Fordista Resident Franco "Jaz" Fasoli Unveils New Work at Yo Amo 305 Gallery

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The Fordistas initiative has been active in South Florida since 2010. In an effort to create a network of creativity and innovation through "fostering unique and honest expression, while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent" has seen them bring a number of interesting and diverse artists to work in Miami-Dade County. Powered by South Florida Ford, the program took a more hands-on turn this past Art Basel when it became a year-long residency for seven international street artists.

So far, the work of Alex Void, 2 Alas, Jufe, and Pastel & Elian have been displayed. For the next month, Argentine graffiti artist Franco "Jaz" Fasoli has the spotlight to show new work that has been inspired by South Florida and the Ford Motor Company.

Jaz is no stranger to Miami's walls and gallery interiors as he already participated in a group show with the aforementioned artists, as well as 2501 and Alexis Diaz last year, where the artists worked on smaller-scale pieces presented within the gallery proper. Jaz's mural-work, which can be found extensively through his native Buenos Aires as well as in Europe, is informed by the animalistic urge of the pack mentality and features them in heraldic poses or in anthropomorphized situations.

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Miami Women Share Domestic Violence Stories in Video Installation: "These Women Amaze Me"

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Courtesy of Cat Del Buono
Filmmaker, artist, talent manager, and Mastermind Honorable Mention Cat Del Buono has been a tireless advocate of women's equality for years. Recent projects Miamians may remember include her poster campaign for small boobs plastered through Wynwood and her video, "How Not to Get Raped," a response to the backwards tips from Cosmopolitan magazine, the University of Colorado, and other sources on how college women could prevent attacks.

Bouncing between Miami, New York, and L.A., Del Buono and her artist collective, ReFemme, are making waves with their ongoing "Vanity Unfair" project, where flash mobs walk wearing exaggerated "enhancements" made of balloons and red wax lips, acknowledging the absurdity of Miami's obsession with plastic surgery. Del Buono's most recent endeavor, "Voices," also began in Miami. The exhibition displays several monitors of women speaking simultaneously, recounting varied experiences of domestic abuse. She began interviewing women for the video installation months ago at the Lodge, a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

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Wynwood Art Walk Guide: September's Top Five Shows

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Courtesy of Emma Carascon
Cultist discovery Emma Carascon makes her Wynwood debut at Brisky Gallery.
When you visit Wynwood this weekend you'll notice the two flagship spaces that helped make the area Miami's hottest cultural district are no longer part of the scene.

The Fredric Snitzer Gallery has decamped for the fringes of downtown, launching a new location recently while the David Castillo Gallery will pop the champagne cork on its new Lincoln Road digs on Miami Beach in a couple of weeks.

But that's not necessarily bad news for their competitors remaining in the artsy nabe who are determined to pick up the slack, opening a ton of new shows as the Basel-fueled fall season gets underway.

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Exile Books Pop-Up Premieres Saturday at Locust Projects

Photo by Augusto Mendoza
Amanda Keeley has always found inspiration in artist's books. Now, the 2014 Knights Art Challenge finalist is readying her longtime project, Exile Books, for its Miami debut this weekend at Locust Projects. Exile Books is a traveling pop-up store installation dedicated to selling, supporting, and promoting publications produced by artists.

For the premiere pop-up, Keeley collaborated with New York painter Sarah Crowner, who has created a large installation that references the history of stage and set design, with Keeley sourcing materials about set design, theater, and dance performance for the location. The opening reception on Saturday also will feature the limited-edition monoprint of a theatrical playbill, created by Keeley and Crowner, that will be available for purchase. Books that inspired Crowner, like periodicals from the Art Brut movement, will be part of Exile's selection, in addition to three titles by the artist.

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Art and Journalism Meet in Andy Gallacher's Show at Junior & Hatter

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Andy Gallacher
Filming on location
Whether it's covering a favela in Brazil, a Haitian slum, or New Orlean's Third Ward, photographer and journalist Andy Gallacher has been giving a voice to the voiceless his entire career. Though his on-camera work as a correspondent for Al Jazeera keeps him busy, it's his passion for capturing subtle moments in unique environments that keep him creatively fulfilled.

Tomorrow, a collection of photographs he took while on assignments around the world are to be shown at Wynwood's Junior & Hatter salon. "My wife's been organizing just about every aspect of it," joked the seasoned journalist.

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UPDATE: Saturday's Event at Miami Marine Stadium Is Sold Out; Not Open to the Public

Photo by Ian Witlen
UPDATE: The National Trust for Historic Preservation event at Miami Marine Stadium on Saturday is now SOLD OUT. It's open to ticket holders only and not to the general public. If you missed out, better luck next time!

If you're a little too law-abiding to hop the fences at Miami Marine Stadium, but long to get a glimpse at those graffiti-scrawled walls -- this is your lucky day.

For $40 on September 20, you can see some local and international street artists make masterpieces, score a tour, and head home with a print. And your funds will benefit the stadium's restoration -- all nice and legal-like.

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Dying City: Still-Relevant Wartime Drama

Christian Vandepas as identical twins Peter and Craig, and Valentina Izarra as Kelly.
Ground Up and Rising, the minimalist Miami theater company, is still at war. Two months after its production of Bill Cain's 9 Circles dramatized the hellish fallout of an American soldier's unspeakable war crimes in Iraq, the company remains ensconced in the psychological shrapnel of combat.

This weekend, Ground Up opens Dying City, Christopher Shinn's time-jumping domestic drama from 2006. It begins with war widow Kelly (Valentina Izarra) receiving a surprise visit from Peter, the identical twin brother of her late husband, Craig, who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances (both brothers are played by Christian Vandepas). Their uncomfortable discussions trigger flashbacks to Kelly's final night with Craig. As past and present commingle, defenses fall, secrets are unearthed, and the horrific, transformative nature of war is scrutinized. (As usual, audiences can attend free outdoor preview performances of Dying City this weekend at Miami Beach Botanical Garden before the show transfers to its indoor home at Artistic Vibes.)

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Fredric Snitzer, Michael Jon Galleries Selected for Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Photo by Ian Witlen
Art Basel Miami Beach announced its 2014 exhibitors this morning, and two Miami players have made the list.

No stranger to the Basel center stage, Fredric Snitzer Gallery will return to exhibit in this year's main gallery section. Snitzer's presence has come to be expected, as its owner is a member of the fair's selection committee.

Welcomed to the fold is downtown's Michael Jon Gallery. Briefly located in the Design District, the gallery featured its exhibition, "Math Bass - Newz!" during last year's Basel season. Michael Jon will be included in the fair's Nova section, designed for galleries to present one to three artists showing new works that have been created within the last three years, often spotlighting never-before-seen pieces from the artist's studio.

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Florida Gallery To Exhibit Life-Size Prints of Leaked Nude Pics

Mingle Media TV | Flickr CC
Florida, why you always gotta go there?

A St. Petersburg art gallery plans to put even more eyes on the recently leaked nude photos of female celebrities like actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton. As part of LA street artist XVALA's "Fear Google" campaign, Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CALA) will display the unaltered, blown-up images on canvas in an upcoming show called "No Delete" next month at CACA's The Showroom, located in the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg.

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Autumn Casey Remixes Her Childhood Memories in "Agalma" at Primary Projects

Categories: Art

Autumn Casey/Courtesy Primary Projects
The spirit of Churchill's Pub's past is alive at Primary Projects.

A taxidermied billfish, hung high on the first wall crowds will encounter when "Agalma" opens this Saturday, recalls artist Autumn Casey's six years behind the bar at the legendary Miami dive.

As the bar prepared to change ownership, Casey recalls, "everybody started stealing stuff off the walls. They didn't know what the new owners were going to do with all the stuff. Everybody wanted a piece of the place we cherished and loved."

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