"We Really Don't Need Men:" Second Annual Celebration of Women in Art

Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Women in Art Benefit
Nicole Ehrlich poses with Millie Brown.
As Miley Cyrus twerked and crooned at the Raleigh Hotel last night, on the other side of the beach Brooke Candy tore up the stage at the second annual 2014 Celebration of Women in Art at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa. The event was produced by longtime Lady Gaga producer Nicole Ehrlich, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A. Sackler School of Feminist Art, and School of Doodle.

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South Florida Theatre Community Honors Passing of Local Actress with Scholarship Fund

Photo by Marlena Skrobe
Laura Ruchala (foreground) with Bree-Anna Obst in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
It was Shakespeare who once said "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." That pronunciation also implies that it boasts both triumphs and tragedies. Bree-Anna Obst can relate to philosophy as well as to the bard that implied it in the first place. Obst, part of the theater department at Miami Children's Museum, lost her friend and fellow thespian Laura Ruchala this past August to a brain aneurysm.

"Laura was a Shakespeare enthusiast, a budding director, and an incredible actress, whose performance career spanned three counties, Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach," Obst recalls. "Laura was determined to keep the Bard alive in South Florida, and so it is my hope that this community can contribute to Laura's dreams and goals, despite her not being here to pursue them herself."

To that end, Obst has organized a cabaret event she's named "A Night For Her: A South Florida Theatre Cabaret Celebrating Laura Ruchala." The event, slated for November 15, will feature members of the South Florida Theatre community as part of a celebration that will help realize Ruchala's dream to share Shakespeare's genius with other actresses and enthusiasts.

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Miami Arts Brigade Looks to Foster Collaboration Between Local Arts Organizations

Categories: Art, Benefits

Via Miami Arts Brigade on Facebook
Regardless of discipline or industry or interest, there's one buzzword that gets tossed around in every single meeting Miamians have: community. It's the general consensus that we need more of it, in every area.

Now, several of Miami's arts leaders are launching an organization designed to bring the diverse arms of the art world together, thereby fostering a greater feeling of community and collaboration in this increasingly-important part of Miami's cultural ecosystem.

This brand-new group is called Miami Arts Brigade, and they're issuing a call for the city's arts groups to join them.

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Models Wanted for Community Photoshoot to Fight Human Trafficking in Miami

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Courtesy of Cloak Inc.
Other than catching a warning from a rare bus sign or billboard, the horrors of human trafficking don't really register on Miami's radar. Giving voice to such ugly issues is half the battle of combating them, something Miami-based Cloak Inc. knows well.

Cloak, a socially-conscious fashion brand, creates unique casual wear to support humanitarian issues. Through campaigns, media, events, and forums, Cloak builds awareness and sells its collection pieces to raise funds for non-profit organizations. In its latest campaign, SAVESEX, Cloak will host a community photoshoot called I AM + HERO at the Wynwood Warehouse Project, where attendees can participate as models and spokespersons from 1 to 5 p.m.

"Most Miamians don't know that sex trafficking is a $99 billion illegal trade that is more lucrative than the drug trade because victims can be sold over and over again," said Dawn T. Mangham of Cloak. "Sex trafficking is as common and it victims as accessible as the sparkling waters that enclose our shores. It is all around us, subtle in some instances and brazen in others."

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Locust Projects' Annual Smash & Grab Fundraiser Features Over 120 Artworks

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Courtesy of Locust Projects
It's time to snatch some pieces from your fellow art lovers' fingertips: The annual Smash & Grab fundraiser kicks off this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at Locust Projects, Miami's longest-running alternative art space.

Smash & Grab revolves around a raffle for which local as well as international artists have donated works of art -- over 120 works of art, so that every raffle ticket sold is guaranteed a prize. When the name of a ticketholder is called, they get up and run, not walk, to the art piece of their choice. Whatever they get, they get to keep.

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Run, Walk or Cheer for Your Favorite Cause at the 5K PARK Fest

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Courtesy PARK Project via Facebook
If there's one thing nonprofits need more of, it's money. Saving the world doesn't come cheap, and shoestring budgets make things a lot harder for altruistic organizations.

This fact of life is the impetus behind the first 5K PARK Fest, a brand new fundraising platform and festival designed to bring in as much philanthropic pay dirt as possible to South Florida's worthy causes.

It's not just about the moolah, of course. PARK Project (the organization hosting PARK Fest) is based on the warm fuzzy notion of performing acts of random kindness (PARKing, as they call it) on a grand scale. Because South Florida could use a little a lot more kindness and charitable giving.

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Aholsniffsglue's "Pink Show" To Fight Breast Cancer: "This Is Dedicated To My Mom"

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Courtesy of Gregg Shienbaum Gallery
Aholsniffsglue fights cancer with spraypaint.
Pink eyeballs, fight cancer with fresh pink eyeballs, get em' while they're hot.

Miami's own Aholsniffsglue is raising money to fight the evil disease that took his mom's life, and you can help. Visit Wynwood's Gregg Shienbaum Gallery and purchase a special October pink edition of David Anasagasti's (AKA Ahol) signature motif, and all money will be donated to charity.

Gregg Shienbaum's wife also lost her mother to breast cancer, and that is why he is so committed to the show. The show, which is the gallery's main feature for this month's art walk, opens from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight and runs throughout October.

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Mammography Art Initiative Show Raising Funds to Protect the Tatas: "Medicine Is an Artform"

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Courtesy of Mammography Art Initiative
Modern medicine is great and all, but it works only when you have access to it. And despite the strides American has taken with Obamacare, there are still a lot of people without insurance or access to the wisdom of white-coated MDs.

And because of these issues, studies show that Miami's minority women are less likely to seek preventative breast care. Not good.

The Mammography Art Initiative (MAI), an FIU group, has been working to change that since 2011, when it launched its first art show dedicated to raising funds to support women in underserved communities. In the past two years, MAI has raised more than $50,000, and its third event, Strength, is coming up this Saturday, October 11.

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Vagina Monologues Author Eve Ensler Leading Empowerment Workshop for Violence Survivors

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Courtesy Feinberg PR
Eve Ensler
There's no denying the power of the arts. From school settings to clinical facilities, creative endeavors have a remarkable ability to facilitate healing and empowerment.

And this Friday, Tony Award winning playwright, activist and Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler will put art in action by leading a "Safe Space," workshop with local victims of violence. Part of the Drum! Dance! Rise!, One Billion Rising campaign (a global call to action to end violence against women), the effort is designed to encourage creative empowerment.

In addition, Ensler will also be host a public panel with Miami leaders, where they'll brainstorm on how to create quantum change in our community and beyond.

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Screw the Ice Bucket: "Kickstart" Fund ALS Short Film, Earn Miami Heat Tickets

Categories: Benefits

Udonis Haslem, Jeff Fogel, and Gil Green pose together in support of their Kickstarter project to fund the short film Who Is Lou Gehrig?
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been nothing but clips of people dumping precious water all over themselves in the name of keyboard activism. It's been a fun and perhaps slightly irresponsible way to get the word out about a deadly disease, but it can be easy to forget how real the terror is.

To fight that complacency, one brave Miamian living with ALS wants to bring the issue closer to home. He teamed up with his friends at the ALS Recovery Fund, 305 Films, and the Miami Heat to star in a creative, uplifting, and true-to-fantasy short film.

The Borscht Film Festival has agreed to premiere it, but they still need a little help from you. Get involved, and you could earn some Heat tickets and player memorabilia, no ice bucket involved.

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