Antonia Wright Leaves Spinello Buzzing

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Photo by Rudy Duboue
Antonia Wright.
Antonia Wright shows no fear when it comes to her art. In videos on display in her new show at Spinello Projects, "You Make Me Sick: I Love You," she practices tai chi while covered in a swarm of 15,000 honey bees, smashes through panes of glass in the nude and utters desperate screams underwater.

"When I make work," she says, "I just jump and don't know where I'll fall."

Her sprawling exhibit, which runs through May 3, marks Spinello's most ambitious gallery exhibit to date and features a notable bounty of video, photography, and sculpture. The first full-scale survey of Wright's work created in the past decade not only encompasses both floors of the capacious Spinello space but also spills over into the neighboring Butter Gallery and Projectraum.

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Carbonell Awards 2014 Honors South Florida's Theatrical Best at Amaturo Theater Monday

The Lion in Winter, at Palm Beach Dramaworks, is nominated for eight awards, including best production of a play.
Each year, the Carbonell Awards celebrate the best and brightest of South Florida's theater industry. Though the awards recognize performances, productions, and works that moved audiences during the 2013-14 season, perhaps theaters' greatest feat was focusing our Netflix-glazed gazes on something other than a screen for an hour.

Along with New York's Drama Desk and Chicago's Joseph Jefferson Awards, the Carbonells are among the nation's senior regional arts awards and predate many others, including Washington, D.C.'s Helen Hayes Awards. The Carbonells are named after Manuel Carbonell, an internationally-renowned sculptor who designed the original solid bronze and marble trophy in 1976. Winners and nomineeds are chosen each season by volunteer panelists and judges from hundreds of shows produced on stages throughout the tri-county area.

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Lucky Cole, Everglades "Glamorous Photographer," Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Categories: Art, Body Art, DIY

Lucky Cole
The writer as subject.
On a recent sunny day, New Times videographer Kathryn Sotolongo and I drove to a place bloated alligators are pecked on by starving vultures and the sawgrass'll take off a finger. Out on Loop Road, where the Everglades becomes Big Cypress National Preserve, Lucky Cole and his wife Maureen host strangers on their homestead, nourishing them with venison chili and cheap beers. They also nurture women in a less physical way. They take glamorous and sensual photographs of them in various stages of undress. Lucky clicks, and Maureen directs. The photos are great.

Through their exotic photography, they offer everyday women the opportunity to feel beautiful. I took the challenge of being one of their subjects. As Lucky shot pics and Maureen yelled, "Suck it in! Stand on your toes!" I found I liked them even more than during our interview, and that's saying a lot! What follows is a video interview with the two lovebirds who are known around the world for their HGTV-ready pad, astonishing hospitality, and for helping females feel empowered.

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Leah Brown Brings Intensely Alluring "Borderland" to UM's Art Gallery in Wynwood

Categories: Art

Carolina del Busto

One of the great benefits of working in Wynwood is working alongside plenty of creative folk - especially if your office happens to be inside the zebra-looking Wynwood Building.

Nestled between various art galleries is the University of Miami Art Gallery, which is run by curator Milly Cardoso. The gallery space showcases the artwork of university students in the masters program.

Currently on display is "Borderland" by Leah Brown. Brown's vision of this land between the sleeping and those awake is hauntingly eye-catching, with towering figures cloaked in white and three sisters sleeping at the foot of some mystical creatures. It'll have you standing on the border of the hallway and the gallery entrance longer than you probably should on a bathroom work break, so we talked to her.

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O, Miami: A Month of Verse In Our Paradise of the Perverse

Courtesy of O, Miami
For those who pay any attention, who take care to look a bit further than the glossy pamphlet veneer, there's a great deal more to what makes Miami the Magic City than strung-out nights under neon on South Beach, and half-naked candy kids marching down Biscayne like a horde of zombies. This town is beautiful and blunt and brutal, it's surreal and sublime and stupid, it's decadent and depraved and ceaselessly, wonderfully different.

The more you think about how inspiring it can be, in all its chaos and magnificence and degeneracy, it makes one wonder why Miamians hasn't got more of a penchant for poetry when there's so much here to put to pen.

Fortunately, for one month of the year, Miami is saturated with verse upon the arrival of the O, Miami Poetry Festival. Since 2011, the month of April has been made into a citywide celebration of all things poetic, with an array of events ranging from readings and recitations by brilliant writers, to parades celebrating the life and death of poetry and the poets who've practiced it. This time around, the docket of events and projects makes it pretty apparent that 2014 will be the festival's most interesting year yet.

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Antonia Wright Uses Her Body as an Artistic Medium: "I Got a Concussion and a Black Eye"

Categories: Art

Photo by Rudy Duboue
"Be" by Antonia Wright
Antonia Wright puts her whole body into her work. Literally.

As a performance-based video artist, Wright uses her body as her medium. Whether she's rolling naked down an alley or simply kissing on an escalator, there's little doubt she gives it her all.

With such dedication to her work, it's no surprise gallerist Anthony Spinello has picked her up. This last year, Spinello included her into his fold alongside local art stars Agustina Woodgate, Typoe, and Farley Aguilar. And what better way to say "Welcome" than with a solo exhibition?

Tonight, Spinello Projects will debut "You Make Me Sick: I Love You," Wright's largest solo exhibition to date. On display will be 13 videos that will encompass not only Spinello's space, but spill over to the adjacent Butter Gallery and Projektraum.

We spoke to Wright about what to expect from the show, using her body as an instrument, and the hazards of the job.

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Fred Snitzer Says Urn Smashing Was "Crap," Calls Máximo Caminero "A Disgruntled Wacko"

Categories: Art

Michael E. Miller
Máximo Caminero's self-described "performance art piece" has pissed off a lot of people. His decision to smash a 2,000-year-old urn -- painted by Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei and put on display at the Pérez Art Museum Miami -- enraged everyone from local artists to Ai himself.

But Caminero's most strident critic is probably Fred Snitzer. The veteran gallery owner vented to New Times over what he called Caminero's "tantrum."

"This guy is off his rocker completely," Snitzer said. "It's stupid. If he was protesting PAMM, he could blow up PAMM. But what the hell did this artist do to him?"

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Artist Wants to Paint Port Miami's Cranes Pink, Controversy Ensues

Categories: Art

Courtesy of Peter Hammar and © 2012 Miami-Dade County. All rights reserved.
The cranes of Port Miami are hard to miss. They stand as a towering beacon to the city's cargo trade, greeting MacArthur Causeway drivers like steel monsters straight out of Star Wars.

They're pretty much metal eyesores, but local artist Peter Hammar wants to transform the lofty mechanical birds into an art project. He has proposed to paint the cranes pink and light 'em up so they look like Florida's favorite bird -- the flamingo.

Of course, as is too often the case, the issue is not without controversy.

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Edouard Duval-Carrié's "Imagined Landscapes" Tells Glittering Caribbean History at PAMM

Categories: Art

When it comes to the art scene, Miami is still a baby sucking on its mother's teat. Helping nurture it to rapid adulthood, however, is Haitian artist and tropical culture buff Edouard Duval-Carrié. The 59-year-old's newest body of work, "Imagined Landscapes," is now showing at Pérez Art Museum Miami.

"This show is such a knockout," says the director of the museum, Thom Collins.

But long before his 11 large-scale paintings hung on the walls and two chandelier sculptures oscillated from the ceilings of the PAMM expanse, Duval-Carrié had been around the explosive art boom of Basel. He, alongside pictorial greats -- such as José Bedia -- has helped father the community by reinstating historic classics through a cultured modernity.

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The Miami Foundation Raised $130,000 to Help You Create and Beautify Miami's Public Spaces

Categories: Art, Benefits

OlivierBlouin, courtesy of the Miami Foundation
Established more than 40 years ago, the Miami Foundation has diligently worked with various non-profits and philanthropists to improve our city and make Miami a more beautiful place all around. The foundation's latest initiative is the Our Miami Public Space Challenge, which calls on you to get involved and share your ideas for bettering Miami's public spaces.

Stuart Kennedy, senior programs officer at the Miami Foundation and showrunner of the Our Miami program, describes his role as working "to enhance our community by building attachment to the city, developing public spaces, and retaining young talent in Miami."

The idea for the project, aside from community involvement, is to get who know the community best to offer ideas on how to improve public spaces in interesting ways.

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