Screw the Ice Bucket: "Kickstart" Fund ALS Short Film, Earn Miami Heat Tickets

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Udonis Haslem, Jeff Fogel, and Gil Green pose together in support of their Kickstarter project to fund the short film Who Is Lou Gehrig?
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been nothing but clips of people dumping precious water all over themselves in the name of keyboard activism. It's been a fun and perhaps slightly irresponsible way to get the word out about a deadly disease, but it can be easy to forget how real the terror is.

To fight that complacency, one brave Miamian living with ALS wants to bring the issue closer to home. He teamed up with his friends at the ALS Recovery Fund, 305 Films, and the Miami Heat to star in a creative, uplifting, and true-to-fantasy short film.

The Borscht Film Festival has agreed to premiere it, but they still need a little help from you. Get involved, and you could earn some Heat tickets and player memorabilia, no ice bucket involved.

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UPDATE: Saturday's Event at Miami Marine Stadium Is Sold Out; Not Open to the Public

Photo by Ian Witlen
UPDATE: The National Trust for Historic Preservation event at Miami Marine Stadium on Saturday is now SOLD OUT. It's open to ticket holders only and not to the general public. If you missed out, better luck next time!

If you're a little too law-abiding to hop the fences at Miami Marine Stadium, but long to get a glimpse at those graffiti-scrawled walls -- this is your lucky day.

For $40 on September 20, you can see some local and international street artists make masterpieces, score a tour, and head home with a print. And your funds will benefit the stadium's restoration -- all nice and legal-like.

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The Miami Foundation Raised $130,000 to Help You Create and Beautify Miami's Public Spaces

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OlivierBlouin, courtesy of the Miami Foundation
Established more than 40 years ago, the Miami Foundation has diligently worked with various non-profits and philanthropists to improve our city and make Miami a more beautiful place all around. The foundation's latest initiative is the Our Miami Public Space Challenge, which calls on you to get involved and share your ideas for bettering Miami's public spaces.

Stuart Kennedy, senior programs officer at the Miami Foundation and showrunner of the Our Miami program, describes his role as working "to enhance our community by building attachment to the city, developing public spaces, and retaining young talent in Miami."

The idea for the project, aside from community involvement, is to get who know the community best to offer ideas on how to improve public spaces in interesting ways.

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Orange Is the New Black Author Piper Kerman to Speak in Miami

Award-winning author Piper Kerman is busting out of her frozen New York digs and making her way to the Magic City, which happens to be one of her favorite places to visit.

Kerman, who wrote Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Woman's Prison, will stop by to deliver the keynote speech at an event for the National Council of Jewish Women - Greater Miami section.

"I live in New York City, so it's actually rare to visit an American city which feels as multicultural and exciting as New York, but Miami is definitely one of those," Kerman said. "Not to mention much better weather."

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Miami Cancer Survivor Organizes Holiday Toy Drive for Sylvester Cancer Center

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Courtesy of Andres Rodriguez
When Andres Rodriguez, a healthy 22-year-old college student, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in August of this year, it came as quite a shock - especially since he was in the midst of applying to medical school when he found out.

Since then, Rodriguez has undergone surgery and is fortunately in remission. During his time at the Sylvester Comprehensive Center of the University of Miami Health, Rodriguez spent a lot of time with other children and young adults like himself at the pediatric oncology center.

"I developed a strong and personal connection with the children of Alex's Place," says Rodriguez. Now it's his chance to give back and make their days that much brighter this holiday season with Andy's Christmas Toy Drive.

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Hell Bound City Tattoo Founder Esteban Dalpra Recovering From Hit-and-Run: "I Was So Close to Dying"

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At the Ryder Trauma Center
Last month, Angel Alberto Ochoa struck motorcyclist Esteban Dalpra with a seven-ton box truck and left him for dead in a torrent of blood on North Miami Avenue at 45th Street.

The GMC w4500 work vehicle he hit the beloved Miami tattoo artist with has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 14,000 - 16,000 pounds. If Dalpra didn't have a motorcycle helmet on, he likely would have been killed instantly.

The Florida Traffic Crash Report filed by Officer Anestor of the Miami Police Department clearly states that four witnesses saw Ochoa run a stop sign and cause the accident.

Esteban says, "I was basically conscious through everything. One of the first people to respond to the scene was actually a school police officer. I remember him telling this witness to take off his belt and tie it around my leg. If it wasn't for that guy making a tourniquet for my leg before the EMS got there, I would have bled to death before I even got to the hospital."

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Hell Bound City Tattoo Founder Esteban Dalpra Left in ICU After Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Crash

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Hell Bound City Tattoo shop owner Esteban Dalpra was injured in a hit and run on Monday, Oct. 28. According to reports, a government employee driving a box truck through the City of Miami ran a stop sign at 45th street and North Miami Ave and struck Dalpra on his motorcycle then attempted to flee.

Four witnesses were present. A heroic woman followed the truck driver in her car and, armed with a cell phone camera, helped police quickly nab him. But the incident has left Dalpra in the Intensive Care Unit at the Ryder Trauma Center.

Update: The hit and run driver has been identified as 64 year old Angel Alberto Ochoa of Homestead.

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Bacchanalia Food & Wine Festival: A Boozy Benefit at Second Saturday Art Walk

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This weekend at Wynwood's monthly Art Walk, you'll be able to drink, be merry, and be surrounded by great art. The difference this month? You can do it all without worrying about getting hit by a car on NW Second Ave. -- and you'll be doing it for a good cause.

This Saturday, Bacchanalia will be kicking off on the 31,000-square-foot turf neighboring Panther Coffee during Wynwood Art Walk.

In the true spirit of Bacchanal, the event promises plenty of life's greatest pleasures, letting patrons eat and drink like the Greco-Roman gods as they partake in live entertainment and art.

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Kiehl's Celebrity Charity Motorcycle Ride Brings John Corbett, Tyson Beckford to Lincoln Road

Chris salgardo.jpg
Photo courtesy of Kiehl's Corp.

Celebrity Bikers sounds like the premise for a new VH1 reality show. But even better than cheesy scripted drama, it's the idea behind the upcoming Kiehl's LifeRide for amFAR, a nine-day charity motorcycle ride to benefit HIV/AIDS research.

Lucky for us locals, this year's ride kicks off in our neck of the woods with a celebrity-hosted, pop-up urban picnic at the Kiehl's store on Lincoln Road Friday, July 13. Picnic attendees can hope to see the likes of John Corbett, Tyson Beckford, Jason Lee, and Marguerite Moreau, all aboard hogs to benefit AIDS research.

This free-to-the-public party is the first leg of the ride's next eight stops in various cities. The ride itself is an 1,800 mile hog trip across the U.S. to raise funds and awareness for The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). Kiehl's will make donations at each city along the way, totaling $90,000.

We spoke to Kiehl's President & CEO Chris Salgardo on his commitment to HIV/AIDS research, his hog of choice, and how he gets celebs to climb aboard for charity.

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Miami Artist Aholsniffsglue Hospitalized After Hit And Run in MiMo

Ahol's emergency self portrait
According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, last year in Miami-Dade there were 15,229 hit and runs.

The latest victim, local artist Aholsniffsglue, was run down and left for dead by a "pale faced, orange-haired old lady in a gold '90s car" near Dogma at 71st and Biscayne, the artist told New Times yesterday.

Before speeding off into the rainy night, the driver opened her door and looked at his crumpled body on the pavement. Thanks to that, Ahol got a good enough look at her to draw up a sketch of the dastardly culprit.

Let's deliver her to justice.

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