Barre Motion: Inside South Beach's New Hard-Core Fitness Spot

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Photos by Nycole Sariol
"OK, we're here," my Uber driver murmured as we pulled up to the South Beach fitness studio Barre Motion. "Ugh," I groaned, slowly opening my eyes one at a time, allowing the day's sunlight to pervade my vision, accelerating the throb of my headache. It was not yet 11 in the morning, and my hangover from Friday night's festivities was at an all-time high. Somehow, though, I peeled myself off the velour car seat, fumbled onto the street's pavement at Lennox Avenue and 16th Street, and schlepped over to the Barre Motion's entrance in my most capable Walking Dead gimp.

Barre Motion, Dr. Julie Jacko's latest fitness venture, emphasizes low-impact isometric movements through a series of ballet- and yoga-style classes. Local writers and bloggers were summoned to participate in one of the hourlong sessions.

After hurling the door open, I was greeted by Danny, the chipper receptionist. He handed me a much-needed water bottle and a new-client form. Soon we made our way to meet Julie herself, our instructor for the day.

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Not an ounce of fat lingered on her petite frame, and her tawny hair was styled into a pixie bob; not a lot of women can get away with such a short cut. The only other person on record who has looked bad-ass in such a style was Winona Ryder, pre-klepto days.

"Thank you for making it out today," she said. I appreciated her succinct commentary, chiefly because it hurt to talk, let alone think of a clever reply.

Danny also gave me the low-down on Julie, filling me in on how she's not your average fitness instructor, garnering a PhD in human factors engineering, the cognitive and physical study of reaching the highest levels of performance.

For some reason, Danny took to my irreparable cynicism and offered to better acquaint me with the lay of the land before the class began.

The space oozed optimism, with every nook and cranny glowing white; even the lockers were coated in glossy white ceramic. Though mostly neutral-toned, accent pieces like a green plant box and colorful scented candles for sale made for bright adornments to the airy space. Near the stark-white lockers stood a fancy travertine tile shower with stainless-steal furnishings. Past the locker area was the patio, where cool hues of turquoise, gray, and white covered linen pillows and wooden tables accompanying contemporary leather sofas and a giant square umbrella.

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