The Eleven Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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OK, everyone. Shake it off. Chin up. It was only Game One.

The Miami Heat have plenty more chances to turn these Finals around in their favor. Pull yourselves together.

On the upside, this summer weekend in Miami is uncharacteristically packed with fun events. It's like the universe knew you'd be needing a distraction.

At least until Sunday's game, when LeBron & Co. go all HULK SMASH on the Spurs.


Freddy Stebbins: Your Tio Pepe ain't got nothin' on Stebbins.
Ballet Hispanico: Rosie Herrera returns to the Miami stage with a work that rescues showgirls from the sidelines.
World Vapor Expo Electronic Cigarette Show: Because vaporizers aren't just for getting stoned in public.
Documented: The former journalist-turned-documentary director visits O Cinema to tell his own story of being undocumented.
The Purge: Breakout: Calling all masochists! This haunted house based on the horror movie tests your survival skills in a land without laws.

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Maria Sierra
Maria Sierra

Do you have extra Purge tix!? #MNT hook it up - pretty please! The weekend is sold out on the site...:/


incorrect image -- Pacers are no longer in the game.. might want to switch that out!

Ciara1 moderator editor

@lehcar Well, that's embarrassing. I blame post-game fatigue. Thanks for pointing that out!

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