Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: Five Swimsuits For Every Miami Girl

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Miami neighborhoods couldn't be more different from one another. You might even say they have personalities of their own: some more tumultuous and provocative, and some baring a more modest and/or hoity-toity personality. From Hialeah to the Beach, their traits run a wide range.

It's safe to say that the women claiming residency within each one of these Magic City enclaves have the same psychological makeup as the cities they rep."You are what you eat"? More like "you are where you live.

And because it's Swim Week, and we have racy swimwear on the brain, we've decided to pair this year's 2015 collections with the women of Miami, according to their neighborhood personalities. Pretty considerate, huh?

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5. The Wynwood Wildfox
It couldn't be more obvious that Wynwood and Wildfox were destined to be soul mates. Every retro, high-waisted one-piece and hamburger-printed suit vociferously cried out, "Cool-girl hipster: please buy me!" at Friday night's show. Of course, the likelihood of a young and artsy dame throwin' down some moolah for a Wildfox suit is bleak at best - they have bigger things to worry about, like how they're going to shell out some not-so-hipster-friendly cash for rent this month. Hey, Wildfox still keeps you in mind, Wynwood.

4. The Trend-Obsessed Yet Family-Oriented Girl From South Miami
South Miami doesn't discriminate against any trend: flash tattoos, flutter tops, oversized pearl accessories resembling a certain French fashion house's Spring/Summer RTW collection (rhymes with Shlanel, get the hint). The girls from the mainstream likes of this neighborhood want it all. But it wasn't just about the celebration of 2014's most saturated trends -- all thrown onto one model -- that made us think about South Miami at L*Space's show on Saturday; modesty and keeping things family-time appropriate was definitely a key factor on the Cabana Grande's blue-marbled runway. That's right, no nip-slips here.

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