Avoid Parking Hell at Miami Heat Games With ParkJockey App

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Courtesy of ParkJockey
Miami, as a metropolis, is growing up like Miley Cyrus post-Hannah Montana: fast. Maybe too fast.

With growing pains like this (and a lack of public transportation) come parking woes. Wynwood's seen the worst of it lately, with city officials and business owners playing political ping-pong on the issue.

All of this recent hubbub makes the introduction of ParkJockey a serious blessing for Miami's road warriors. So long parking hell, hello app-for-that.

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Vanilla Ice Announced as Grand Marshal for Coconut Grove Bed Race

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Courtesy of Coconut Grove Bed Race
Every year, a spirited celebrity signs up to take the helm of Coconut Grove's infamously awesome mattress marathon: the Great Grove Bed Race. This year, that celebrity is Miami's own '80s all-star and forever fashion icon, Vanilla Ice.

This is the rapper slash TV star slash DIY king's second installment as Grand Marshal. His 2011 turn was an epic success, and he's coming back for round two on November 8.

Although a bout with the flu forced him to cancel today's press conference, it's full-speed ahead for next week's between-the-sheets shindig.

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Nightmare on the Beach: A Futuristic, Cocktail-Filled Halloween Bash on South Beach

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Courtesy of Reed Nicol and the Little Lighthouse Foundation
October starts the time of year when food and drink are paired so eloquently with a holiday themes. In order to raise money for the Little Lighthouse Foundation, the nonprofit is throwing their yearly Halloween party complete with some adult beverages and tasty bites.

Imagine a nightclub that has spilled out onto the beach and everyone is dressed in unusual garbs. No, it's not a typical night out on South Beach complete with unique SoBe fashionistas, it's a nightmare on the beach. What's different about this fifth annual Nightmare on the Beach Party is that it's the first of its kind to actually take place on the sands of the beach, according to the organizers.

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The Ten Best Things To Do on Halloween Night in Miami

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Photo by Jipsy/nefariousgirl.com
Halloween is almost here, and if you don't want to get stuck scrambling for a place to spend All Hallows', now's the time to nail down your plans. You've gotta have somewhere good to show off your sexy Elsa costume, after all.

So to save you the headache of scouring the web for Halloween happenings, here are the ten best things to do on October 31. From family-friendly to super-sexy to drunken dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," you'll find it here.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Trick or Treat, Start-Up Shop, and Hitchcock Presents

Photo by George Martinez
Mwahahahaha. It's a very spooky edition of free events in Miami.

Actually, all this stuff is pretty fun and it's cheap. Nothing too scary about that.

There is free food and candy galore, especially if you're a kid in a cute costume. That doesn't mean there aren't a few tricks up Miami's cultural sleeve. If you're looking for frights, there are a few. There's even some totally non-seasonal events to arm you with the skills you need to start a business and keep it running year-round.

But c'mon, the Halloween stuff is the best part.

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Knight Arts Challenge People's Choice: HICCUP Hopes to Foster Hialeah's Art Scene

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via TheHiccup.org
Rodolfo Peraza, Ariana Hernandez-Reguant, and Ernesto Oroza posing outside Hialeah's famous Amertec building
People's Choice Awards nominees are live. The community can vote now through November 17 via text message for one of six selected Knight Arts Challenge finalists to receive $20,000 to fund their projects. It's a text-to-vote campaign: Choose your favorite group and text its code to 22333. Of the 75 finalists, the six People's Choice nominees are small, emerging groups from different parts of South Florida, all working to make the region a better place to live.

A hiccup can be a jarring sensation. One that momentarily shakes the core of your reality and heightens all the reach of your perception.

And that's the precise response that Ariana Hernandez-Reguant and Ernesto Oroza plan to trigger in Hialeah through art.

Their purpose: to prove that the area is a thriving hotbed of creative talent. Their mission: to enact a series of public projects that spark the imaginations of the public at large. And with the help of the Knight Foundation, they could have some money in their coffers to make it happen. Here's what HICCUP founders Ariana Hernandez-Reguant and Ernesto Oroza had to say about their Hialeah tabloid, working with the youth, and the value of the Amertec building.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Symphonies, Food Trucks, and the Perfect Tailgate

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Photo by Max Reed
The weekend was a blur, and now time begins marching ever so slowly. Not to worry -- there are plenty of feel-good freebies to get you through the workweek.

Maybe you had a big pig-out session and you need some friendly workout encouragement. Maybe you didn't get to eat enough and you want to learn how to cook the perfect tailgate. Or maybe you just want to curl up with a good book.

Miami has all that and more at no cost to you. C'mon, Monday, get excited.

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Slides and Seesaws at Spinello Projects

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Courtesy of Spinello Projects
A few years ago, Johnny Robles was walking on the beach near Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas when he came across a wrecked boat. The inside was cluttered with condom wrappers, water bottles, and syringes.

A thunderbolt and the name of the band AC/DC were painted on the side along with the words, in Spanish, "May God bless us." A tractor motor was bolted to the back and painted red to prevent rust.

Robles, a bearded artist with bright-blue eyes and the lithe build of a long-distance runner, immediately realized Cubans had used the vessel to cross the Florida Straits.

"It was like a weird art installation in front of me in this desolate location," the 30-year-old says. "It put into perspective how far people will go to pursue their dreams."

Robles too has come a long way to present his first gallery solo show, "Let It Slide," on view at Spinello Projects. His conceptual playground includes several slides, spring riders, a pogo stick, a whirling teeter-totter, and a collapsed swing set.

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Terror in the Jungle: Aztec Ruins, Moss-Covered Mutants, and Total Darkness

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Photo courtesy of Terror in the Jungle
Jungle Island is a pretty upbeat place during daylight hours -- happy monkeys, chirping birds, majestic ligers. All the wonders of the jungle, with none of the dangers.

But for 19 nights over the next month, it'll be an eerier place entirely. For the first time ever, Terror in the Jungle is bringing five acres of mutant animals, zombie Aztecs and bloodthirsty crawlers to an otherwise innocent attraction.

We got a sneak peek of the spine-tingling spot at Thursday night's opener.

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Vice Gallery in Wynwood Opens With MSG Crew Show: "They're Not 16 Years Old Anymore"

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Courtesy of MSGcartel.com
Crome on a billboard, 1990s
The mighty MSG Crew are a band of spraycan warriors so notorious their crew name rings bells from Budapest to the gates of hell, and their battle-scarred fists serve testament to a baptism by concrete, paint, and razorwire. Their souls, however, are free as aerosol blasting from a new can.

They have been active in painting every inch of surface in Miami-Dade since the early '90s, and more recently they've been adopted as cultural icons by the likes of HistoryMiami.

Now the whole crew is rocking "Greatly Exaggerated," the inaugural exhibition celebrating the opening of Vice Gallery in Wynwood, a space dedicated to supporting the advancement of urban and street art on an international level. We spoke with co-curator Omar Khan about the show, MSG's roots, and how the bombing boys have evolved as artists over the years.

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