The Ten Best Events at Florida Supercon 2014

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Christina Mendenhall
Break out your best cosplay. Supercon is back.

Geeks unite! This weekend marks our yearly pilgrimage to Florida Supercon, a four-day festival highlighting comics, video games, anime, sci-fi, and all other manner of geekdom. We had a chance to pore over the jam-packed schedule (we're talking almost 1,000 events according to the FAQ) and picked out ten of the events you will NOT want to miss.

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10. Heroes of Cosplay Panel
If the Heroes of Cosplay episode at Animate! Miami left you hungry for more, you're in luck. Show star Miggy Jagger and local cosplay folks are going to let you in on some of the behind-the-scenes chisme from that episode's production. (Friday, 4:15pm, PANEL ROOM A)

9. Keeping It Local: Game Development in Miami
We chronicled the burgeoning Miami game development scene before--now's your chance to dive deeper. Local developers take the stage to talk about why Miami may just become the new hottest city in game development, and how you can be a part of it! (Sunday, 7:00pm, ROOM C227/C228)

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Gaston de la Vega
Gaston de la Vega

They had no live music. Quite a bummer. Something's that's been going on for a few years. I'm guess it was the promoters crappy decision last year in booking Green Jello. She was soo excited about it. Said soooo many people would come. I've seen local bands with more draw. Truly pathetic. Supercon needs musical acts and a headliner next year. They should do themselves a favor and book Less Than Jake again.

Yaisel Car
Yaisel Car

Dezi Ramos, I'm going Saturday! Lol. Come!

Dezi Ramos
Dezi Ramos

Yaisel Car when is this ? U down to go ?!

Maria Tomaino
Maria Tomaino

Carlos Rivera Charles Caldwell Alex Hernandez Kristen Smith

Monica Gomez
Monica Gomez

Marco Gomez read this & get your geek on

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