Miami Collector Gary Nader to Open Latin American Art Museum in 2016

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Courtesy of Gary Nader
A rendering of the proposed Latin American Art Museum.
Gary Nader, a local art collector with a gallery in Wynwood, revealed plans this week to build what's being called the Latin American Art Museum (LAAM) at an undetermined location in downtown Miami. The museum, he said, will feature about 600 paintings, drawings, and sculptures from his personal collection.

Gary Nader Art Centre will unveil the model and renderings of LAAM, designed by Mexican architect Fernando Romero, designer of the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City, during Art Basel Miami Beach.

A group exhibition of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other media from the museum's permanent collection accompanies the debut of the LAAM model and architectural plan.

LAAM will display the largest and most comprehensive Latin American collection, with more than 150 of the most important modern and contemporary artists from this region. The museum aspires to be the most important venue in North America showcasing acclaimed Latin American art and will be dedicated to educating the public through appreciation and reinterpretation of modern and contemporary art from Latin America, the Miami Herald reports.

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U-Doodle Wants To Bring Miami Together With Doodling

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Courtesy of U-Doodle
Whether you were a sketcher of ligers a la Napoleon Dynamite or the Picasso of, ahem, man parts like Superbad's Seth, it's likely you were into some kind of doodling back in the day. And while all kids are artists, as adults, artistic expression tends to go out the window with recess and training bras.

Grown-ups, however, long for a creative outlet (and a sense of connection) as much as kiddos -- a need Miami-based non-profit U-Doodle has seen firsthand. Created by two former UM students, the group is bringing doodling back in a big way.

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Slides and Seesaws at Spinello Projects

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Courtesy of Spinello Projects
A few years ago, Johnny Robles was walking on the beach near Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas when he came across a wrecked boat. The inside was cluttered with condom wrappers, water bottles, and syringes.

A thunderbolt and the name of the band AC/DC were painted on the side along with the words, in Spanish, "May God bless us." A tractor motor was bolted to the back and painted red to prevent rust.

Robles, a bearded artist with bright-blue eyes and the lithe build of a long-distance runner, immediately realized Cubans had used the vessel to cross the Florida Straits.

"It was like a weird art installation in front of me in this desolate location," the 30-year-old says. "It put into perspective how far people will go to pursue their dreams."

Robles too has come a long way to present his first gallery solo show, "Let It Slide," on view at Spinello Projects. His conceptual playground includes several slides, spring riders, a pogo stick, a whirling teeter-totter, and a collapsed swing set.

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Day of the Dead Workshops Come to Miami: "We Want To Help Families Say Goodbye"

Photo by Sid Graves
Don't panic, but you're going to die.

"It's inevitable. You're gonna die, I'm gonna die, every person reading this article is gonna die," says Jim Hammond, founder and executive producer of Florida's Day of the Dead celebrations.

Phew. Now that we've got that awkward part of the conversation out of the way, we can skip to the good news: Florida's Day of the Dead Festival, symbolically reflective of the ancient Aztec celebration, has made its way to Miami-Dade County for the first time. And, unlike Halloween's "zombie culture," its mission statement is to remember the dead in ways that instill peace of mind, not fear.

"It's to feast together on their favorite foods, on their favorite drinks, to listen to their favorite music, and to metaphorically have an opportunity to dance with them," Hammond says.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Everglades Art, Salsa History, and Mid-Week Treats

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The world only gets one Everglades. Let's appreciate it whenever possible.
III Points is over. Did you make it out alive?

Even if you weren't taking part in the massive Wynwood music, art, and technology fest, chances are you went and spent a load of cash trying to forget the work week behind you. The trouble is, another one is in full-swing, and that cash is still gone.

Not to worry, there are ways to distract yourself without mula. Here are a few of our suggestions.

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Jacopo "2501" Ceccarelli's New Work at Yo Amo 305 Gallery Inspired by Hubris of Travel

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The Fordistas project continues their "fostering unique and honest expression, while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent" with this month's exhibit focusing on Italian street muralist Jacopo "2501" Ceccarelli.

Known for his undulating monochromatic works depicting somewhat familiar creatures in defiant contortions, Ceccarelli was born in Milan and at 14 years of age became a young graffiti artist in the iconic Lombard capital, with walls that have always aspired towards the grandiose. Relocating to Brazil in his 20s, he refocused his artistic perspective as his introduction to Latin American graff did much to inspire and revitalize his energies.

He joins this year's roster of artists -- Alex Void, 2 Alas, Jufe, Pastel & Elian and Jaz -- brought together for last year's smaller-scale pieces exhibit inspired by the Ford Motor Company and South Florida. Since, the goal has shifted toward residencies nurtured by South Florida and fueled in part by challenging the artists to work outside of their immediate mediums or to utilize different methodologies and/or applications to their established structural work.

For this exhibit, "Nomadic Experiment: Tons of Tools," 2501 uses his residency to develop an informed approach to new works after a year's worth of travel.

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Intergalactic Nemesis: Target Earth Brings Apocalyptic Graphic Novel Alive On Stage

Courtesy of Target Earth
The time is the 1930s. The place is the wintry mountains of the Alps. You are part of a journalism team investigating a promising lead when BAM! Attack! Your lead is gone -- but a bigger story is looming. You're trapped! Now you are on the run, the literal fate of the planet on your shoulders as you race around the globe and solar system, trying to stop an alien invasion of epic proportions.

Such is the world of Intergalactic Nemesis Target Earth, which makes its South Florida debut Saturday at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, courtesy of Culture Shock Miami.

Created by Jason Nuelander, Intergalactic Nemesis got its start in an Austin coffee house, before turning into a radio drama. A later incarnation saw the work develop into a graphic novel featuring illustrations by Tim Doyle, and it now comes to the stage as a live action graphic novel.

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Wynwood Art Walk Guide: October's Best Gallery Shows

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Courtesy of Mindy Solomon Gallery
Art Basel Miami Beach is around the corner, the satellite art fair tents are going up in Midtown, and the III Points Festival, celebrating music, art and technology, is set to rock Wynwood this weekend.

That means many of the local spaces are trotting out some of their best shows of the year while new upstarts are planting their flags on the Second Saturday scene, hoping they can draw crowds and collector's checkbooks as the season shifts into high gear.

At the Mindy Solomon Gallery, two brothers from Guadalajara open the portals to the looming Basel lunacy with a wildly original display featuring hallucinogenic imagery while the Magic City's own MSG graffiti crew inaugurates the fresh squeezed Vice Gallery and globetrotting art purveyor Art Bastion sets up shop in the hopping nabe.

Beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday, you can savor a glut of offerings that will leave even the most jaded art aficionado sated starting with our top five picks to savor this weekend.

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Aholsniffsglue's "Pink Show" To Fight Breast Cancer: "This Is Dedicated To My Mom"

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Courtesy of Gregg Shienbaum Gallery
Aholsniffsglue fights cancer with spraypaint.
Pink eyeballs, fight cancer with fresh pink eyeballs, get em' while they're hot.

Miami's own Aholsniffsglue is raising money to fight the evil disease that took his mom's life, and you can help. Visit Wynwood's Gregg Shienbaum Gallery and purchase a special October pink edition of David Anasagasti's (AKA Ahol) signature motif, and all money will be donated to charity.

Gregg Shienbaum's wife also lost her mother to breast cancer, and that is why he is so committed to the show. The show, which is the gallery's main feature for this month's art walk, opens from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight and runs throughout October.

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Miami Gardens Nail Artist LaToya Parker on Oxygen's Nail'd It: "Miami Likes the Bling"

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Photo by Lindsey Byrnes/Oxygen
Last night, Oxygen network brought some new life to our fingertips with the premiere of Nail'd It. Yup, you guessed it, a reality show competition that has nail artists across the country competing for a grand prize of $100,000 and to be on the cover of Nail It! magazine.

If you wanna know how hot mani-inspiration is, just watch stars "walk" the red carpet with their fingers on E!'s mani-cam at every major award show. And nail polish is one of the fastest growing cosmetic products in the industry, leading us to enjoy hearing new terms like "Quick Dry Challenge" and "brushes down" last night.

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