Ten More Rainy Day Activities in Miami

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Storm's coming.
It's that time of year again: hurricane season, during which it often feels like the whole city of Miami shuts down for at least a couple hours, and sometimes a couple days, due to torrential downpours.

What's a bored South Floridian to do in the summer? Plenty. Last year, we rounded up ten great rainy day activities. And now we're adding another ten to the roster.

Here's how to stay entertained the next time the lightning strikes.

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10. Kick It
Play out your World Cup fantasies rain or shine at Midtown Stadium Indoor Soccer, where pick-up games cost $10 per person.

9. Catch a Flick
It's never been a better time for independent films in Miami. Coral Gables Art Cinema, Cosford, Miami Beach Cinematheque, O Cinema's locations in Wynwood and in Miami Shores at Miami Theater Center, and Tower all boast stellar lineups of weird and award-winning movies.

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Midtown Stadium Indoor Soccer

370 NW 24th St., Miami, FL

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Good concept, but that still requires people to go out of the house. Based on the title, I thought it was things to do when you're stuck in the house because of rain. 

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Go work out at the gym or take a nap and be safe from traffic when the streets flood. Wandering the mall or Starbucks.

Stacey Waldron
Stacey Waldron

I guess no paddle boarding for me this weekend! \U0001f614 "I thought hurricane season was over." Haha Jasmine Sais Burgess

Miami New Times
Miami New Times

Anthony, every Monday we publish a list of free events for the week.

Laura Jssm
Laura Jssm

Mélissa Métisse d'Ibiza Justement on se demandait quoi faire quand il pleut !! haha

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