Handcrafted Tattoo's Jamie Ryscik's Ink Equipment Stolen: Help Catch the Bad Guys

Courtesy Handcrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery via Facebook
On October 4, tattoo artist Jamie Ryscik's car was broken into behind his shop in Wynwood.

Thieves made away with seven machines and his laptop. He needs our help to track them down. Ryscik, a resident ink specialist at Handcrafted, winner of Best Tattoo Shop Miami 2013, has been tattooing for 16 years in New York and South Florida. Before Handcrafted, he practiced at Bulldog and Colorfast.

Ryscik told New Times, "When I realized my backpack containing my Mac and my machines were gone, I felt completely helpless and numb...My livelihood was in that bag."

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Artists Work Their Magic on Offensive, Ugly Ink on Tattoo Nightmares: Miami

Courtesy of Spike TV
Clint Cummings
Think back to summer 2005, when the notion of tattoo reality television was a novelty with the smash hit Miami Ink. Since then, artist and reality stars like Kat Von D have emerged and spin offs like LA Ink, London Ink, and Madrid Ink have emerged from virgin TV viewing flesh.

Fast-forward to today where Ink Master is hosted by Dave Navarro and the underbelly of Tattoo Nightmares has been brought to the public light. Well, in a full-circle, yin and yang or tribal tattoo kind of way, last night premiered a new spin-off Tattoo Nightmares: Miami.

Returning to the Magic City, the show sought to ink impossible tattoos and correct the worst ink could do. The three artists are Samuel Suarez (AKA High Noon), Reese Hilburn, and Clint Cummings.

Here are the three most terrorific tattoos:

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Lucky Cole, Everglades "Glamorous Photographer," Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Lucky Cole
The writer as subject.
On a recent sunny day, New Times videographer Kathryn Sotolongo and I drove to a place bloated alligators are pecked on by starving vultures and the sawgrass'll take off a finger. Out on Loop Road, where the Everglades becomes Big Cypress National Preserve, Lucky Cole and his wife Maureen host strangers on their homestead, nourishing them with venison chili and cheap beers. They also nurture women in a less physical way. They take glamorous and sensual photographs of them in various stages of undress. Lucky clicks, and Maureen directs. The photos are great.

Through their exotic photography, they offer everyday women the opportunity to feel beautiful. I took the challenge of being one of their subjects. As Lucky shot pics and Maureen yelled, "Suck it in! Stand on your toes!" I found I liked them even more than during our interview, and that's saying a lot! What follows is a video interview with the two lovebirds who are known around the world for their HGTV-ready pad, astonishing hospitality, and for helping females feel empowered.

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Animal Spirits: Get Tattooed in the Name of Poetry

Duke Riley.
Tattoos sting. So what better way to offset the pain than a serenade of spoken word and craft cocktails? That's the premise behind Friday's Animal Spirits event, where you can hear some epic poetry, sip some Hemingway punch, and possibly score a free tat, too.

Friday evening, poet Tom Healy and legendary tattoo artist Duke Riley (collaborators on new tome Animal Spirits) and poet and editor Kevin Young will all make appearances at the Freehand Miami as part of the O, Miami poetry festival's line up.

For adventurous attendees, there are 14 spots available for a permanent reminder of their love for the literary. Two artists will be inking on site at a pop-up parlor. While the tattoo is free, spots can be reserved online for $10. Then, you'll get to choose from a series of design options, all in the literary/Miami/animal spirits genre, in keeping with the event's theme.

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Temporary Henna Tattoos Can Leave Permanent Scars, FDA Warns

via Florida Department of Health
If you've spent an afternoon on the South Beach shoreline, you've seen vendors wandering through the beach towels and chairs hawking henna tattoos. They typically target spring breakers and other tourists, promising a safe, temporary alternative to having your drunken, debauched weekend etched on your skin for a lifetime.

But for some people, the damage done by temporary tattoos is anything but temporary. The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning this week against black henna, a product commonly used in place of traditional henna that can leave users with burn-like symptoms and, in severe cases, permanent scars.

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Sex and Poop: Fertile Earth's 2013 Ladies of Manure Calendar (Photos, Video)

Susan - worms.jpg
Fertile Earth's Ladies of Manure Calendar 2013
If you've ever toyed with the idea of a kitchen compost -- or growing tomato plants in your own feces, for that matter -- but didn't know where to start, there's a Miami-based organization called Fertile Earth Foundation that would like nothing more than to help you become less wasteful with your, uh, waste. And if this talk about growing tomatoes in your poop didn't get your attention, maybe their calendar of near naked women bathing in tubs of fish excrement will.

Lanette Sobel, creator and co-founder of the Foundation, had the idea for the calendar while at a workshop on a farm in Homestead. "Something inspired me to say, 'I love poop,'" Sobel said, "and one of the other girls, actually a model for the calendar, she really took that to heart. She said, 'I wish more people would say 'I love poop.' And that sparked the idea for a project that would get people more connected to poop, something many are so disconnected from now."

The end result is a whole year's worth of women in their birthday suits and bathing suits, basking in piles of cow feces, squatting on toilet seats, and slathered in all kinds of South Floridian shit. Each calendar shoot was staged on a different sustainable farm in the region, and each model was chosen not just for her lovely lady lumps, but because she contributes in some way to sustainable living in South Florida.

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Firefighter-Turned-Artist Shannon Defreitas Wants to Put Her Art on Your Body

Shannon Defreitas/Carlos Ramos
A local firefighter-turned-artist will bring her unique bodypainting style to the Basel scene this week. Shannon Defreitas slathers in-your-face pigments all over the bare bodies of models, who then pose for art photos that seriously pop. You can check her out at The Art Place Wynwoood and a couple other venues this week, where she'll show you how it's done live.

As a matter of fact, Basel week will mark the one year anniversary of Defreitas' newfound hobby; the idea was first spontaneously set in motion at an Art Basel event last year.

"I've always been into painting," said Defreitas, "but last year at Basel, while some of my stuff was being shown in a gallery, I was inspired on the spot. I thought, 'You know what, I just kinda wanna put art on your body.'"

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Tattooed Beauties In The Grove For Sailor Jerry, Inked Casting Call (Photos)

sj cover.jpg
All photos by Laine Doss
Cami Lin meets Sailor Jerry pin-up.
As part of a state-wide search for the most beautiful painted ladies in Florida, Sailor Jerry rum and Inked Magazine held a casting call last evening at Sandbar Sports Grill in Coconut Grove.

Fort Lauderdale had a similar event last week. Next up: Key West.

Dozens of tattooed beauties came out to flaunt their body art and beautiful smiles in the hopes of landing a spot in the November 2012 issue of Inked and $1,000 cash prize.

Photographer Greg Manis was on hand to shoot the girls. All photos will be sent to the magazine's editorial staff, who will choose a lovely lady to represent Miami.

We could tell you more, but wouldn't you rather meet some of the girls?

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The Face and Body Art International Convention: Skin As Canvas (Photos)

fabaic one 550.jpg
Courtesy of FABAIC
The Face and Body Art International Convention (FABAIC) is no toddler birthday party face-painting. The event celebrating its 11th year in Fort Lauderdale from May 23 to 27 shows off some serious skill. As the FABAIC staff say, face and body painting is where "ballet meets Monet; where drama meets Dali."

The convention features classes for all skill levels on face painting, body painting, airbrush art, henna, FX special effects, glamour make-up, and, oddly, marketing. (Even body artists gotta sell, we guess.) In addition, and this is where we became highly interested, there will be a body painting competition featuring nude barely dressed (just undies and pasties) models as canvases. Some of them may appear to be wearing clothes, but that is only a "pigment" of your imagination. (Sorry, we just had to.)

Follow the jump for more on the convention as well as some killer images.

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Six Reasons a Dirk Nowitzki Ass Tattoo Is a Bad Idea

Dallas Observer
The ultimate kiss ass.
The Miami Heat's epic collapse against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals earlier this month still stings. But the pain has been assuaged a bit by the way Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban, some of his players, and especially fans have acted since winning the title. If you can tell a lot about people when they are facing adversity, you can tell just as much about them when they have ultimate success.

This point was made crystal clear by ultimate Mavs fan Derek "Dildo" Dilday who adorned his rump with a large Dirk Nowitzki tattoo. Let that sink in a moment. According to our step-sister paper the Dallas Observer, Dilday got the tattoo because he promised as much on Facebook when the Mavs made it to the finals. Let that sink in also. We're all for Mavs fans making asses of themselves, but this may be taking it too far. Shouldn't someone have told him he should abstain from staining his ass? Here are six reasons we could think of:More »