Miami Artist AholSniffsGlue Sues American Eagle Outfitters for Intellectual Property Infringement

Giulo Sciorio
AholSniffsGlue is one of the Magic City's quintessential street artists who is widely known for his trademark droopy eyes that keep watch over Wynwood at NW 27th Street and for more than a decade have peered down on I-95 traffic outside of the Margulies Collection.

So when American Eagle Outfitters descended on Wynwood earlier this year to package its 2014 spring break advertising with a distinct urban vibe, it became besotted by the local artist's attention-grabbing imagery.

The company, which earned more than $3 billion last year, boasts 1,000-plus stores around the world, and ships to customers in 81 countries, began using Ahol's work on its webpage, social media sites, billboards, and in-store displays as part of a sweeping international blitz to shape its brand identity and sell its product.

The problem, according to a lawsuit filed by Ahol, is that American Eagle never sought the artist's authorization or compensated him for plastering his work on its ads.

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Free Events This Week: Our Town, Arsht Tour, Free Cafecito

Categories: Around Town

doctor.boogie via Flickr
The dog days of summer are officially upon us. It's hot as hell, and if you're anything like us, you're totally unmotivated to move, to function, and least of all, to work. Do you know how much effort we're expending to write this goddamn blog post?

But unfortunately, siestas aren't a standard part of the workday (yet), so plug along we must. To keep yourself from falling into a summer fugue state, here's some stuff you can get into this week (*most* of it involving AC).

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Bay Skate Mondays to Bring Hot Wheels-Style Roller Rink to Bayfront Park

Categories: Around Town

Courtesy of Marcos Macias
Any Miamian who was out of diapers by the early '90s took a turn around the rink at Hot Wheels, the city's infamous roller skating palace and adolescent pick-up joint. Even DJ Irie used to man its turntables.

And thanks to the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge winner Marcos Macias, it looks like downtown's Pepper Fountain at Bayfront Park will be bringing back the freestyle skating with Bay Skate Mondays.

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New Skate Park Under I-95 Overpass Opening in 2015

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Photo by Matt Roy
Skate Free partner and pro skater Danny Fuenzalida skating at the former Grand Central Park
Skaters haven't always been embraced by city officials, much less considered a positive influence on the community. Remember the early '00s and that spate of skater stereotypes? Yeah, that.

But thanks to Nick Katz and his efforts with Skate Free, skate enthusiasts are starting to get the attention of Miami leaders.

A graduate of New World School of the Arts and avid skater, Katz and team have been looking for creative ways to foster a sense of community -- both for skaters and everyone else. And now, they've been named a winner in the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge. Their project, a skate park and community green space, will transform the currently defunct nothingness under I-95 at the MPA Lot 11 at NW Third Ave. and First Street.

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Free Events This Week: Celebrity Chefs, Yoga, and Live Tunes

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Bill Wisser
Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli goes grill to grill with Aaron Brooks and Todd Erickson this Tuesday.
The summer slump is upon us. It's hot, it's wet -- but without any of the fun that usually goes along with those two terms.

If you're without an escape to a more hospitable climate, we can commiserate. The Jersey Shore sounds pretty appealing right about now, GTL and all.

Well, we've gotta make the best of things, so here are a few ways to save your pennies this week (hopefully to fund a late summer vacation somewhere north of here). Enjoy.

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Free Library to Make Metrorail Ride a Lot More Pleasant

Categories: Around Town

Transit library design rendering by David Caballero
Waiting on a concrete platform for a steel box to whisk you off to work is a less-than-stimulating way to start your morning. And this is Miami, not Manhattan, so good luck finding a street musician, magician, or Human of New York to keep you entertained.

But Daniel Caballero, one of the recent winners of Miami's Public Space Challenge, hopes to change all that by adding a little literary flair to the city's Metrorail platforms.

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Leonel Matheu Weaves a Spell on Viewers at the Frost Art Museum

Categories: Around Town, Art

Courtesy of Dot Fifty-one Gallery | Frost Art Museum
Leonel Matheu in front of video installation.
Much like Aesop, the ancient Greek storyteller, Leonel Matheu is a fabulist of the first order whose vivid imagery combines an everyman figure with animals and nature to caution against materialism, greed, and man's destructive encroachment on the environment.

"Crossroads of the Dystopia," a new exhibit at the Frost Art Museum, marks Matheu's first major museum survey and corrals 20 years of his oeuvre, featuring a collection of more than 70 works ranging from drawings with colored pencils, ink on paper, oil on canvases, public art installations, video and multimedia installations.

The sprawling exhibit is presented by Wynwood's Dot Fifty-One Gallery, which reps the artist locally, and was curated by El Nuevo critic Janet Batet who's deft eye has delivered a seamless impression of Matheu's most distinctive imagery.

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Miami Art Museums Alliance: A Unified Voice for Miami's Art Scene

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Vanessa Martin
PAMM and six other Miami museums have joined forces as MAMA.
Slowly but surely, Miami's getting there. We can be quite critical of a lot of the downright Flori-duh stuff that happens within the Magic City; from shortsighted politicking to local yokels, we have no shortage of the strange, the bizarre, and the downright counterproductive preventing this city from becoming a compelling destination beyond whatever cocaine cowboy/Miami Vice-era appeal South Beach tries to retain. The building blocks are there.

Thankfully, the directors of seven of Miami's art museums have come together and formed the Miami Art Museums Alliance (MAMA), and as any doting parent would, have sought to unify their efforts fomenting art and aim to ensure that the arts continue to thrive in South Florida. Comprised of the Bass Museum, the Frost Art Museum-FIU, the Lowe Art Museum-UM, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA), the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and the Wolfsonian-FIU, the alliance's number one objective is contributing to our community's success.

Working together, towards a common goal is a great start in making this city great. We had a chance to ask Terry Schechter, MAMA's executive director about their forming and goals.

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Free Events This Week: Leonel Matheu, Spoken Word, East Los High

Categories: Around Town

East Los High.
Hopefully, three days of mourning has pulled you out of your LeBron-induced depression. Breakups hurt. Nobody likes to be dumped, least of all a hot POA like MIA.

But, splitsville it is. So to keep your mind off this parting of the ways, here's some free stuff to occupy you all week. Enjoy.

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Chris Colfer on His New Kids' Book, Gloria Estefan, and Rewriting History

Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

Like many children, when Chris Colfer was a wee lad, he would doodle silly characters and write passages to his made up stories. As he grew up, he kept adding to those stories that once helped him get through adolescence. And now as an adult, he's able to share those same stories with the world.

"I promised myself that one day I would get it done, and thanks to Glee, the opportunity came and I jumped on it," Colfer told Cultist over the phone from New York City.

What he got done - aside from a successful run on Glee, winning a Golden Globe, writing a young adult novel (Struck by Lightning), writing a screenplay and producing his first major film - was finally getting around to bringing his fairy tale scribbles to fruition. The first installment in a now-growing series, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, was published in 2012, followed by The Enchantress Returns in 2013, and keeping the steady flow, The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning was just released this week.

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