Kate Chastain and Kat Held of Bravo's Below Deck Talk Yacht Life and Crazy Passengers

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You're nobody until you own your own yacht. Or charter one. Or maybe just work on one, because yacht rides are hard to come across these days. That's how Kate Chastain and Kat Held scored cabins on the Ohana, not to mention starring roles on the second season of Bravo's hit series Below Deck, which focuses on the trials and tribulations of a yacht crew. You know, running out of Caviar just hours outside of Antigua, overcooking your poodle's filet mignon or having to plan a five-star, champagne-filed picnic on a beach filled with, wait for it, sand. The struggles are real.

Kate, a Florida native from Melbourne, takes the lead as the head stewardess of the vessel, while Kat returns for a second season with the mission of reclaiming herself from the drunken shenanigans she was known for in the last. The two reside in Fort Lauderdale where Ohana departs, so we wanted to know a thing or two about the two blonde bombshells on board: their craziest demands, favorite Fort Lauderdale digs, and why they would kick off Andrew Sturby should they come across a chance iceberg in the Caribbean.

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New Times: One of the reasons you wanted to joined the yachting industry was to find your future husband. Any luck so far? 
Kate Chastain: When I joined yachting I was a very shallow and sheltered person. Yachting has not only taught me the value of hard work but I have witnessed firsthand that some of the wealthiest people on the planet are surprisingly also some of the most miserable. I've since learned that anything worth having is earned. That being said, I have met many wonderful men during my yachting career but not Mr. Right...yet.  I'm just not down with settling as a means to settling down.

Kat, why did What lead you to move to Fort Lauderdale to become a stewardess?
Kat Held: I had recently graduated from The University of Rhode Island and had been working as an administrative assistant at a psychiatrist office for six years. I wanted to travel but did not have the financial means to do so on my own. When I researched what it was like to work as yacht stewardess, I instantly knew that's what I wanted to do, and there's no better place to move to then the yachting capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale.

What is the craziest demand you've ever received while as a stew?
Kate: I've had to cook filet for a Pomeranian. I've seen escorts walk onto a boat less than an hour after the wives and children left. Honestly, nothing really surprises me at this point... well, almost nothing. There were quite a few surprises from the guests on Motoryacht Ohana.

Kat: The craziest demand I have ever received was to order men or women dancers and escorts for a group of charter guests. That is not an easy task when you are floating around the Caribbean.

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Talk about unprofessional.  These two "ladies" whined all season and actually thought they did the most work.  They are delusional and like to think the world revolves around them.  They feed off each other and created an unpleasant and unprofessional work environment. Kate really isn't a good manager.  Her treatment of Amy was awful. 

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