Trolling the Designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 (Video)

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We know, we know: All this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim talk has become really out-played. One more mention of anything with the word swim as its root, and it's lights out for your sanity. But before you reach for the bottle of Skyy and firmly woven noose, we have one last missive from the tented, model-infested, bikini bash - just one - and it's a big one. We promise.

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It was, after all, the event's 10-year anniversary; that's got to count for something. And because of its decennial milestone, we thought it wise that Cultist should get in on all the action via the event's most epic designers, attendees, and questionable, colored-coated pooches. (We're still in awe of this.)

We even managed to become Mara Hoffman's new BFF. No big deal. Hey, kissy-face-selfies = the start of a beautiful friendship, okay?

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