Yo Amo 305's Latin American Artist Residency Brings Argentinian Artists to Wynwood Art Walk

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You've seen the shirt, now here's the truth: Yo Amo 305 are a Miami art collective doing great things for the culture of Miami.

They offer a yearlong artists residency program bringing Latin American street artists to Miami to create fine art for their gallery across the street from Panther Coffee. Every month, new artists fly in and have a gallery, a studio, an electric bike, and a place to stay. Then they premiere a show during Wynwood Art Walk, and sell limited edition prints to benefit charity.

The South Florida Ford-sponsored program is an integral community builder, and signals a artistically beneficial spending of corporate sponsorship money. This month Francisco "Pastel" Diaz, and "Elian" Chali of Argentina bring their distinct styles to canvas, sculpture, and installation work that's refreshing in theme and delivery.

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Locust Arts Builders: Fostering Miami's Next Art Stars

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High school artists will show the Miami art crowd what they're made of when Locust Projects unveils this year's Locust Arts Builders (LAB) collaborative exhibition.

This is LAB's fifth year giving young artists the chance to learn more about the professional art world. The program grew out of a want to provide artistically inclined students the ability to express themselves in a public space.

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Miami Beach Artist Deming Harriman Conjures "Goddesses" at O Cinema Wynwood

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Deming Harriman
Miami Beach's Deming Harriman is a builder of myth. Think of her as a less gnostic Abraxas; her duality lies not in good and evil, but in innocent whimsy and tortured yet empowering make-believe.

On one side she's an avid illustrator with a thick line that could pass with ease between the boldness of graffiti and the endearment of a progressive children's picture book. On the other, she's a builder of imagined portraiture, of women who exist within ether and answer to no one.

It is this line of her work, the "Goddesses," that will feature in tonight's opening at the Art Center South Florida.

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Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: July's Five Hottest Gallery Shows

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Swampspace
Summer is here and the mercury is oozing up the thermometer like the steam hissing from the asphalt in Wynwood. But don't let the sticky assault on the senses force you to stay home hugging the air conditioner.

Instead, head over to this weekend's sizzling Second Saturday Art Walk before most of the area galleries wind down for vacation in August.

Pan American Art Projects leads the charge with a fresh summer show that delivers a cool opportunity for print collectors and bibliophiles to browse through special edition artists' portfolios and rare and out of print tomes. Also on tap: a politically freighted salvo contrasting Ukrainian and Venezuelan protest art, and a naughty solo depicting the perverse and dirty minded.

Here are our top five picks for what's shaping to be a memorable arts crawl.

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Goran Tomcic Returns to South Florida With "Heart Strings" at Dimensions Variable

Categories: Art

Goran Tomcic
To a local audience, Goran Tomcic's upcoming show, Heart Strings at Dimensions Variable, seems made with Miami in mind; his choice of materials for the pieces are hanger wire, Mylar sequins, and fishing line. But the truth is that he's chosen these for their reflective properties, and not for the superficial glitz of this town or the romanticized vapidity of media interpretation. "The choice of materials I am interested in, are reflective and therefore questions space and the movement in that space," he explains. The works that will be exhibited have taken Tomcic close to eight months of assembly with "uncountable" hours logged.

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Perez Art Museum Miami Could Receive Additional $2.5 Million From County

Categories: Art

Vanessa Martin
Inside PAMM.
When the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) opened last December, it was heralded as a triumph for Miami's arts community. But how much is the institution worth to taxpayers? That's the question at the center of debate over a proposed increase in government funding to PAMM, which would boost the museum's income by as much as $2.5 million.

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Miami Comic Book Trio to Debut The Agency at Florida Supercon

Categories: Art, Literary

Courtesy of Think Alike Productions
In the midst of this weekend's Florida Supercon craziness, three Miamians will be bringing mage culture to the masses with their newly-launched comic masterpiece, The Agency.

Bethany Romero, Ruben Romero and Roger Cabrera are the local trio behind the new series, a Harry Potter meets Mission: Impossible style mash-up with killer graphics and a page-turning plot.

Look out, Stan Lee. A new generation is stepping in, and they come from the 305.

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Farley Aguilar, Miami's New International Art Star

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Anthony Spinello/Spinello Projects
Portrait of Farley Aguilar in his studio.
Farley Aguilar answers the door of a modest Edgewater duplex while clutching a frosty gin and tonic and sporting a teardrop-creased fedora that would have made Indiana Jones beam. Clad in a Night of the Vampires T-shirt, plaid socks, and sandals, he heads to the inner sanctum of his rumpled bedroom, where his art career began.

Inside, graffiti fills the walls, rising toward the ceiling like gunmetal veins of cigarette smoke.
Surrounded by hearts, one of the phrases reads, "Farley loves Kizzy." Another declares, "Farley is blind." Scrawled with a pencil years ago, the words are an odd diary of his budding relationship with Kizzy Gonzalez, the woman Aguilar calls the love of his life and his muse.

"There are also portraits of Kizzy and myself, just very spontaneous, drunk stuff. For some reason I never have wanted to paint over it," he says.

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ArtCenter/South Florida Is Selling Its Iconic Lincoln Road Gallery Building

Categories: Around Town, Art

It's hard to imagine a cultural organization with an historic presence on South Beach letting go of a property that draws untold thousands of local and international visitors each year.

But that's what's happening with ArtCenter/South Florida which has today listed its 800-810 Lincoln Rd. building for sale to provide the organization with greater resources to expand its programming and services in the coming years.

The decision to sell the building housing ArtCenter's iconic bubble-shaped storefront gallery was unanimously voted on by the organization and supported by the artists in residence, according to a statement released by the organization earlier today. The Miami office of Ackman-Ziff Real Estate has been selected as the exclusive broker for the sale of the property.

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Gloria Estefan, Street Artists Make Their Mark on Miami Marine Stadium

Categories: Art

Photos by Ian Witlen
For decades, Miami Marine Stadium has served as an unofficial community center for pot-smoking kids, adrenaline-seeking skaters and street artists itching to express themselves. Almost anyone with a healthy disregard for chain link fences and "No Trespassing" signs has found their way into the graffiti-scrawled landmark on one weekend evening or another.

Today the modernist icon is crumbling, creepy, and cool as hell, but it may soon be safe for official visitors once again. If the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium and their biggest champ, Gloria Estefan, can raise $30 million by January, the waterfront gem may be shiny and new before too long.

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