Miami Icons: The Colony Hotel, the Most Famous Art Deco Building on Ocean Drive

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Karli Evans
San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge. St. Louis has the Arch. Las Vegas has its retro welcome sign. It seems like every city has an iconic structure to represent itself to the rest of the world. Every city but Miami, that is. The Magic City is full of architectural gems, and maybe that's why no one building has come to define it. But that's left this town without a symbol of its own. In our Miami Icons series, we're aiming to fix that. Today, writer Travis Cohen argues that the Colony Hotel's Art Deco history and Ocean Drive location have earned it icon status.

For better or worse, when most people think Miami Beach, they don't think about Normandy Isle and seven-one or Surfside or Sunny Isles They think about South Beach. They think about half-naked women with perfectly sculpted bodies coated in deep summer tans. They think of candy colored super cars. They imagine SoBe as a scattershot settlement of clubs overflowing with beautiful people who meander towards the shoreline at 4 a.m., bedecked in barely buttoned Armani shirts and short Valentino dresses that have crawled up a long length of thigh, as they search for a palm tree to vomit on beneath the neon moonlight. And what is the backdrop for this glamorous scene? None but the Historic Art Deco District of Miami Beach and all those lovely pastel palaces along Ocean Drive.

And even if the ideas and attitudes towards South Beach that locals and tourists hold don't exactly match up, nobody can contend that the Art Deco architecture is an intrinsic part of the Beach's personality as a city. Most of that style was designed by a man named Henry Hohauser, who was responsible for a great many of the buildings that still stand on Ocean Drive and the surrounding sections of the Deco District. And out of all his classic creations, there's hardly a one that can be said to be more of a well-known staple in the recollections and postcards of South Beach than the Colony Hotel.

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Artists, Architects, and Estefans Join Forces to Save the Miami Marine Stadium (Video)

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For years, Friends of the Miami Marine Stadium have lobbied to restore the Key Biscayne landmark to its former glory. Last weekend, those efforts got a major boost, as Gloria and Emilio Estefan announced they'd give $500,000 to the cause.

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And they're not the only ones promoting the stadium's restoration. Street artists and local Instagrammers joined forces with the Estefans to show the world its potential as a venue, an architectural gem, and a canvas for spray-painted masterpieces. New Times videographer Adam Hendel and writer Hannah Sentenac were there to capture it all.

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Wynwood Gateway Park: Architects Compete to Design Wynwood's Next Green Space

Categories: Architecture

The site of the future Wynwood Gateway Park.Up until now, the farthest you've ventured north in Wynwood is probably the corner of NW 29th Street and Second Avenue -- right up to the new Ducati showroom. The few blocks on the other side of the street? It's the kind of area your mom always warned you not to roll through once upon a time. But that may change, thanks to a new project: the Wynwood Gateway Park Competition

Metro 1, a real estate company that focuses on urban development, and DawnTown, a non-profit that promotes architecture in Miami, have partnered to invite competitors of all backgrounds to plot out 14,000 square feet of public green space at 169-179 NW 28 St. that could include elements of urban farming, art, landscape, and music. 

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Cool Spaces! Architecture Series Premieres Tonight on WLRN

Courtesy of Stephen Chung, Cool Spaces!
Seattle Public Library, Seattle by OM/REX
Consider the space you're occupying as you read this. It exists because someone you've probably never thought about envisioned and created it. So, go home tonight and instead of watching some of the crap that passes for late night TV, catch the public television premiere of Cool Spaces! The Best New Architecture and find out what goes into making the buildings we pop in and out of daily.

Tonight at 10 on WLRN, Cool Spaces! will debut its first hour-long episode in a series profiling North America's most innovative and provocative public architecture. Each episode tackles a central theme and examines "three very different cities, buildings, architects, and very different designs," according to host and project creator Stephen Chung. Originally an architect and educator, Chung only stepped in front of the camera as a means of introducing the world to quality architecture and its importance after the recession hit the industry and his practice hard.

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Zadok Gallery Showcasing Sublime Wordly Exhibits through April

Courtesy of Zadok Gallery
Zadok Gallery has begun previewing two new exhibitions from very different parts of the world. The space is clearly attempting to go big with this latest showing. The gallery, which carries a variety of pieces ranging from optical illusions made of rainbow strings to robots being projected upon, has branched out into really using its space.

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Locust Projects' Latest Exhibition Explores the Many Identities of the Everglades, Opens Saturday

Fabricated wood by Felice Grodin
There's more to the Everglades than monstrous bugs, swampy terrain, and toothy alligators. Opening Saturday, March 8, Locust Projects presents new works by Miami-based artists Christy Gast and Felice Grodin, whose study of landscapes and spaces yield intricately-fashioned installations.

Gast's exhibit, "Inholdings," contains two works: A full-scale textile replica of a Nike Hercules missile and a single-channel video entitled War Drums (Nuclear Clock). "Inholdings" shifts the focus between natural, cultural, and desired histories by appropriating craft traditions to document a place.

"An inholding is kind of a bureaucratic term for [privately] held land that's surrounded by public land, which figures a lot into my projects," said Gast during an artist talk held Thursday. "I'm really interested in enigmatic landscapes where there's a history of conflict."

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Miami Marine Stadium Renovation Moving Forward, Invites Famed Graffiti Artist Stinkfish

All photos by Travis Cohen
Miami has her fair share of graffiti haunts and paint-saturated penits where local and traveling bombers alike have decorated streets for decades. Few are as iconic, though, as Miami Marine Stadium.

Declared structurally unsound after the widespread devastation of hurricane Andrew, the abandoned stadium has been "off-limits" for nearly a quarter of a century. But graffiti loves a challenge, and "off-limits" means "perfect hangout" for fence hoppers, midnight drinkers, restless youth, skaters, and most obviously, taggers.

Now, the stadium is on its way to a new life thanks to the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. The group plans to renovate and reopen the venue, and that's expensive -- $30 million expensive.

One of their first prospective means of fundraising is to sell a series of pieces by renowned and respected graffiti artists, both foreign and domestic. The first of these was recently completed by Bogotá artist Stinkfish, and we got a chance to watch as he did his thing on a perfectly sunny albeit windy day on the Biscayne Bay.

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Coconut Grove Playhouse Narrowly Escaped Sale by State, Now Under Miami-Dade County Lease

After years of uncertainty, blame-throwing, and political maneuvering, one of the most dramatic real estate stories in recent Miami history has entered its conclusion. The Coconut Grove Playhouse narrowly escaped being sold by the state of Florida to the highest bidder this week when Miami-Dade officials, with just hours to spare, delivered documents to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, proving that they'd settled the property's debts at last.

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The Temple House, South Beach's Largest Home, Can Be Yours for a Cool $17 Million

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Images via
Whether you know it or not, you've probably seen the inside of the largest home on South Beach. It was the filming site of One Direction's "Best Song Ever" music video. It was the photo shoot location for a Kardashian Christmas card. And it's hosted dozens of private events -- upscale weddings and corporate shindigs for the likes of Microsoft, Nike, and Sony.

Now, the Temple House, at 1415 Euclid Ave., is on the market -- for a cool $17 million.

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PAMM Opens Today, and It's More Beautiful Than You Imagined

All Photos by Travis Cohen
Two thousand words is too many for a Wednesday morning, but too few to do the new Pérez Art Museum Miami justice. So we'll put it simply: the new Herzog and De Meuron (HDM) edifice on museum island is, no exaggeration, exquisite.

Naturally, in this story, we'll be describing the space in more detail than that. But it's important for you to understand from the get-go that this complex is fucking amazing. Miami has not had such a significant injection of vivaciousness and cultural voracity in architectural form since the Downtown skyline began to soar with cocaine christened towers of glass and steel and light in the 1980s, or perhaps even the Art Deco resuscitation of our bedraggled city after the hurricane of September 1926. HDM have given birth to a new nerve center for communal convalescence, a ganglion where Miami's 5.4 million human synapses can fire at will beside the beauty of Biscayne Bay.

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