Little Haiti Country Club Brings Community to Growing Art Scene, Won't Last Forever

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All photos provided by Sarah Moody
The door of the Little Haiti Country Club bears the Club's logo. It is free to be enjoyed by the public, but will close Friday, Aug. 22.
If these walls could talk, they'd have one strange story to tell.

It's a story of poppin' bottles, and a story about saving souls. It's a story about music, and creativity, and at the heart of the tale, it's a story of community.

That's the vibe the Little Haiti Country Club goes for, located just off NE Second Ave. between 83rd Street and 82nd Terrace. It's a place that feels ever in transition, its future strangely unknown and exciting. But whatever it is right now, it all comes to an end Friday, Aug. 22.

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Shepard Fairey Says American Eagle Outfitters "Straight Up" Appropriated AholSniffsGlue's Art

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Photo by Manny Hernandez
Shepard Fairey at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
Count worldwide art icon and Wynwood pioneer Shepard Fairey among those in AholSniffsClue's corner. Yesterday, during a round table discussion with local reporters plugging his collaboration with Hennessy, Fairey said the Miami street artist had no choice but to sue American Eagle, which used Ahol's trademark droopy eyes art without his permission and without compensating him.

"What American Eagle did was straight up appropriation," Fairey says. "They didn't transform [Ahol's art] in any way."

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Drink, Dance, and Watch the Creation of Art at Treehouse

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David D. Defex
To outsiders, art has long been shrouded in mystery. How does the artist go from a blank canvas to an image of beauty? Cultivate, a new night held the second Thursday of every month at Treehouse attempts to illuminate this process. To the soundtrack of independent dance music and to the flavor of their favorite adult beverage, guests can watch an artist conceive and create a piece of art on a five foot by five foot piece of canvas.

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Wynwood Art Walk Guide: August's Hottest Shows

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The skeletal armatures of the mammoth cranes dotting the Miami horizon appear not unlike prehistoric creatures foraging on the landscape. For Matt Herget, the mechanical behemoths silhouetted against the Magic City's skyline have become the inspiration behind a recent body of work.

The local artist, whose creative nom de guerre is Mr. Herget, combines elements of machinery and South Florida's flora and fauna to create a weird vision of humanity's uneasy relationship with the environment he says echoes from the dawn of time.

You can catch Mr. Herget's new solo at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art beginning at 6 p.m. during the Second Saturday Art Walk this weekend, where the artist channels everything from prehistoric cave paintings to today's kids going wild with a box of Crayola on the walls at home.

But remember, August means a spate of Wynwood galleries have shuttered their doors to prepare for high season while others are featuring holdover shows. Here are our picks for what not to miss this weekend.

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Become a Mermaid at Locust Projects' Maritime-Themed Living Photo Booth

Lulled into maritime perdition.
Since opening its doors in 1998, Locust Projects has enjoyed a sustainability and growth that might've not been within the parameters of reality first envisioned by artist founders COOPER, Elizabeth Withstandley, and Westen Charles. Given the Detroit-level government abandonment of the Wynwood neighborhood at the time, it's a hard sale to believe that the space would've lasted and thrived for this long.

A decade and a half later, Locust is now a recognized force in the clogged artistic landscape of the area. Aside from enjoying a healthy relationship with local and international artists, part of the Locust raison d'être is the continued accessibility it presents to the artistic community.

One of the best ways of maintaining relevance in Miami's perpetually ebbing art scene is being able to engage the community it directly affects, so to call a regular event One Night Stands is more of a tongue-in-cheek barb in which Locust proves that though they are elders in the South Florida art game, they are still, refreshingly so, 16 year old teenagers who have every right to voice an opinion.

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MOCA Board Reportedly Leaving North Miami to Form New Art Museum in Design District

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Photo by Ivon David Rojas
After a lengthy dispute with its home city of North Miami, the board of the Museum of Contemporary Art has reportedly left the space and will launch a new art museum in the Design District.

The board, along with staff including wunderkind interim curator Alex Gartenfeld, moved out of the MOCA building in North Miami today, promising in a statement to open the Institute of Contemporary Art in temporary form at the Moore Building, according to the Miami Herald. MOCA's website confirms that the new facility will open in November.

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"Gold" at the Bass Museum Explores Earth's Most Precious Metal

Categories: Art

Carlos Betancourt's Amulet for Light
Patricia Hernandez would like to sell you an island. Don't worry -- she's not another airhead celebrity realtor bidding for a Bravo TV contract. Her island is "virtual," named "Bit Key," and for sale only with the digital bitcoin currency.

"My piece is an internet-based project exploring the signification of gold via crypto currency," explains the Miami artist. "I've created a virtual island based on the geocoordinates of a real island for sale off the coast of Florida."

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Adler Guerrier's "Formulating A Plot" Shows Miami at a Crossroads

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Untitled piece from the Flaneur series
Adler Guerrier was born in Port-au-Prince in 1975. He moved to Miami 12 years later with his father, an electrician, and his mom, who now works as a local school crossing guard. He grew up in North Miami and attended the Design and Architecture Senior High School before graduating from the New World School of the Arts.

While the ink on his diploma was still fresh, he grabbed the art world's attention as part of the groundbreaking Freestyle exhibition organized by the Studio Museum in Harlem. By 2008, his work was featured at the Whitney Biennial in New York, placing him at the forefront of a rising crop of fresh Miami art stars.

Now the Pérez Art Museum Miami, in just its fourth major public show, is presenting "Adler Guerrier: Formulating a Plot." It marks the first museum survey of the artist's works from the past 15 years. There are photographs, prints, videos, mixed-media installations, and a new site-specific architectural intervention that soars floor-to-ceiling and mirrors the decorative cinder blocks used to build many of the Magic City's homes.

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"Latina Seeks Thug" Turns Craigslist Personal Ads Into Hilarious Artistic Commentary (NSFW)

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Photo via
When was the last time you checked your local Craigslist personals? The slightly sad messages often written in broken English are somewhat artistic in themselves, but what happens when an artist sets out to turn the bottom-feeding outlet into meaningful exposition?

The result is gross and hysterical. Duh.

What started out as a joke for 27-year-old Marilyn Rondón is now a thoughtful, offensive, and definitely hilarious exhibition at the Little Haiti Country Club. She posted a Craigslist personal ad titled "Latina Seeks Thug," the rest of the message being "to make a baby with."

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Operation PAW to Sell Paintings by Cats at Wynwood Art Walk

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Courtesy of Operation PAW.
Thanks to LOLcats, Grumpy Cat, and their revered Egyptian ancestors, feline dominance over subservient humans has long been established. Cats rule our households, our interwebs -- why shouldn't they take control of the art world, too?

At next week's Wynwood Art Walk, non-profit, no-kill Operation PAW will be offering up works of art created by uber-talented rescue kitties.

You should jump at the chance to pick up a piece, because a tabby might be the next Banksy.

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