Viva Chile! 13th Annual Chileno Festival in Miami Kicks Off Saturday

Photo by Cristian Pimimo Baradit
We all know Miami is an ethnic melting pot, full of culture and cuisine from regions around the world. Fortunately for us, this city is always game for a festival to celebrate these rich traditions. This month, it's Chile's turn in the spotlight when the Chileno Festival gets started September 20.

The 13th Annual Chileno Festival is a family festival in which the Chilean community celebrates the 2004 Independence of Chile. Started by the owners of Chilean restaurant Sabores Chilenos, Ingrid and Pierre Encina, the festival includes various Chilean bands, artists, folklorists, and more. The couple wanted to bring a piece of their home back to Miami.

We spoke with the organizers about what to expect at this year's celebration.

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DWNTWN Art Days: Ten Must-See Art Events

Categories: Art, Culture

Courtesy of Fringe Projects
DWNTWN Art Days is finally upon us. For the next three days, Downtown Miami gets a chance to show off its artistic assets, taking a slice of the spotlight from their happening neighbors in Wynwood.

The weekend-long celebration of exhibited and public art starting Friday features over 150 events for us to take in. Many of the events ask visitors to flex their creative muscles and get involved, while others invite you to simply enjoy the talent of the dozens of artists participating.

To help guide you in this epic adventure, we've compiled ten of the coolest art events.

Happy hunting!

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Beatriz Milhazes' "Jardim Botânico": PAMM Features One of the World's Most Successful Female Artists

Categories: Art

All works by Beatriz Milhazes
Mariposa, 2004
Women get a rough deal in the art world. They're underrepresented in the collections of many museums, on the walls of many galleries, and in leadership positions at arts organizations (where they're usually paid less than their male counterparts). So "Jardim Botânico," an exhibition of work by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes opening at PAMM this evening, isn't a big deal just because it's Milhazes' first survey in North America.

It's also a big deal because the exhibit encompasses two gigantic galleries and is made up of over 40 works borrowed from owners around the world -- works created by a woman.

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Cuba Out of Cuba: "Keeping It Alive For Future Generations"

Categories: Art

Photo by Neil Vazquez
As any second-, third-, or fourth-generation Cuban-American can attest, it's difficult to really connect with your roots. Bereft of the sights, sounds, flavors, and customs of your homeland, the desire to identify with your new American surroundings is greater than the nostalgic influences around us. For collaborators Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte and Tico Torres, it took meeting the godmother of Cuban music, Celia Cruz, to spark an interest in their homeland's culture.

The pair were living in London, working on establishing themselves in the world of editorial photography and styling. "We just called her hotel, and she answered the phone," said Torres. Soon they would all be having high tea at Cruz's hotel suite. It was a long way to go for two Cuban expats, raised in Hialeah, but it was just the journey they needed to set off a rediscovery of their forgotten heritage.

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DWNTWN Art Days: Ten Awesome Free Events to Attend

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Miami Downtown Development Authority
Last year's Beached Miami Bike Tour.
For anyone who's into art, DWNTWN Art Days can leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store: totally overwhelmed, overstimulated, and about to embark on an epic sugar high. So many options, so little time.

So to keep you on track for the third annual incarnation of this art extravaganza, we've put together a list of the most awesome events happening this weekend. From an I Love Lucy look-a-like contest (yes, seriously) to bike tours, there are all kinds of adventures to be had.

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As Miami's Busiest Art Season Looms, Top Galleries Leave Wynwood For Downtown and Miami Beach

Wendy White's Brasil, on display as part of the David Castillo Gallery's "Amerika" show.
For Fredric Snitzer, the magic has vanished from Miami's hottest cultural district. The pioneering gallery owner has launched the careers of homegrown talent such as Hernan Bas, Naomi Fisher, and Bert Rodriguez from the Wynwood emporium he opened in 2003. But the increasingly raucous art walk now keeps serious art aficionados and collectors away, he says, while the burgeoning bar and restaurant scene has driven up rents beyond most galleries' means.

"Wynwood has become too hectic and lost its vibe," Snitzer says. "Crazy and quality I could have dealt with, but crazy and commercial is what drove me away. A lot of the new restaurants and businesses have been great for the area, but many of the developers don't understand the nature of the art community."

That's why Snitzer recently left the neighborhood he helped make famous, decamping Wynwood's increasingly commercial climes for a new location closer to downtown Miami.

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DWNTWN Art Days Kickoff Features Exhibits, Short Films, and Food Trucks

Courtesy of McCormick Place
The arts are alive and well in downtown Miami. What's that, you say? Hasn't Wynwood already assured that fact? Hasn't Art Basel proven that Miami's already become a center of the art universe? Yes, and yes, but in this case we're talking specifically about that other "downtown," the one that encompasses Brickell and the commercial hub of those concrete canyons.

Credit McCormick Place, a onetime warehouse repurposed as a haven for artists, events and exhibitions, and the Downtown Development Authority with the upcoming launch of the Miami Downtown Arts District -- conveniently known as MDAD -- an extensive initiative that will combine support for museums, galleries, artists, art studios and various cultural institutions with participating businesses, live venues, hotels, and restaurants, all in an effort to promote art, culture and historical preservation throughout downtown and Brickell. The proposed boundaries for the district will be YoungArts on Biscayne Boulevard and 21st Street to the north, I-95 to the west, 26th Road to the South, and Biscayne Bay to the East.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Writing Workshop, Big Band Tunes, and Champagne

Categories: Art, Literary

Photo by Laine Doss
Stop by Vinos in the Grove for some free champagne. You deserve it.
Football is back with a vengeance (or a misleading win, in the Dolphins' case), and thanks to Sunday Funday, Mondays are dragging more than ever. This whole five-day workweek thing has jumped the shark, wouldn't you say?

We feel your Monday through Friday pain, so here's a list of stuff to occupy you all week, till that blessed off time rolls around again.

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Fordista Resident Franco "Jaz" Fasoli Unveils New Work at Yo Amo 305 Gallery

Categories: Art, Graffiti

The Fordistas initiative has been active in South Florida since 2010. In an effort to create a network of creativity and innovation through "fostering unique and honest expression, while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent" has seen them bring a number of interesting and diverse artists to work in Miami-Dade County. Powered by South Florida Ford, the program took a more hands-on turn this past Art Basel when it became a year-long residency for seven international street artists.

So far, the work of Alex Void, 2 Alas, Jufe, and Pastel & Elian have been displayed. For the next month, Argentine graffiti artist Franco "Jaz" Fasoli has the spotlight to show new work that has been inspired by South Florida and the Ford Motor Company.

Jaz is no stranger to Miami's walls and gallery interiors as he already participated in a group show with the aforementioned artists, as well as 2501 and Alexis Diaz last year, where the artists worked on smaller-scale pieces presented within the gallery proper. Jaz's mural-work, which can be found extensively through his native Buenos Aires as well as in Europe, is informed by the animalistic urge of the pack mentality and features them in heraldic poses or in anthropomorphized situations.

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Miami Women Share Domestic Violence Stories in Video Installation: "These Women Amaze Me"

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Cat Del Buono
Filmmaker, artist, talent manager, and Mastermind Honorable Mention Cat Del Buono has been a tireless advocate of women's equality for years. Recent projects Miamians may remember include her poster campaign for small boobs plastered through Wynwood and her video, "How Not to Get Raped," a response to the backwards tips from Cosmopolitan magazine, the University of Colorado, and other sources on how college women could prevent attacks.

Bouncing between Miami, New York, and L.A., Del Buono and her artist collective, ReFemme, are making waves with their ongoing "Vanity Unfair" project, where flash mobs walk wearing exaggerated "enhancements" made of balloons and red wax lips, acknowledging the absurdity of Miami's obsession with plastic surgery. Del Buono's most recent endeavor, "Voices," also began in Miami. The exhibition displays several monitors of women speaking simultaneously, recounting varied experiences of domestic abuse. She began interviewing women for the video installation months ago at the Lodge, a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

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