Cultist Is Looking for Writers

Photo by Ritesh Nayak/Flickr CC

Cultist is looking to expand its roster of freelance writers. We're looking for enthusiastic and reliable freelancers who can generate pitches and take assignments covering events throughout Miami's arts and culture scene.

You should be as comfortable blogging about The Real Housewives of Miami as you are writing about the latest museum exhibition. If you are passionate about arts and culture in the 305, are knowledgeable about the issues facing the arts community, and have a great sense of what's on the horizon, we want to hear from you. If you have a single area of expertise -- like ballet, contemporary dance, or the local literary scene -- we want to hear from you too.

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MasterMind Awards 2015: Win $1,000 and a City-Wide Arts Showcase

Art Basel Miami Beach is only weeks away, which means we're about to be overrun by foreign creatives and crazed tourists, scavenging our beautiful city for all it's got. So there's no better time to dive in and celebrate what the local cultural landscape has to offer. New Times' annual MasterMind Awards are back, offering grants and exposure to creatives all across the 305.

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PHOTOSTREAM: Share Your Miami Instagrams in Dwntwn Arts Days Project

#DDAFF2014 participants.
Blowfly has seemingly saved his home with IndieGoGo and some numb-nutz named Zack Brown conned 50 grand for "potato salad." Crowd-sourcing can be a powerful tool. From filmmakers to musicians, the possibilities are endless -- even more so when a pair of local artists utilize the basic concept of it for an installation this month during DWNTWN Art Days, which celebrates the way our town has changed and continues to evolve.

Artists and frequent collaborators (read: artistic instigators) Barron Sherer and Kevin Arrow have taken the concept and translated it into a locally-sourced photo project using Instagram and hashtags as the unifying front for the creation of the installation that will stream at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design from the September 19 through September 28.

The end result should be a compilation video on YouTube that won't make you cringe and/or wince in pain. The best part of the project is that its relative success hinges on the community's participation. Here's where you, the smart phone-wielding public, comes into play.

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Robert Rodriguez Wants You For His Next Movie! How to Star in Two Scoops

Two Scoops poster art.jpg
One of the many great things about Robert Rodriguez' Planet Terror, besides the zombies and Rose McGowan's machine gun leg, were the homicidal twin babysitters who would not let a zombie apocalypse stop them from getting paid. The director has now rehired Electra and Elise Avellán (his own nieces) to play Lola and Lucia, "who run an ice cream truck and just happen to be monster slayers in their spare time," as he explains in a video uploaded to his page on BlackBerry's ambitious promo campaign pairing established artists with unknown talent.

Rodriguez wants aspiring filmmakers to bring their creative A-game to his latest camp/exploitation tribute, the ironically cutesy-titled "Two Scoops." The man burst into Hollywood from humble beginnings with 1992's El Mariachi, a film he made with only a few thousand bucks and some gung-ho non-actors. He knows camp, from artistic (Sin City) to base (Machete and the soon-to-be-released Machete Kills). Far from being precious about aesthetic, it is also the film genre that launched the careers of directors like Ron Howard, James Cameron and Jonathan Demme, who all worked with the king of low budget filmmaking, Roger Korman, before they entered the Hollywood game.

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Miami Performance International Festival Seeks Local Artists, No Hippie Stuff Required

Belaxis Buil MPIF
Belaxis Buil (Miami), photo by Charo Oquet
Latex, birdcages, nude bodies, eggs, holy water. No, it's not a list of items used in some bizarre demon-summoning ritual. They're just a few of the props used by the artists in last year's Miami Performance International Festival, curated by Edge Zones. Now in its second year, MPIF has artists flying in from Puerto Rico, the Czech Republic, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, the U.K. and more. It sounds like a hell of a Miami event -- except for what seems to be a lack of our own artists' interest in applying.

MPIF is calling local performing artists to submit to the 2013 festival line up. And they want to represent the 305 so bad that they're actually turning away international submissions.

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New Times' Mastermind Awards Deadline is Today

Last chance, artists. When the clock strikes midnight tonight, it'll be too late to add your name to the list of New Times' Mastermind Award hopefuls, snagging $1,000 and exposure in print and online.

Look, you can't say we didn't warn you.

But even if your master procrastinating skills have brought you to this point in time without preparing a damn thing, don't worry. Getting in on these awards is as simple as sending an email.

Click through to find out more about the Matermind Awards and how to submit.

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New Times' Mastermind Awards Deadline Is Just Two Days Away

Cuban author and reporter Mirta Ojito once said that "a deadline ... was the only way you could get anything done."

Well, if you're a Mastermind award hopeful, yours is quickly approaching.

The deadline to submit to New Times' annual awards that honor the city's best creatives is this Thursday, Jan. 17. If we receive your application one second after midnight, you'll have to wait a whole year for your next chance to win $1,000. Lame. Better to just send your stuff in now. Here's how.

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Just One Week Left to Submit to New Times' 2013 Mastermind Awards

One week. Seven Days. One hundred sixty eight hours. Ten thousand eighty minutes... you get the idea. Time is running out for you to submit to this year's New Times Mastermind Awards, earning you a shot at winning one of the three $1,000 grants we're giving away to local artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other creatives.

Yes, time is short -- but not as short as the time it takes to submit. All you have to do is email us a few easy details about your work.

Read on for more information and directions on how to submit.

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Want to Win $1,000? Submit to New Times' Mastermind Awards!

If you're like most of us here at New Times, your bank account could really use a boost. The ever-tightening purse strings of the publishing industry has left plenty of our journalists and bloggers with just about the same quality of life as your average starving artist in Wynwood.

Those starving artists do have one edge on New Times staffers, though: They're eligible to apply for our annual Mastermind awards, offering cold hard cash (and citywide recognition, which artists could parlay into even more cash) to Miami's most talented creatives.

(We'd apply if we could, but that's apparently a "conflict of interest." Pffft.)

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WANTED: Spring 2013 Photography Interns

Calling all photo students! Miami New Times is recruiting for its Spring 2013 Photo Intern Program.

By "student," we do not mean "a student of life." There's no cash offered with this gig, only credits. Don't bother applying if this doesn't apply to you.

Still interested? Read on!

Interns work directly with the art director and web editor. They photograph slideshows on anything from burlesque shows to zombie walks. They also photograph an array of subjects for our arts, restaurant and news blogs. In the past, stellar interns have even photographed covers and café dishes for our print edition. Those interns who pass muster may also be invited to assist at cover shoots.

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