The Expendables 3: "It's Heavy Metal Cinema," Says Star Antonio Banderas

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Carolina del Busto

Action movies once reigned supreme with films like Die Hard and The Terminator dominating the '80s and '90s, yet it seems like in the early 2000s the genre laid dormant. But now, it's making a comeback.

One could say action movies evolved with the times; the term has come to mean more than just explosions and fight scenes. Or, as Kellan Lutz puts it, "I don't think action movies ever went anywhere."

The actor was in town Wednesday along with The Expendables 3 co-star Antonio Banderas to throw the first pitch at the Marlins-Cardinals game. Cultist caught up with the pair at Marlins Park after their brief stint as professional athletes to talk shop.

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Back in 2010, Stallone directed, co-wrote, and starred in The Expendables; two years later, he did it again, and finally, two years after that, he's at it once more with The Expendables 3. As the franchise progresses, Stallone keeps adding more and more A-list stars to the film's roster. The latest additions include Banderas and Lutz.

"I play John Smilee, ex-Navy Seal," says Lutz. "He's lost all of his boys in a fire-fight and he's mad at Uncle Sam [because of that], so he's a bit of a lone-wolf at this point and has authority issues." He goes on to explain how Kelsey Grammar's character, Bonaparte, recruits him to meet Barney (Stallone). When Smilee and Barney meet, they form an instant bond.

"[Barney] sees this essence in me, and when he speaks to me, he speaks my language. I'm just looking for pain in any way I can, but he gives me purpose again and allows me to join the team and be the leader of the young guns."

Banderas starts to nod his head at the words "looking for pain," and says, "It's interesting that he says 'looking for pain' because that's exactly the opposite of what my character [Galgo] is doing." The two friends share a laugh and Banderas continues, "He's trying to escape from something dramatic that happened to him - it's something we don't see in the film and he talks lightly about. He hides [his pain] with his compulsive behavior, this non-stop talking, non-stop moving, non-stop nothing."

"It becomes really, really annoying, but if he stops, he thinks; and if he thinks, he goes down."

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