Bookleggers Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary With Free Books, Booze, Artists' Flea Market

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Photo by Alex Markow
Book-lovers, rejoice! Bookleggers is celebrating its two-year anniversary this Saturday, and to show how much they love people who love books, they're giving everyone who goes to their birthday party two free books.

"Everyone gets two books free," says Bookleggers co-founder Nathaniel Sandler. "Free, flat out. Don't bring 'em back. Take the heavy ones."

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Photo by Alex Markow
Sandler describes himself as a Miami native with a unique resume. A full time writer, he currently spends his time "taking care of a gigantic white and neurotic French poodle named Monkey" and binge-watching Grimm. Oh, and planning monthly gatherings for those literary folk in town.

"Whenever people want to get on their personal pedestals about how 'Miami isn't literary' or whatever, I invite them to Bookleggers and politely imply they are full of nonsense," he says. Turns out, "people love [Bookleggers] - even the ones full of nonsense."

Though he can't recall what initially drove him to start a community mobile library -- "Books? People who like books? A good party? Take your pick" -- Sandler does say how he never quite imagined Bookleggers would take off the way it has. "It's flat out crazy to me how much Miami has taken to it."

Bookleggers began two years ago with Sandler and a fellow writer friend, J. David Gonzalez. The concept was essentially built off the historical sense of the word "booklegger," which Sandler explains is a term used "for someone who peddled in illegal publications, particularly erotica...but selling banned books also applies; [basically] anyone who is moving text deemed illegal by the authorities." Sandler and Gonzalez's version doesn't deal primarily with erotica; rather, it's a cross between a traditional library and a used bookstore.

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This is an idea we should all get behind. What amazing initiative! Educate the masses!!

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