Borscht Film Festival 9's Miami Space: Not So Miami, Not So Space, Lots of Sad

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A still from The Coral Reefs Are Dreaming Again, art by Coral Morphologic.
Conjoined twins, self-loathing robots, Miami home movies, and a Jodorowsky.
The Borscht Film Festival's 9th year, which officially kicked off Wednesday, continued with a strange bang Thursday night with Space Miami at the Patricia and Phillip Front Museum of Science. It was half film screening, half boozery as Miami's young and stylish milled about the floor.

Science was surely farthest from their minds. Art was probably hanging around there somewhere.

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The Best Holiday Events in Miami

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Patricia Laine

If you're reading this, it's likely you're staying in town for the holidays. Whether you couldn't afford a plane ticket home or you're allergic to Uggs, the 305 isn't the worst place to make merry.

For those of us who'll be wearing tacky Christmas tank tops instead of sweaters (too stifling), here are the best holiday events happening around town.

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The Ten Most Festive Spots in South Florida

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Kat Bein

The holiday spirit can be hard to come by in South Florida. With palm trees on every corner and 80 degree temps, the 305 is more likely to be Santa's vacay spot than a Winter Wonderland. Frosty the Snowman couldn't last a day and the ringing of sleigh bells would be impossible to hear over the honking horns on the Dolphin.

But if you're looking for it, holiday cheer is out there (be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or even Festivus). Here are the 10 most festive spots in South Florida, guaranteed to leave you feeling merry and bright.

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Free Events This Week: Stitch & Bitch, Vertigo & Farmer's Market

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Wikimedia Commons/cc

The holidays are almost here, which means your bank account is probably approaching financial armageddon. Between obligatory Christmas shopping, overpriced holiday party attire, and embracing your inner Mother Teresa for those do-good charities even the well-heeled searching for their shoes.

Luckily, we've got your free-for-all guide to the week ahead, so you can give your overused credit card a break.

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Wynwood Art Walk Guide: December's Best Shows

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Ed Ruscha
Courtesy of Robert Fontaine Gallery
When you visit Wynwood during 2014's last Second Saturday, you might notice that many local galleries are still recuperating from Miami Art Week exhaustion.

Some spaces like Gallery Diet are locking before Art Walk gets underway while others, like Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, are shuttering their doors until January.

But despite dealing with laryngitis from sales pitches at a fair tent or a dirty shot to the liver following a deal-closing tipple, plenty of Wynwood dealers are opening late and hoping for a chance at post-Basel cash.

That's the case at the Robert Fontaine Gallery across from Panther Coffee where you can sip a cup of Joe to sharpen those peepers before catching the gallery's show of museum quality works beginning at 6:00 p.m. this weekend.

The good news is that you'll be able to catch some of Wynwood's better shows of the season starting with our five picks for this year's Second Saturday finale.

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Dave Holmes Films Show in Miami, Talks MTV, Cuban Food, and the Local Art Scene

Photos by Shelly Davidov
Dave Holmes filming at El Pub Restaurant in Little Havana.
After all the cheap headlines and media celebrity stalking courtesy of Art Basel, Miami's party town persona is the one most on everyone's minds. Thankfully, Ovation was in town to capture some of the city's meatier attributes with a new show, American Canvas, that sniffs out the most culturally unique and relevant aspects of U.S. cities.

Former MTV VJ, writer, actor, and soon-to-be-published author Dave Holmes is the host of the new show, which filmed in three cities for the arts network, Ovation. Prior to their Miami stop, Ovation toured San Francisco and Austin, Texas. For the first tours, producers want to make sure to hit areas where audiences were Ovation watchers, or were receptive to the concept, plus choosing cities that aren't always recognized for their arts scenes. Austin has a big film background, while San Francisco has a big fine art base. Canvas hopes to share with viewers that there's more to Miami than its party scene. If the show continues after its February premiere, they'll explore all the other cities they want to showcase.

"We always try to do art, as in what you think of when you hear the word 'art,' but we always try to branch out and do something that still fell under the umbrella of art defined more broadly," Holmes says. "You learn so much about the history of the city, the culture of the city, through art and artists."

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Malika James Returns Home Safe

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Malika James, who was reported missing over Art Basel weekend, has returned home safe.

James, 28, returned Wednesday, a day after photos of her were obtained by Pembroke Pines police showing her at an ATM in Winter Haven, Fla., on Monday morning. The images showed James in what police said was good physical condition and alone in her car.

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Malika James, Miami Nightlife Regular, Missing After Basel Weekend UPDATED

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Update: Malika James is now home safe.

Update:Tuesday evening, Pembroke Pines Police released three photos of Malika James at a Chase bank in Winter Haven, Florida, from Monday, December 8, at 7:41 a.m. She appears to be alone in her car, heading north, and in healthy condition. Where she's going and why remain a mystery; police provided no further details.

Malika James, 28, a regular face on the Miami nightlife scene, has officially been missing for about 38 hours. James' father, Leonard, filed a missing person report with the Pembroke Pines Police Department.

An extensive social media effort has been made to track her down. Anyone with information is asked to contact police and James' father directly as soon as possible.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Basel Closing Party, Tree Lighting, and 2 Fast 2 Furious

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Photo by Nick Webb | Flickr CC
With Basel behind you, it's likely you're feeling dehydrated, sleep-deprived and seriously sick of conversations about art. So. Much. Art speak.

You could probably use a break. But it's a brand new week, and the best time of the year in Miami, so this is no time to head into hibernation. Start fresh today with a whole host of free stuff to do (because you probably blew your budget on Basel), courtesy of Cultist.

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MSG Cartel's Locals Only Art Basel Show: "Paintings That Don't Cost Thousands"

via Quake
The mighty MSG
While other artists fight for space in Wynwood, the notorious MSG Crew have a 340,000 square foot building to paint however they want.

The former Biscayne Plaza, a main site of the Michael Bay action flick Pain & Gain, is now called Midpoint, and as part of its renovation and re-introduction to the community, the developers have opened their doors with 305 pride for an art show called Locals Only starring Miami's Style Gods themselves.

We caught up with MSG Quake to find out about their New Era snapback collabo, big pieces, and slanging canvas.

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