Nine Epic Miami Heat Murals in the Magic City

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Photo by Rich Robinson
With the A/C turned on in the AT&T Center, LeBron James proceeded to score 35 points, grab ten boards, and eat the heart of each San Antonio Spur like the Egyptian god Ammit. Miami won the game and tied the NBA Finals at one game each. The series shifts to Miami tonight for a pivotal game three, and we want to get you ready, Heat nation.

But this is a culture blog, not a sports blog. For you, dear reader, it's obvious that the typical pregame fare of Bill Simmons and Will Manso just isn't cutting it for your sophisticated palate.

So we scoured the streets of Miami for the best Heat-inspired murals. The folks at YoMiami arts collective and Wynwood Map, a project to catalog every mural in the arts district, helped us out. So join us on a journey around the threepeat-ready streets of the Magic City. But watch out -- LeBron is still hungry.

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Photo by Ciara LaVelle
9. Black & White & Red All Over
Running almost the entire length of a city block on NW First Court north of 20th Street, this newsprint-inspired mural might be the biggest homage to the Miami Heat outside the massive screen on the front of AmericanAirlines Arena. It's so long that we couldn't fit even half of it in our shot; above, you'll see about a third of the entire piece.

Photo by Ciara LaVelle
Scroll along the wall and you'll find a roster of the Heat's top talent. Note that the wall is very, very long.

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George Patterson
George Patterson

I have to be honest, that mural of the heat looks like shit. Lebron doesn't even look like Lebron at all. He looks like a completely different human being. And according to the mural, Eric Spoelstra is 6'11"

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Genius Marketing.

All that publicity for Miami Heat Inc.  LRMR Management Company, Dwade. Inc and others.

And it doesn't cost them a dime.  

We have over 6 Million dollars a year taken from us and given to these rich a-holes and people give them Free Advertising.  

H. L. Mencken was right...  "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

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