The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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Art Basel -- you know, the one that's actually in Basel, Switzerland -- kicked off this week with all the usual fanfare: the parties, the big dealers, the major sales. One 1980s work by Andy Warhol sold for $30 million. Everything seems to be running smoothly over there.

Meanwhile, in Miami, one of the city's most respected arts organizations is messily imploding. The dispute between the Museum of Contemporary Art has embarrassingly escalated in recent weeks, making Miami look like the Goofus to Basel's Gallant. And just when it seemed like mediation between the two parties was getting somewhere, lawyers stepped in to insist that no settlements have been decided. Great.

Plenty of people point to the MOCA meltdown as evidence that "Miami can't have nice things." But that, at least, isn't true. Here's proof: ten perfectly nice things (or nine if you're nostalgic enough for the '90s to get excited about Boyz II Men) you can do this weekend to take your mind off of our latest cringe-worthy culture war.


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Magic City Casino

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Gallery Diet

174 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL

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Tim Barry
Tim Barry

Go to a Heat game? Baaaa :-P


Ahhhhhh, FREE Dennis DeYoung concert, lead singer of Styx, at the Miami Jai Alai should make the cut.   Basically a Styx greatest hits.   Mr Roboto, Renegade, Come Sail Away, Madame Blue, Too Much Time on My Hands, Blue Collar Man.


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