The Lab Miami Launches Republic Bikes Program With Bike.Hack.Make.Drank

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If you thought 3-D printers just made plastic guns, check your prejudices at the door. This Saturday, The LAB Miami is hosting a all day event that fuses computer programing, body conscious cycling, a penchant for 3D printing, and craft beer.

Sounds like a tech bro's wet dream right? Well, it is.

Based out of a converted garage space in Wynwood, The LAB Miami is an open creative space where programmers, developers, and designers can come to tinker with the freshest ideas out of the tech world. Now, they're launching a Republic Bikes program to hep LAB members get around town.

"Our members are from all over South Florida -- as far north as West Palm Beach and far south Homestead -- so it's really important that our members can easily navigate the neighborhood without having to hop in a car each time," explains LAB co-founder Danny Lafuente. "For that alone, it really made sense to add a bike share for members."

And they're not kicking things off quietly. Saturday's Bike.Hack.Make.Drank event asks participants to do, well, just that. First, participants will bike to LAB for the event; next, they'll create a "hack," inventing either software or physical bike accessories that make getting around town on two wheels easier. They'll then work with representatives in Miami's DIY community to bring those ideas to fruition.

And then, to celebrate, they'll draaaank. Craft beer, specifically.

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LAB Miami

400 NW 26th St., Miami, FL

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