Dimensions Variable Celebrates Five Years of Unexpected Outsider Art

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"Death of a Printed Story " by Fabian Peña
It's almost the new year, and the floor of Dimensions Variable gallery is covered in banyan branches. The remains of its Art Basel exhibit burst through the far gallery wall and stretch across the floor in all directions. Part of artist Fabian Peña's "Death of a Printed Story" exhibit, the tree grows into adjacent walls, while twigs fan out across a floor of magazines and newsprint shaped like tree stumps.

Gallery cofounder Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova says this is the type of art he likes best: experimental, unorthodox, and not even really resembling traditional art. "I'm always looking for things that are talking about what's happening in the world in a non-art way," he says.

The idea of a tree stretching in all directions and breaking through walls is an apt metaphor for Dimensions Variable, which will celebrate five years of experimental exhibits in Miami with the fundraiser Eat Drink Support Art: Dimensions Variable Turns 5.

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Our 2015 Wishlist for the Arts in Miami

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Photo by George Martinez
Now is the season of resolutions. You're likely making them right now, half committing to a set of a resolves so familiar that they're the clichéd punchline of late night hosts. But regardless of commitment, we make resolutions anyway; likely with hope that welcoming a new year with a list of tiny wishes might somehow be transformative. Maybe the resolution has a small power, that the very act of identifying the need for change is in itself a kind of beginning.

But if we believe that the resolution carries such power, then why limit a new year's wishlist to simply bettering ourselves? Why not ask whole institutions, whole communities, for something a little bit better, a little more improved?

Keeping with the expectations of a new year, we've decided to make our own wishlist -- a communal resolution of sorts -- of what we'd like to see more and less of in Miami's arts community.

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New Downtown Miami Whole Foods to Feature Parking Garage With Curated Murals

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Courtesy of Yo Miami
We live in the age of murals and if your new store or restaurant doesn't have an exclusively painted mural, you're not cool enough, bro. That would likely explain why Whole Foods has decided to turn the parking garage of its latest Miami location into a concrete art gallery.

Whole Foods turned to Yo Miami, an organization that has its fingers and toes deep in the art scene, to curate the murals for its new downtown Miami parking garage.

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Cuban Government Arrests Artist Tania Bruguera UPDATED

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Update: Bruguera was released on Wednesday afternoon and held a press conference at the Monument to the Victims of the U.S. Maine. Bruguera was arrested again immediately after her press conference. According to a Facebook post by her sister, Deborah Bruguera, the artist will be detained in Cuba for the next two or three months and faces charges of "disruption of public disorder."

Cuban artist Tania Bruguera had planned to hold a speak-in in Havana's Plaza de la Revolución yesterday. Inspired by Cuban online activists using the hashtag #YoTambienExijo (IAlsoDemand), Bruguera had planned to set up a microphone where Cuba's citizens could freely express their opinions about the future of Cuba, in particular their thoughts about renewing relationships with the United States.

Unsurprisingly, the Cuban government refused Bruguera the permits she needed to hold her performance and instead denounced her as an "attention seeking," political provocateur. Bruguera announced that she would attend and hold the event despite the Cuban government's objections.

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2014's Best Street Art in Wynwood

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CBS Crew 2014
Searching for inner peace in outer space.
The streets of Wynwood are one of the 7 great wonders of the art world. With over 1,000 new pieces spray painted each year, it has quickly become one of the most densely muralized neighborhoods in the world.

And while life goes on in the urban core, these paintings bear witness to the trials and tribulations, exultant shrieks of joy; and the love, pain and passion which further characterize human existence.

Somewhere between the glow of the sun, and the wet heat, the pigment comes to life. You need to experience this phenomenon in physical reality, but if you're stuck behind a screen, here are the ten best pieces of Wynwood street art for 2014.

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Cuban Artist Will Hold Public Performance Despite Government's Objection

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via Wikimedia Common
Havana's Plaza de la Revolución
Since President Obama made the announcement that the United States would renew diplomatic relations with Cuba, artist Tania Bruguera has been agitating for a public space where Cubans can freely express their opinions on the subject. So Brugerua planned a performance of sorts, trying to arrange a speak-in in Havana's Plaza de la Revolución. Her intent was to set up a microphone and provide the average Cuban the means to voice their opinion about the future of the island-nation.

But yesterday Bruguera told the Miami Herald that the Cuba's National Mixed Media Arts Council (CNAP) had denied her request for "institutional support." Cuba's National Revolutionary Police also denied her requests for the permits required to gather in the Plaza.

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The Best Art of 2014: The Magic City's Visual Arts Scene Attracted Major Headlines

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Photo by Jipsy/Nefariousgirl.com
The year began with a local artist smashing a vase at the newly opened Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and concluded with hundreds of activists shutting down I-195 during Art Basel to protest cop violence.

Sandwiched between were plenty of provocative museum and gallery shows and the David-versus-Goliath story of a homegrown street artist who sued a greedy international retail chain for copyright infringement and won.

Here's a look back at some of the biggest developments of the past 12 months.

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Borsht 2014: Inside the Multiverse at YoungArts

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Carolina del Busto

Described as a "DIY theme park" of sorts, the Multiverse, hosted by YoungArts during the Borsht Film Festival, weekend, featured classic carnival favorites and then some. There was (free!) cotton candy, (free!) beer, and (free!) arcade games; all of which were played and consumed while short films were screening in the backdrop.

Underpinned by the surreal mantra "all life is real," the Multiverse was divided up into separate realms that had to be experienced uniquely.

Though the entire evening was inspired by the 2012 viral sensation by Bleeding Palm, The Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse, the physical recreation came to life at the Zorgdon-4 Barfar Landing area with giant cutouts of some memorable characters. Those fitness-crazed dolphins working out in bikinis were there, a mutant manatee that bares a striking resemblance to Pitbull was chillin', and Star Prince himself hanging and ready for photo-ops.

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Go On A Guided Tour of Wynwood's Newest Street Art This Saturday

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Jacob Katel

Now that Art Basel is over, the week-long art fair has left behind some open air work, free from the confines a stuffy museum. Though beautiful, it's not necessarily easy to navigate.

Street art, my friends, is a wonderful thing. And we're lucky to have an area like Wynwood whose walls are overtaken and recreated almost constantly -- especially in December. But what exactly is the history behind the murals, work that often goes up in the cover of darkness? Who are the faceless artists who leave their work exposed to the elements?

While we stumble by the walls, Margery Gordon of Arts Encounters stops, stares, and researches. On Saturday, Gordon will share her knowledge on street art and lead a walking mural tour of the gentrified neighborhood.

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Papa Machete, Part of Borscht 2014, Screens Today

Compliments of Third Horizon Media
Jason Fitzroy Jeffers is no stranger to South Florida. Both musician and journalist, he's made an impact on this and many local publications. With a recent focus shift turning to filmmaking, Jeffers' first official production, Papa Machete has been picking up momentum and earning accolades from film circles.

"You and I have talked in the past about my machete obsession. I've always mythologized it in my own mind as the Excalibur of the third world, a symbol of determination and self-fortification yet to be fully realized. Back home in Barbados, we call it a cutlass or a 'collins' -- it's practically the pocketknife of the Caribbean," Jeffers told us in an interview back in August when the short film was picked for the Toronto International Film Festival's inaugural section of short works.

The short film concentrates on the life of aging Jacmel farmer Alfred Avril and his status as the last master of tire machét, a martial art combining African stick fighting and European-styled sword parrying.

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