The Ten New Emojis Miami Has Been Waiting For

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Miami emoji texters, we have good news and bad news.

The good news is your ironic cartoon language is about to expand. Soon 250 new emoji icons will appear at your fingertips, giving you all sorts of new ways to express yourself without the burden of using actual words.

But the bad news is none of these new emojis are especially relevant to the Miami experience. They're giving you more than a dozen new ways to point in different directions, but nothing referencing the weird, wonderful culture in which you live. And that sucks, because you know you need a way to say things like dale and Tootsie's without autocorrect interfering.

Here are the ten new emojis Miami really needs.

10. Hurricane
The cyclone emoji is already a thing; it's a pretty generic spiral shape that could, in theory, also mean a hurricane. But anyone who's lived through the real deal knows a hurricane is in a category all its own. (Let's hope not a Category 5.)

Possible icons: The pointy red universal symbol for hurricane; a long line backed up at the gas station; a car crushed beneath a giant tree branch.

9. Turn signal
Just think: If a turn signal emoji existed, every Miami user would have access to it. Not that any of us would ever use it.

Possible icons: Does it even matter?

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Robin Steel
Robin Steel

We already have a hurricane emoji it's duh #theU

Juliana Lamardo
Juliana Lamardo

I Definitely Need an emoji for coladas, cortaditos and pata sucia!

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