson
Miami Shores Pizza Fiore, one of a relative few restaurants in the village.
Miami Shores, the wealthy village wedged between Little Haiti and North Miami, is poised for a commercial renaissance along its main downtown corridor on NE Second Ave., as a long awaited sewer system is planned to be installed in the next two years, according to a municipal official.

Tom Benton, the village manager said in an interview that he expects construction to begin by January 2015. From there, it could be up to 15 months before the new system is complete.

The sewer is critical to making Miami Shores a viable economic district, says Todd Leoni, who owns two buildings on the street.

"I would like it to be a great downtown area where people come to everyday and I think it has the making of that," Leoni, a Miami Shores native said. "But I think it's yet to be defined."

Leoni said that he owns roughly 15 properties around Miami, mostly bunched on Biscayne Boulevard.

"There's still a lot of obstacles to overcome, but I've lived in the Shores for 12 years and I believe in it," Leoni said. "It's really the last little village that hasn't made it because of the fact that we don't have sewers."

As an older community in the county, Miami Shores relies on drain fields and septic tanks, which have to be periodically emptied. This limits the type of business that can come into the area.

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Diana Cronin
Diana Cronin

Happy for them but they really need one in Pinecrest.

Rachelle Letaw
Rachelle Letaw

I'm glad that they are finally going to follow through.They have been talking about this for the last 20 years!

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