Colony1 Eco-Friendly Community to Build Sustainable "Living Building" in Wynwood

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Photos by Jayme Gershen
A model of Colony1's planned "living building."
Forget San Francisco or Portland. Thanks to Colony1, Miami might be the next sustainable Shangri-La.

In the works in Wynwood is a community classroom, vegan kitchen, urban garden, bulk food store, and multifaceted facility, thanks to environmental pioneers Nando and Blair Jaramillo and their organization, the Art of Cultural Evolution (ACE).

The building and community hub is in its initial planning stages, but to welcome the upcoming addition, ACE is hosting a get-to-know-you neighborhood event in conjunction with Art Walk this Saturday. Pop in for some mulching fun, a vegan pot luck, fresh fruit, music and social time with some of Miami's finest minds.

The Jaramillos have made a name for themselves via their environmental efforts. For four years the couple and their children lived on a converted bus that ran on waste vegetable oil (known as WVO), and last year their organization took a vacant lot in Wynwood and turned it into a sustainable land lab that fed more than a dozen families.

Thanks to Miami's many assets -- plentiful sun, rain, and lush growing conditions -- the Jaramillos believe it's a natural choice for sustainable living.

Aboard their bus, the family traveled the country learning about the latest in conscious living and environmental sustainability -- then decided to bring the knowledge back to benefit Miami.

Recently, the county awarded the couple's organization, The Art of Cultural Evolution, a vacant lot in Wynwood to be used to construct their vision of a sustainability center.

"We're building a completely living building -- sustainable architecture, sustainable energy, sustainable water." says Blair. "It'll be the first in the southeast region of the U.S. and it will be the 15th building in the entire world to be a living building."

Designees of the "Living building" challenge are several steps up from more common environmental certifications, such as LEED certification. Basically, the building will take care of itself.

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Tim LeHockey
Tim LeHockey

Annette Nanes thought this article might interest you. Pretty cool.


Please report on the Oil companies using all their trickery to drill for oil and gas in the everglades!!!

Laura Kat
Laura Kat

This is wonderful... unfortunately living a 'sustainable' life in sunny FLA... aka living off the grid... is, in recent cases, illegal... just lay low and do your thing... :)

Naomi Lauren Ross
Naomi Lauren Ross

Woohoo! Congrats on this write-up about Art of Cultural Evolution, Blair Butterfield and Nando Jaramillo =)

Aina Gonzalez
Aina Gonzalez

Feel like this would interest you two! Janeisy Nguyen Bergman Arguello

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