The Top Ten Cosplays of Florida Supercon 2014

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Ian Witlen
Florida Supercon, the biggest geek party in South Florida, leveled up its venue this year, staging its biggest con ever at the Miami Beach Convention Center. And the cosplayers who attended followed suit, with creative character choices, serious attention to detail, and true immersion into their characters. Well played, everyone.

Here are our favorite characters from a truly epic weekend.

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Honorable Mention: Heisenberg
It's not a top ten list if it has 11 items, but we just couldn't leave this guy out. He is the danger. He is the one who knocks. He is AWESOME.

10. Cinderella
You might recognize this cosplayer (and her dimples) from her portrayal of Disney Princess Belle from this past Animate! Miami. She did not disappoint once again with an impeccably sewed dress and the acting skills to match. While some folks did a couple of simple poses on the cosplay competition runway, she adorably scurried off the stage and left her shoe behind, much to the delight of the judges.

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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL

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Mario Borras
Mario Borras

#9 is just a pic of an ordinary guy. Why is he in the top 10 Cosplayer list?

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