Women Artists Underrepresented at Art Basel 2014

Photo by Hans Morgenstern
Micol Hebron had a standout Art Basel. She performed Roll Call , a Carolee Schneemann-inspired performance during which Hebron read aloud the low percentages of women artists represented by art galleries, information written on scroll that she slowly unfurled from her vagina. Anyone familiar with Hebron's work would have hardly been shocked by the performance, Hebron's been spearheading Gallery Talley, a long-term project that counts the male/female breadowns of gallery rosters. According to Gallery Talley's estimation, only 30 percent of the artists represented by commercial galleries are women.

In between her performances, Hebron took the time to apply the metrics of Gallery Talley to Art Basel.

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2014: Winners and Losers

Photo by George Martinez
Art Basel is finally over. The behemoth art fair that sweeps into our fair city every year has packed its bags and blown us a very European kiss goodbye. And in its wake, it's inevitably left both the victorious and the conquered.

We here at the Miami New Times have rounded up our winners and losers from Art Basel 2014. Come and relive the best and brightest, the worst and Miley Cyrus, the fights, the tears, and the victory dances.

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Comedian Steve Berke Punks Art Basel, Sells Fake Art

As if you needed more proof that many Art Basel attendees know little about art. Miami-Dade native, Miami Beach mayorial candidate, and comedian Steve Berke conducted a "social experiment" during Miami Art Week to see if he could go from zero to "artist" in less than 24 hours and sell one of his works.

Berke has already had his hand in pro-tennis, politics, and reality TV, so why not make another, albeit fake, career move? With stencils, small square canvases, and spray paint, Berke produced 100 canvases in about an hour, then snuck into Art Basel Miami Beach at the Convention Center.

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"Zero Tolerance" at YoungArts: Police, Protests, and Art Basel

Photo via YoungArts
The ubiquitous sounds of protest filled the intimate, transparently constructed exhibition space: people yell, groups chant, impatient drivers honk their horns, police blow their high-pitched whistles. These are the familiar noises that greet you when you enter YoungArts' Basel exhibition, "Zero Tolerance." Curated by MoMA PS1 Director Klaus Biesenbach, the title references the infamously ugly police policy adopted by New York City in the 1990s.

Zero tolerance was meant to drastically reduce crime, but the human toll was immediately evident: thousands were incarcerated for minor drug offenses and the policy targeted the city's most vulnerable citizens. The phrase itself -- "zero tolerance," rife as it is with authoritarian overtones -- is now common enough in schools and the workplace, a kind of seepage of tyrannical abuse into the domestic sphere.

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Art Basel in Little Haiti: A Night of Vogue, Zebra Katz, and Endless Mugs (Photos)

Photos by Shelly Davidov
Strike a pose.
"Clap, bitches, clap! Clap, bitches, clap!"

Just another night with Miami's favorite fierce crew from the Garret. This time, the monthly Catwalk: A Night of Vogue moved to Little Haiti, all part of the big #IHAITIBASEL line-up that took over a part of town usually left out of the Art Basel flurry.

Produced by Miami creative initiative MGKAT, #IHAITIBASEL is an interactive map, linking visitors to local businesses, artist-run spaces, and commercial galleries in the neighborhood. Available online and mobile-friendly, the #IHAITIBASEL map is an open forum, where local spaces and residents submitted locations, creative events, and random happenings during Miami Art Week.

After days of experimental sound and visual programs and live performances from Richard Kennedy of Hercules and Love Affair, Mykki Blanco, and more, Saturday's MGKATWALK event culminated in a night of drinks, dance, and the one-and-only Zebra fuckin' Katz.

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Wynwood Hearts Artist Collective Hosting Basel Closing Bash on Monday at the LAB

Courtesy of Riko Chirito
As a rapidly growing, highly desirable city to the stars, we've got plenty of art (Basel, anyone?), plenty of money and plenty of 1 percent'ers in our midst. But what about heart? Do we have enough of that?

Wynwood Hearts, a brand new artist's collective, would vote yes. The just-launched collaborative art movement slash freelance guild is hosting a Basel closing bash on Monday night to introduce the 305 to their unique mission and open-armed attitude.

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Meet Lena Marquise, the Performance Artist Behind the Vagina Phone Charger (NSFW)

Photo by Nate "Igor" Smith/drivenbyboredom.com
Performance artist Lena Marquise
Every year during Art Basel and Miami Art Week, there's one exhibit, performance, or item that goes viral. Last year, it was Jeffrey Deitch mistaking Diddy for Kanye West. In 2011, it was Miru Kim's performance art piece, "I Like Pigs and Pigs Like Me (104 hours)," for Primary Projects that had her living with pigs at the gallery space.

And after Usher decided his iPhone needed a quick charge, performance artist Lena Marquise is the one currently basking in all the social media glory. There's no doubt that being naked at an art fair with cables hanging out of your vagina is going to attract some attention, but Marquise isn't shying away from it.

We spoke to Marquise, who wouldn't tell us any personal details about herself except that she's currently based in New York, and her gallerist J.J. Brine of Vector Gallery about the swift response from pop culture and the power of a woman's vagina.

By the way, Marquise will exhibit her piece again two more times at Select Art Fair tomorrow through the afternoon and on Sunday at the end of the fair's run.

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Dwyane Wade Sneakers, Hennessy, and the Mass Commercialism of Art Basel Miami Beach

"The Third Element" on display at the Ritz-Carlton Residences Miami Beach sales center.
Inside a storefront with blacked out windows on Collins Avenue and 6th Street, footwear designer to the hip-hop elite Jon Buscemi is chatting up a tall man with dreadlocks past his shoulders dressed in all black, including a black Canadian Mountie-style hat and a fresh pair of black old school Air Jordan sneakers that were originally released in 1991, the year Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls. But the Jordans, a sold out limited edition run released during the Thanksgiving weekend that fetch more than $350 on eBay, were not the most expensive sneakers on display.

In fact, you can't even put a price on the all-calf leather brown kicks Buscemi unveiled Thursday for an intimate gathering of guests who got a first peek at his collaboration with cognac maker Hennessy. That's because the shoes are not for sale. Through the remainder of Art Basel weekend, Buscemi is giving away the sneakers to about 100 close friends and clients, including a few undisclosed celebrities. They will also receive matching leather coasters, leather snapback caps, leather tote bags, and a leather porter shaped to hold a Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege bottle. (Gotta keep a pimp game strong!)

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Art Selfies Galore at PAMM's Art Basel Birthday (Photos)

Photos by Ciara LaVelle
This time last year, the biggest thing on everybody's Art Basel agenda was getting a peek inside the newly opened Perez Art Museum Miami.

One year later, traffic and unpredictable rainstorms did their best to spoil the downtown institution's first birthday party. But hundreds still flocked to the museum's hanging gardens for a breezy, mildly damp show by Future Brown and Kelela.

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Karen Finley Wants to Paint Your Psychic Energy

Photo via Wikimedia
Once upon time, in another world, Karen Finley gave the people what they did not yet know they wanted. She got a lot of flack for it, and a lot of praise, too. Yet neither could stop her from doing whatever it was she decided to do.

Had Finley come of rage now, every outburst would be meme'd to no end. But back then, before social media devoured us whole, life was lived in the moment, rather than reflected on as it was unfolding. And any recorded evidence of its existence was left for posterity; not immediately uploaded on YouTube.

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