Free Library to Make Metrorail Ride a Lot More Pleasant

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Transit library design rendering by David Caballero
Waiting on a concrete platform for a steel box to whisk you off to work is a less-than-stimulating way to start your morning. And this is Miami, not Manhattan, so good luck finding a street musician, magician, or Human of New York to keep you entertained.

But Daniel Caballero, one of the recent winners of Miami's Public Space Challenge, hopes to change all that by adding a little literary flair to the city's Metrorail platforms.

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A Miami native and Stanford grad, Caballero digs reading, and thought a little bibliophilia might make riding the rails more pleasant.

"I take the Metro every day and I had seen the idea of having these little public library trading posts -- I kind of put the two together," Caballero says.

"The idea is have a post on the platform and you could just leave a book or grab a book," he says. The initial book selection would likely be curated by Caballero, but eventually he hopes the effort would sustain itself with passengers taking and leaving at will.

"Hopefully it just makes the metro a little more attractive and gives people something to read -- adds a sense of excitement," he adds.

He's working with transit to get the implementation underway, hopefully by the end of the year, he says. Initially, the post would probably be installed at one stop (which one is TBD). Then, it could expand from there.

So what are Caballero's top picks for train reading?

"2666 by Roberto Bolaño or On the Road with the Ramones by Monte A Melnick. Aside from being the books I'm currently reading, 2666 because I could probably read it multiple times and still pick out new details that I had missed before. I would pick On the Road with the Ramones because there's a good chance I'll also be listening to the Ramones as I ride the Metro."

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Alicia Chapman
Alicia Chapman

I think it's a great idea, but at the same time I kinda feel like that money could be used for something better.


The Civic Center Library has been on the Metro-Rail for several years  it also has DVDs, Audio Books, and a computer for Public use. 


Opened on January 15, 1992, the Civic Center Library is a 144 square foot library on a MetroRail platform by the Jackson Medical Complex. Hours match rush hours: Mon-Fri from 6am-10am and 2pm-6pm.

The blogger wrote by assumption before actual research that one already exists. Please help that one library to expand to more stations!!

Valentina Gabriela Fernandez
Valentina Gabriela Fernandez

I love it! As one of the public space challenge winners as well and a metro rail user as part of my every day life this is such a cool and great idea!!! With all the changes that are coming to the rail already (Angel, those things are actually in the mix, new train cars as well) this is such a cool and fun addition! Check out other public space challenges like ours, The M-Path Park Project!

Angel Anthony Montaner
Angel Anthony Montaner

Mia needs to fix there transport asap , more rail lines and maybe better busses, def better rail system ,

Vince Witty
Vince Witty

Id probly get arrested if I played a musical instrument at the platform or anywhere, thats the difference between here and Manhattan


"Waiting on a concrete platform for a steel box to whisk you off to work is a less-than-stimulating way to start your morning. "

Actually taking the metrorail is way more amusing than by taking your car and being stuck in traffic. Overall whats wrong with the Miami area is that it lacks a large metro system, and the population is increasing thus the traffic is only going to get worse without a large metro system.  

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