Pitbull Look-Alike Ariel Tojo Surprises Tourists in Times Square

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Ariel Tojo, 43, is a jack-of-all-trades. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Tojo dabbles in many things, including real estate, training, and most notably, acting. His favorite gig? Impersonating Mr. 305 himself, also known as Pitbull.

"I really love acting in general, but especially impersonating Pitbull," Tojo said in a phone interview. He was recently hired to impersonate Pitbull at a That's So Miami event in Times Square June 18, put on by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Tojo was extremely enthusiastic about his role -- one which he has assumed many times with great success. But last week marked his first time playing Pitbull outside Miami.

"I have a lot in common with Pitbull, and we have similar mannerisms and swag," Tojo said. His goal is to one day perform as Pitbull in Las Vegas. "People always come up to me and think that I'm him."

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Pitbull fans at the #SoMiami event in New York had to be restrained when they saw Tojo come out because they thought he was the real deal.

The purpose of the event was to give people a taste of Miami moments and to get them excited about visiting the Magic City. People waited in line for the chance to press the "It's So Miami" vending machine and win big.

Summer swag such as T-shirts, skincare products, and concert tickets were some of the prizes participants could win from the vending machine.

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Yvette Recio
Yvette Recio

$10 says he performed better than the actual Pitbull!!

Lai Pinel
Lai Pinel

Yeah hes the new pitbull jaaaaaaaaaa

Xavier Level
Xavier Level

Hey Lai Lai Pinel isnt that your boy Mario???

Lori Ann
Lori Ann

Kip Wallis & Eryk Dātura I shall ASSUME y'all knew better! LoL

Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen

I don't know what's worse, the real one or impersonator.


So here's a question for New Times to really look into:  Why would the Convention and Visitors Bureau need to spend the kind of money that they spent on this event if New York is the #1 market in the United States that provides visitors to Miami.  Do you think that maybe family, 2nd homes, life-long vacation habits and planned retirement already have  imprinted Miami on these folks brains?  You would think that the Convention and Visitors Bureau might be more interested in creating new markets, and spend money in those areas?

And just how much tax money does the Convention and Visitors Bureau spend in New York every year for all of their New York promotions?  I think new Times might be interested in that number, and just what kind of side deals are part of this arrangement.

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