Floridians Illegally Download More Movies and TV Shows Than Almost Any Other State's Residents

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Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME
Penny Dreadful: She's pissed because you didn't pay for that episode.
Do you torrent, bro?

If you're reading this in Florida, there's a relatively good chance that you do. The real estate blog Movoto recently released a report on torrenting, or the practice of downloading, seeding, and sharing copyrighted material online, all across the country. And Florida ranked among the states where residents are torrenting the most.

The study, which collected data about the location of nearly 4 million seeding nodes (aka a computer that has downloaded a piece of content, from which other users can download it) for the top 300 most popular torrents in the country, found that Florida, Washington, Hawaii, and Vermont do the most content sharing in the country.

And while the rest of the country is busy downloading Game of Thrones, Floridians have more eclectic tastes in illegally acquired media. Turns out that the dark Showtime drama Penny Dreadful is the number one TV show in the Sunshine State when it comes to watching for free. Devious Maids, Californication, and yes, GoT, also made the top ten episodes in FL.

And the most downloaded movie? Cuban Fury, naturally.

Most other states were busy downloading Captain America. Typical.

At the Movoto blog, you can access an interactive map that shows how all the states rank against each other for downloads of specific titles. Other fun facts from that map:

  • Floridians have downloaded more episodes of Fargo than actual North Dakotans.
  • Washington state has just as much invested in Devious Maids as Florida; both states have the same rate of download (and it's the highest in the nation).
  • There may be plenty of UFC fans in Florida, but they're paying for the privilege to watch. Florida ranked in the middle of the pack for downloads of torrenting's most popular UFC fight.
  • Florida isn't even the biggest downloader of Cuban Fury; that questionable honor goes to Wyoming.

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John Howe
John Howe

I see a kid in his late teens all the time at a nearby shopping plaza and he sells copied movie DVD's. He has I'd say about 50 of them on display. I've seen cops just walk right on by.

Theary So Mony
Theary So Mony

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Ryan Johnston
Ryan Johnston

It's expensive to maintain a boat, need that $.

Abby Drake
Abby Drake

Fact is were the right most populous place in the US yes our actions will be more frequent or prevalent than many other places it's simple statistical probability.

Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

Actually, our economy is recovering nicely , so-called "Prophit", in large part due to the efforts of Gov. Scott. As for illegal downloading...PFFFFFT, this state leads the nation in so many kinds of white collar crime, that this one is practically laughable.

Logic Prophit
Logic Prophit

considering our joke of an economy and the influx of people that come in it's not surprising. Our bread and butter is tourism and that's faultering quite a bit. You can only make it as a professional if you know someone and have experience or a reputation( or if your good with the high rise construction companies that are working on condos no one will be able to afford). The rest of the freshly graduated lot and average people have to fight for scraps and get creative with a means of making ends meet. Why pay premium when you can't afford it if you can get the same quality of work for less than the asking price or free? We have no real spending power. Those that do are either money that was ingrained into the system before shit hit the fan with "job security" or are running up credit cards. Not saying that it's right but people find a way to get what they want when things are tough.

Roger Moreno
Roger Moreno

Illegal copy for rent stores everywhere in miami

Jennifer Boise-Graham
Jennifer Boise-Graham

I believe it. It's not surprising. Miami knows how to break almost all of the rules. They said Florida, but I know they mean "us". Add this to our rudest drivers list.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Prohibiting people from using, reproducing or trading copyrighted material is an infringement of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Information exists in people's minds and property.

If you claim you own information then you are claiming you own the person.  

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