Director Spike Jonze Chats With Jeffrey Deitch About His Latest Love Story, Her

All photos by Carolina del Busto
"Beautiful Handwritten Letters, please hold."

We've arrived at the future in the film Her, where we no longer have the need to pen words on paper, but instead pay someone else to do it for us by speaking at a computer. The profession seems to pay well, however, since Joaquin Phoenix's character, Theodore, has himself a fa-bu-lous apartment with a view.

While Theodore spends his workdays writing love letters for other people, he himself lacks someone to write letters to. He was married once to a beautiful writer (played by Rooney Mara), but he failed to let her in completely, so she left. Theodore is then compelled to fill the void in his heart by purchasing an operating system that has many human traits. Her name is Samantha.

The film is hailed as "A Spike Jonze Love Story," and boy, did he write himself a love story for our modern times. During a recent screening of the film, director and writer, Spike Jonze, was present for a brief Q&A session with the audience moderated by Jeffrey Deitch (who will forever be remembered as the dude who confused P. Diddy with Kanye West at Art Basel 2013).

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Saturday's Best Art Basel Events: Questlove, PAMM Gala, Basel Castle

Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons
"Man up." --Questlove
So you're hungover. You're tired. Your feet are still aching from spending all week in heels, and your apartment is strewn with event flyers you don't even remember taking. There's a lot you don't remember about the past couple days, actually.

You've been Basel-battered, Basel-bruised, Basel-beaten-the-fuck-up.

But you know what? Things could be worse. You could've dropped your life savings on a work of art that'll be valueless next year. You could've hooked up with a muralist. Hell, you could've publicly embarrassed yourself by mistaking Diddy for Kanye.

But missing out on the Art Basel experience? That's the worst fate of all. So man up, Baselites, and get back out there. You can sleep when you're dead. Or, at least, when it's Monday.

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Untitled Art Fair: Nicolas Cardenas, the Naked Man, and the 140-Pound Gold Nugget

One often overlooked downside of nudity: no pockets

What sort of behavior do photos and video of a naked man lugging around a giant chunk of gold induce in passersby at art fairs?

"Yesterday," Colombian sculptor Nicolas Cardenas says, "a woman came by and threw herself against the nugget so hard that she fell over. If you caress it really soft, it would go out of balance. But if you are really hard with it, you'll fall."

The nugget is a large sculptural piece by Cardenas called Golden Pebble that also figures into a photography and video series called Man and Gold. The sculpture is available for fairgoers to topple over or caress as they see fit. But in the photos and video, a naked man in an otherwise empty room struggles to lift the nugget and take it through a doorway. It's hypnotic, but not in the way one might expect a video depicting money, nudity and feats of strength to be.

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Context Miami: "Banana Man" Artist Lin Shih-Yung Knows the Banana Peel is the True Window to the Soul

Look closely and you'll notice something unusual in this painting. That's right! There's a disembodied hand copping a feel of that banana person's right buttock.

For those of us with bananas for heads, the closest we've come to artistic representations of ourselves has been still lifes of fruit bowls and and the minstrel show that is Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Things are beginning to change thanks to the work of Lin Shih-Yung.

"He is very popular in Taiwan with his Banana Men," according to Ileana Hsu of Da Xiang Art Space, which is showing several of his paintings at the CONTEXT art fair in Midtown.

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Cannonball Miami is Broadcasting Pirate Radio from the Bathrooms at Pulse Art Fair

Poster designed by: Iron Forge Press
On any given week, turn your FM radio transmitter to 91.1, and you'll get a bunch of static.

But this isn't just any damn week. This is Art Basel. And for a few more days, turning to 91.1 will open a sonic passageway into the Pulse Miami exhibition bathrooms and the playful underbelly of the art world.

It sounds strange, but it's all part of Cannonball Miami's tireless dedication to bringing the national and international art world colliding with our local flair. In fact, the local non-profit couldn't be more proud to present the Bad at Sports Art Basel 2013 takeover, live and in effect.

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KIND Snacks Encourages Kind Acts With Community Mural During Art Basel

All photos courtesy of KIND Snacks
Art Basel headlines usually focus onthe world-renowned artists (or musicians, or celebrities) who come down to Miami to party and/or paint up a storm. But this year, KIND Healthy Snacks is inviting you to be the artist.

The snack company has procured wall in Wynwood and they want the public's help in turning it into a work of art.

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"Cat Basel" to Bring Rescue Kitty-Inspired Art to Wynwood

Yalina Torres
Radar - a vision impaired kitty in need of a home.
If there's one thing that could make Basel better (other than an appearance by Banksy, free booze for everyone, and infinite parking), it's kittens. Kittens make everything better. And kitties of all kinds are the inspiration behind Cat Basel.

This feline-friendly exhibition in Wynwood will feature artwork created by rescue cats, cat photography, and other art inspired by all things kitteh. Basically, it's the cutest thing ever, and it's all to benefit rescue cats. What could be better than that?

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Bravo-lebrities Galore at Atelier Swarovski by Maison Martin Margiela's Cocktail Party

Marysol Patton, Luis D. Ortiz, Adriana De Moura, and Frederic Marq.
Maison Martin Margiela and Atelier Swarovski hosted a VIP cocktail party at their Design District boutique last night for the unveiling of their new avante-garde jewelry collection Crystalactite.

In celebration of the debut, French artist Baptiste Debombourg also created an site-specific installation titled Stalker, which was aptly named for all of the stalking of Bravo-lebrities and fashion people we did last night. And of course, Cultist was there to capture it all.

But first, let's talk about the art.

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Jonah Boaker and Daniel Arsham Team Up Again for Occupant

During Art Week in Miami, anything is possible -- anything, at least, that concerns the creative arts. How about dancers selecting from an array of small sculptures to create mural-scale drawings underfoot as part of their choreographed performance?

This weekend, the Arsht Center is programmed to host exactly that, in the premiere of a collaborative presentation titled Occupant by experimental choreographer Jonah Bokaer and former Miamian, multi-media artist Daniel Arsham.

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"Piston Head" Art Basel Exhibit: Playboy, Ferrari, and Crushed Cars Collide

Photos by Shelly Davidov.
"Piston Head: Artists Engage the Automobile," powered by Ferrari, brought the big guns to Miami Beach this week. And by big guns, we mean large-scale art, powerful cars, and Playboy Bunnies.

Venus over Manhattan's opening gave VIPs a first glimpse at the exhibit, which featured automobiles transformed into sculptures by leading modern and contemporary artists including Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Ron Arad, César, Dan Colen, and Nate Lowman, among others.

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