Wynwood Life: A Three-Day Festival Celebrating Miami and Its Artists

Courtesy of Wynwood Life
Trek6's wall for Wynwood Life.
Street festivals can be so much more than a good romp on the sunny asphalt. At their best, they can be an homage to a shared sense of culture; a common idea within a community of strangers suddenly connected and brought face to face under the auspices of merriment outside their front doors.

Miami is as perfect a place for a street festival as can be, with its delicious weather and hoards of half-naked, surreally beautiful people, and yet there really aren't as many major events of the like as you'd expect. There's the Coconut Grove Art Festival, and of course the Calle Ocho Festival, but what else?

Fortunately, there's a new celebration being added to the short list this year, and it's called Wynwood Life -- a festival of art, fashion, food, and music along the Western edge of Wynwood from Friday, April 25, through Sunday.

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Liberty City Gets a New Public Mural and You Can Help

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MLK Murals helps kids become active, creative members of their communities.
Liberty City is about to get a facelift, and you can be a part of the operation.

An historical mural is set to grace the bus stop at NW 22nd Ave. and 56th St. Designed by Bernisha Fleurinor, a senior student in the medical magnet at Miami Northwestern Senior High, the mural was chosen as one of many submissions in a recent student-body contest and will be painted by local youths and community members Saturday, April 26.

The event is thanks in part to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami and Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project. What's even better? Student participants can use the day to earn community service hours, something every kid needs if they hope to earn Florida Bright Futures Scholarships.

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Ten Things to Do in Honor of Earth Day

Despite the fact that she sustains our lives, literally, Mother Nature doesn't get a whole lot of kudos. Most of the time, we're abusing her via gas-guzzling vehicles, carbon-spouting factory farms, and plastic trash by the ton.

Since she only gets one day of recognition out of 365, the least we can do is show her some serious love. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make with the earth-affection this week, from volunteering, to ethical eating, to adopting a homeless pup. Check out our list and hop to it.

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Free Events This Week: Earth Day, Choices Kitchen Grand Opening, Grove Green Market

Categories: Around Town

Photo by Laine Doss
Easter and 4/20 have come and gone, leaving you bereft of both bud and Cadbury Cream Eggs. Post-holiday letdown times two. But there's still Earth Day to look forward to, and doesn't our devoted Mother Earth deserve a little love?

There are lots of eco-friendly, free ways to enjoy yourself for the next five days. Kumbaya and all that jazz.

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Ten Things to Do On 4/20

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Photo by Ian Sane/Flickr CC
With legalization looking like its on the horizon, 4/20 has taken on a whole new significance. Sure, you'll probably just get stoned and hang out with your friends like you do every year, but these days that's more socially acceptable than ever.

So in honor of this burnout holiday extraordinaire, here are 10 things to do that don't involve Easter egg hunts. Although, those could be way more fun when herbal refreshment is involved.

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Timur and the Dime Museum: A Spaceship Ride to the Other Side

Timur and the Dime Museum is the delightfully demented Los Angeles-based gender-bending/genre-defying hybrid post-punk glam performance band led by the fierce, classically trained Kazakh-American opera singer (Timur) and a cunning and sardonic songwriter (Daniel Corral). The band, like their name, is a blend of haughty style, galactic personalities and flamboyant theatrics, and they're coming to Miami Light Project this weekend.

"When I was attending the New England Conservatory, studying classical opera, I was also hanging out with many bands on the underground scene," Timur says. "I became good friends with Dresden Dolls and singer Amanda Palmer, who in some way encouraged me to pursue projects outside the box. After I moved to Los Angeles to study at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), a lot of creative, interdisciplinary, off-the-wall projects followed. CalArts profoundly influenced how my different experiences in classical voice, contemporary and popular music and theater were falling into place."

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Free Events This Week: Yoga, Young Poets, and Run Club

Categories: Around Town

Hello Monday, you saucy minx. We didn't miss you. Despite an incoming five days of boredom, drudgery, and Reddit trolling, there's lots to be thankful for. Namely sunshine, blue skies, free shit to do.

Check out the gratis good times you can get into this week.

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Find Your Charity of Choice at PhilanthroFest

Categories: Around Town

If there's one thing Miami needs more of (besides coffee shops and parking spots), it's do-goodery. There are lots of organizations working to make things better in the Magic City, but most are short on resources, time and the most important factor of all -- human capital.

Enter Philanthrofest, the annual ode to all things charitable. This downtown fest showcases the good work of dozens of local groups at Miami Dade College's Wolfson Campus. It's the perfect chance to find a charity you'd be stoked to give some time to.

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Free Events This Week: Yoga, Mural Tour, Singalong

Categories: Around Town

Summer is here, and it really does feel like it.

After a weekend of sweating it out, you're probably ready for five days of air-conditioned, cubical comfort.

But all work and no play makes you a dull citizen of the 305. Get yourself out and about this week without spending any cash. You'll need it for this season's AC bill.

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Five Things You Never Knew About Orchids in Honor of Fairchild's Million Orchids Project

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Courtesy of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Encyclia tampensis.
It may seem like orchids are everywhere in Miami. The tropical treasures jump out at us from roadside stands; peer down delicately from treetops; add a colorful hue to many a Florida room. But as it turns out, there used to be a whole hell of a lot more orchids around here than there are now. Like, millions more.

Most of the orchids you see around town aren't native species -- the originals were decimated by people picking and exporting them back in the day. But Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden aims to change all that with their Million Orchid Project. They'll be propagating a million new plants in their shiny new lab, then working with local schools and municipalities to cover the city with these lush blooms. In honor of this ambitious endeavor, here are a few things you probably didn't know about the beautiful blossoms.

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