Give Miami Day Breaks New Record With $5.2 Million Raised for Local Charities

Courtesy of the Miami Foundation
Miamians catch a lot of flack. People call us superficial, money-hungry, rude -- lots of not-so-nice things. But after last Thursday, they can't call us stingy.

The Miami Foundation's third annual Give Miami Day raised a whopping, record-breaking $5.2 million through 24 hours of charitable giving. More than 500 local philanthropic groups are the beneficiaries of the funds raised, from animal rescues, to environmental orgs, to mental health intervention groups.

Looks like "generous" can officially be added to the list of adjectives used to describe us.

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Trend Walk at Bird: A Night of Fashion to Benefit Kyan's Kause, Help Prevent Drowning

"Saving Lives. One Little Swimmer at a Time."

That's what Kyan's Kause Swimming Foundation hopes to accomplish.

"Drowning is 100 percent preventable," explains Trudy Cedeno-Quintana, the chairperson at Kyan's Kause. "We want to create awareness and teach kids and parents how to be safer around water."

And with the help of the Makers Collective and this Saturday's Trend Walk at Bird, the organization will continue saving lives.

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Sixteen Nonprofits to Consider Supporting on Give Miami Day

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Courtesy of The Miami Foundation
This Thursday marks the third annual incarnation of Give Miami Day, a 24-hour extravaganza of philanthropic giving designed to boost the coffers of our community's needy nonprofits.

Last year's big day raised a record $3.2 million, and they're hoping to up the ante this year.

If you're looking to lend a helping hand to a charitable cause, there are lots of organizations working to improve Miami in some of the areas the city needs it most. According to the Miami Foundation's (creators of Give Miami Day) recent report, the city could stand to improve in a host of areas. They filled us in on 16 nonprofits working to improve the 305 in those specific areas.

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Provocative Video Artist Ryan Trecartin To Speak at Frost Art Museum

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Roberta Fallon via Wikipedia
Ryan Trecartin's video A Family Finds Entertainment is now a decade old. With the serious intent of Bill Viola and Nam June Paik fused with PCP into the Tom Rubnitz and John Waters school of filmmaking, Trecartin heralded the rise of the DIY, YouTube auteur that is so common these days.

Born in 1981, he's been a product -- through action or inaction -- of the video game generation but with enough of a cognizant experience of that generation's transitional period to emerge without being jaded while fully embracing the absurd.

Campy and provocative, Trecantin has been proclaimed by The New Yorker as "the most consequential artist to emerge since the 1980s." His installations and videos are theatrical, often pushy échanges violents, that the upcoming Helen Venero Artist Lecture Series describes as "seen as a watershed for their exploration of the profound shifts in culture and social interaction that are defining our current moment." His worlds are populated with intricate layers of absurdist narratives.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Life-Size Chess, Stitch 'n' Bitch, and Give Miami Day Party

via Freehand Miami Facebook
Forget Ultra or Art Basel -- the best week of the year is here: Miami Book Fair International! This litany of literary wonders is taking over downtown Miami for the next two weeks, and all kinds of awesome events (many of them free) are lined up.

This is your chance to spend seven days stimulating your oft-neglected intellect. But don't worry -- even if you're not a book nerd, there's plenty to keep you busy all week while keeping your budget intact. Bibliophile or not, you'll find something in this list of the best of the best.

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Movember Madness: Here's What's Happening in South Florida

Courtesy of B.O.M.B.
For dudes who aren't into shaving, this is maybe the best month of the year. The chance to grow an epic stache -- all for an excellent cause. Oh Movember, how we've missed your wild whiskers.

To date, Movember participants have raised $559 million for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Four million moustaches have grown worldwide, and more upper lip fuzz is sprouting up every day.

To celebrate this monumental month, here's what's happening in South Florida.

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Wynwood Art Walk Guide: November's Best Gallery Shows

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Sebastiao Salgado
Courtesy of Dina Mitrani Gallery
Traditionally the November Wynwood Art Walk means all the local galleries are cracking out with their big guns in anticipation of Art Basel, but that's not the case this year.

Although some spaces are holding to form, most local dealers are holding back their biggest shows of the year until later this month, ostensibly to save some ducats in clean up costs resulting from Second Saturday hordes.

But that doesn't mean you won't find some big names this weekend beginning at 6 p.m. when the last art crawl prior to December's lunacy ramps up before the Baselites arrive on our shores.

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Coral Gables Museum's New Exhibit Offers Answers to Miami's Rising Sea Level Woes

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Courtesy of the Coral Gables Museum
According to science, Miami is on its way to a watery death. Lots of legit research suggests that we have a serious problem, particularly in Miami Beach, where Whole Foods sits a mere two feet about sea level.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, it seems like lots of public officials are choosing to ignore this inconvenient truth altogether, opting instead to push for more development.

So, the Coral Gables Museum's new exhibit, "Miami 2100: Envisioning a Resilient Second Century," hopes to spark some new conversation about the soaking wet elephant in the room.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Jazz Ensembles, Tech Demos, and Getting Out the Vote

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Photo by Christopher Morgan
Put away the press-on nails and uncomfortable fangs. Halloween -- and hopefully your hangover -- is officially over. It's time to move on.

It's also officially the holiday season, and in coming months, you're going to need to save all your dough for family dinners and thoughtful gifts. That doesn't mean you have to give up on the simple pleasures of free events. Nay, it means you must enjoy them more.

From jazz music to new technology, your civic duties and more, here are a few free suggestions for your work week.

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The Ten Best Halloween Couples Costumes on Lincoln Road

Photos by George Martinez/
The couple that plays dress up together, stays together. Or at least that's what Lincoln Road's Halloween parade of hot people taught us.

Last night, costumes ranging from birthday suits to scary zombie get-ups could be seen stomping down the outdoor shopping area, where Miami's partiers go to show off their spookiest and sexiest creations. This year, the couples stole the show with elaborate, funny, and freaky looks. Here's a collection of our favorites.

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